10 Best Things to Do in Belarus

Regardless of age, adults and children won’t be disappointed with Belarus. This European country is famous for families who love to travel and enjoy holiday vacations. A family vacation to Belarus is, in fact, quite popular with traveling parents and children. Belarus may seem far from your typical family destination, but if you are planning to visit this beautiful country anytime soon, then you are making the right decision.

To further help you decide, here are the ten best things to do when traveling to Belarus.

1. Learn about war history at the Great Patriotic War Museum

Great Patriotic War Museum - Best Things to Do in Belarus

Belarus’ rich history during the Nazi occupation is best seen and experienced through this, Minsk’s best museum. This museum not only showcases Belarus’ suffering and heroism during the country’s difficult time, but also provides an avenue for kids to see real tanks, airplanes, and artillery from the Second World War.

2. Visit the Museum of Railway Technology

Museum of Railway Technology - Best Things to Do in Belarus

Another must-see sight in Belarus is the Museum of Railway Technology that is located in Brest, a city in southwest Belarus on the Polish border. If the Great Patriotic War Museum showcases the historical past during WWII, the Museum of Railway Technology houses a wide-array of locomotive collection and carriages that date back to the 1900’s. Kids who like to travel and who enjoy riding trains and are fascinated by them will definitely enjoy the visit.

3. Get fascinated by the Mir Castle

Mir Castle - Best Things to Do in Belarus

Belarus, like many European countries, is known for its grandiose and majestic castles and towers. Historically, these castles served a purpose of protecting the land from invaders. One of the most famous among the Belarusian castles is the 16th-century Mir Castle. Despite the number of legends that surround this beautiful castle, tourists still flock to visit. Anyone who visits, especially the kids, will love the Disney-feel that the place brings. Plus, you can take as many photos of the postcard-perfect view of the place as you please.

4. Roam around Nesvizh Castle

Nesvizh Castle - Best Things to Do in Belarus

Aside from Mir Castle, Belarus is also home to Nyasvizh Castle. Originally builtin 1583, the castle has been restored several times, and has served several purposes since its creation. Today, one can spend time going around the palace-like castle and the beautiful courtyard for an afternoon leisurely walk. Undeniably, it has become one of Belarus’ top attractions.

5. Take the family to Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park - Best Things to Do in Belarus

If your family wants to enjoy nature while visiting Belaurs, then, Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is the place to be. This park is Europe’s oldest wildlife refuge where animals such as otter, European bison, deer, lynx, and boar roam around freely. Due to its location, the park is best enjoyed if you take a two-day tour. Don’t forget to also stop by the Estate of the Frost Father (the equivalent of Santa Claus in Belarus) during your trip.  Worried about where to stay? Accommodation is certainly not an issue, since you can also spend the night at one of the hotels near the park entrance. Getting there is also hassle-free,since you can arrange to tour the park by bus, bicycle, or private car.

6. Enjoy the shores of Braslav Lakes

Braslav Lakes - Best Things to Do in Belarus

The Braslav region is home to a number of lakes and is one of the four national parks in Belarus. This area was formed after a glacier melted some thousands of years ago. There are several activities you can do around the area.  Your family can go hiking or can opt for a guided tour. Recreation centers also offer tours for travelling families to enjoy the lakes’ crystal-clear water large area of pine forests.

7. Feed the swans in one of the world’s largest Botanical Garden

Swans in Botanical Garden - Best Things to Do in Belarus

If your time is limited and you don’t have the luxury to go to Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is the best alternative to enjoy nature without leaving the city. This is a nice place to take the kids for a walk, while you enjoy the trees and flowers that surround the garden. Kids will also have fun feeding the swans in the world’s largest botanical garden.

8. Discover the Minsk Planetarium

Minsk Planetarium - Best Things to Do in Belarus

This planetarium is an interesting place to take the kids and family when in Minsk. Aside from discovering the sky and the moon, kids can also enjoy the educational and information documentary film about animals in the space research program.

9. Visit the Minsk Zoo

Minsk Zoo - Best Things to Do in Belarus

Like any other zoos, this place offers a number of exhibits and houses roughly 450 species of exotic animals. Kids will have the opportunity to see their favorite animals up-close and personal. The main attraction of this zoo, however, is the Exotarium, which is a large tropical pavilion that showcases South American fauna. This famed exhibit features an immersive, naturalistic environment, and amazing animals. Anyone who has been here has all good things to say about the exhibit.

10. Enjoy the dolphin show at the Nemo Dolphinarium

Dolphin Show at the Nemo Dolphinarium - Best Things to Do in Belarus

In the Minsk Nemo Dolphinarium, visiting families can learn a lot about marine life and marine creatures such as the sea lion, Pacific dolphins, and northern fur seals. If your vacation is tight and you don’t know when you can fly to Belarus, no need to worry, since this place offers educational presentations and shows all-year-round. It is also one of the most modern cultural and recreational centers in Europe.

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