10 Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family

The Czech Republic is the perfect place to travel with your family! If you’re looking to take your kids on an adventure, you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the incredible experiences the Czech Republic has to offer. You might have already visited Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic but there is more to do in this country than visit Prague! With several historical and cultural sites, the nation is one of the most splendid in all of Europe. In this guide, we’ll go over ten of the best places to go in the Czech Republic so that you can have the ultimate vacation with your family! And best of all, Czech Republic is one of the safest countries to visit with kids as well as one of our highest rated international trips with kids and if it makes you feel better, it’s also one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. So many reason why you should head to this part of the world. 

1. Charles Bridge

Started in 1357 and finished in 1402, Charles Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in all of Europe. This medieval-aged landmark crosses the Vltava River in Prague and serves as one of the city’s most iconic locations. According to legend, Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV himself laid the first brick of this incredible stone structure, which has stood for over 600 years against an onslaught of human and natural disasters.

Charles Bridge - Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family

Take your family to cross this amazing historical landmark, which can even double as a landmark for two-person families. Charles Bridge is one of our all-time favorite Czech Republic locations, and we’re sure it will be yours, too! For this reason, make sure to work it into your travel plans today. 

2. Prague Castle

Built in the 800s, Prague Castle is one of the most iconic landmarks in all of the Czech Republic. During its long history, it has been the home of Holy Roman emperors and kings and is today the home of the president of the Czech Republic.

Prague Castle - Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family

What’s more, it’s been designated by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest ancient castle in the world. Against this backdrop, you don’t want to miss out on a chance to tour this incredible landmark! With over one million tourists every year, Prague Castle rests at the heart of Prague tourism and is a must-see location for anyone wishing to visit the Czech Republic with their families.  

3. St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest and most prominent church in all of the Czech Republic. An impressive feat of Gothic architecture, the cathedral is a towering part of the Prague Castle complex and a must-see destination if you and your family are planning on visiting Prague Castle.

St. Vitus Cathedral - Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family

The cathedral is officially owned by the Czech government and is the resting place of several Bohemian kings and Holy Roman emperors. As such, it can be said that St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the best and most important sites in the nation. For this reason, make sure you plan on seeing it!

4. Prague Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock, also called the Orloj, is located on the southern edifice of the Old Town Hall in Prague. Built in 1410, it’s the oldest operating clock in the world. This alone makes it well-worth a visit with your family!

Prague Astronomical Clock - Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family

The clock is built with stunning architecture, including depictions of Catholic saints and the Apostles. This gorgeous piece of medieval machinery is something the whole family will want to see up close. As such, don’t forget to put it on your bucket list for your next Czech Republic visit!

5. Telc

Want a break from Prague? Try visiting Telc. This quaint town in the south is home to several Renaissance structures and architecture that will take you back in time. Telc is widely-known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic.

Telc City Czech Republic - Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family

Started as a trading town in the 1300s, today it is a great place for tourists who want to go off the beaten path to get a sense of how life truly is in the Czech Republic. Enjoy your time in this port city with your family as you take in the incredible architecture and ocean views!

6. Karlovy Vary

Are you ready to experience stunning natural hot springs that have been popular tourist destinations for over 600 years? Karlovy Vary is a national treasure in that it boasts some of the best hot springs in all of Europe.

Karlovy Vary - Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family

This town was built around the spa industry and has developed into one of the most stunning (and relaxing) towns in the entire nation. Holy Roman Emperors and other nobility used the hot springs in Karlovy Vary, and you can too with a trip to this amazing Czech town!

7. Castle Karlstejn

Castle Karlstejn was the home of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor known for laying the first brick of the Charles Bridge. Located just a few miles outside Prague, this beautiful castle is set against a stunning natural backdrop and boasts an incredible history.

Castle Karlstejn - Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family

Castle Karlstejn is broken into three levels, each with ascending levels of importance. The first level, the Imperial Palace, served as home to the emperor and his knights; the second tower, the Marion Tower, was the home of the empress; most importantly, the final tower, the Big Tower, was dedicated to God and contains a stunning chapel. You and your family will love visiting this incredible ancient castle!

8. Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is one of the hottest destinations in all of Prague because of its wide variety of wild horses, giraffes, and other incredible species. With over 60 hectares of grounds, it’s also pretty large.

Prague Zoo - Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family

This means you could spend a whole day at the zoo and not feel bored at all! You’ll definitely want to capitalize on this opportunity to see one of the best zoos in Europe with your family!

9. VIDA! Science Centre

The VIDA! Science Centre may be for kids, but truth be told, it’s fun for the whole family. This interactive center teaches children cool and interesting facts of nature through incredible displays that will have them more

VIDA! Science Centre - Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family
Credits: Wikipedia

interested than ever in learning about the world around them. You, too, will enjoy spending time at the VIDA! Science Centre with your family. As such, make sure you put it on your itinerary today!

10. DinoPark

Take a trip to the super past with a visit to DinoPark! Your kids will love seeing the more than thirty-plus dinosaur replicas and playing on the dinosaur-themed rides.

DinoPark - Best Places to Go in Czech Republic with Family

Taking your kids to this park is a great way for them to experience all the fun of a theme park while also learning more than they ever thought they could about the history and nature of dinosaurs. DinoPark is sure to be fun for the whole family, so make sure you don’t miss out on it!

And if you’ve checked all these off your list, we have a few more things to do with kids in Prague if you’re in the area. 

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