10 Must-Do Activities in Barbados with Family

Barbados has long been considered a jewel among Eastern Caribbean nations. With beautiful beaches, stunning botanical gardens, rich historical sites, and jaw-dropping natural formations, the island is a popular destination for travelers from all around the world. If you’re looking for the ultimate place to spend your next family vacation, you don’t want to miss out on a chance to visit Barbados!

In this guide, we’ll go over ten of the best activities to do in Barbados with your family. With this in mind, let’s dive right in!

Is Barbados Safe?

According to the US State Department, Barbados is generally safe to travel. This means that you should exercise the standard amount of care you would when traveling anywhere abroad. Pickpocketing and purse-snatching are two of the most common crimes perpetrated against tourists; keeping this in mind could help ensure a more enjoyable experience. 

Barbados Flag

Barbados Time Zone

Like other Caribbean islands, Barbados runs on Atlantic Standard Time. Use this information to help you plan accordingly!

Getting to Barbados

The most common way to reach Barbados is through the Barbados Airport. Grantley Adams International Airport services all inbound and outbound international flights. You can also cruise to Barbados if you have the time, with many cruise options to the city of Bridgetown operating every year.  

Barbados Map
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Best Activities for Families in Barbados:

So saying, it’s time to take a look at the best activities for families in Barbados. As you’ll find out, the island has tons of unique activities that are great for both parents and children!

1) Visit Hunte’s Garden

In between trips to Barbados beaches and waterfront activities, make sure to stop by Hunte’s Garden in central Barbados. This world-famous botanical garden houses a diverse and beautiful collection of Caribbean plants and forest that will leave you speechless. The garden is a great place for families to spend a peaceful afternoon and get lost in the diverse range of fauna that exists in the region. 

2) See the Animal Flower Cave

How about this for something different? The Animal Flower Cave in Barbados is a natural sea cave that has been formed over the last few millennia. Covering the floor of the structure is a coral reef that’s approximately 500,000 years old, with “animal flower” sea anemone that are breathtaking to behold.  

Animal Flower Cave - Barbados with Family
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Natural rock pools in the cave make great swimming holes for interested parties and are a popular destination in the area. You’ll also have a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean while you’re there (so make sure to bring a camera!). 

3) Swim with the Sea Turtles

Give your kids an experience they won’t ever forget. By taking a sea turtle tour in Barbados, you and your family can swim up close with some of the ocean’s most beautiful creatures. You don’t want to miss out on a chance to swim in the best beaches in Barbados with these beautiful turtles. This also serves as the perfect snorkeling opportunity, with some tours even allowing you to see cool sites such as shipwrecks. Take advantage of the gorgeous Barbados weather with this one-of-a-kind activity! If you’re looking for the ultimate in Caribbean family fun, you certainly want swimming with the turtles on your itinerary. 

4) Visit Arty’s Play Park

For families with young kids, especially, Arty’s Play Park makes the perfect location for a fun day trip. With jumping tents, zip lines, climbing frames, and a play area for those under the age of three, there’s something for kids of all ages! Adults will love the family bar and the nice restaurants that are nearby. 

Arty’s Play Park - Barbados with Family
Credits: Arty’s Play Park

Without a doubt, Arty’s Play Park has a lot to offer. For this reason, make sure to capitalize on this uniquely Caribbean play park with your family!

5) See Barbados Wildlife Reserve

While there is no zoo in Barbados, there is a world-famous wildlife reserve that you don’t want to miss out on. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is home to such creatures as the Barbados green monkey, caiman, turtles, and blackbirds, among many others. A trip to the reserve offers you a chance to get up close with these animals and see how they act in their natural habitats. 

This could be a fun and educational experience for the whole family! The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is open every day from 10 AM to 5 PM and offers cheap admission for both adults and children. If you’re looking to experience the best in Barbados wildlife, make sure to add this famous reserve to your itinerary!

6) Take a Trip to Hole Town

What’s not to love about Hole Town? The area is home to the famous Hole Town beach, where you can spend a day in the waves before catching some of the most fantastic sunsets the Caribbean has to offer. Attractions like the Folkestone Marine Park provide nearby fun, while eateries such as the Nishi Restaurant and Relish Epicurea offer diverse food that you and your family will love trying!

Nishi Restaurant - Barbados with Family
Credits: Nishi Restaurant

Hole Town has become a popular tourist destination for its famed beaches, intriguing attractions, and one-of-a-kind food. With this in mind, make sure to schedule it into your next trip!

7) Visit Crystal Cove Barbados

See the incredible Saint James Parish area of Barbados with a trip to Crystal Cove hotel. This resort is a prime piece of real estate surrounded by gorgeous coastline, fantastic eateries, and tons of activities for your family. The hotel provides its own Kids Club to keep your children occupied and enjoying their vacation, while also providing a premium bar option to satisfy the adults. Have the time of your life on the nearby beaches before settling in for family fun at the resort!

8) See the Barbados Museum Historical Society

The Barbados Museum & Historical Society, housed in the famous Garrison building, serves to promote the history and culture of Barbados through the preservation and exhibition of over 500,000 artifacts that represent the island.

Barbados Museum
Credits: Kaspar C, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

A trip to this location allows tourists to get a deeper feel for the rich culture that exists on the island. If you’re looking to gain more in-depth knowledge of the nation and its people, you don’t want to miss out on a trip to this museum!

9) Experience Sugar Bay

Sugar Bay Barbados is one of the most incredible luxury hotels in the nation. If you’re looking for the perfect time to spend as a family, you’ll want to consider rooming with Sugar Bay. With a stunning view of the beach, two swimming pools, watersports, a kid’s club, free entertainment and Wi-Fi, and multiple eating locations, Sugar Bay is easily one of the top sites in Barbados in its own right. You’ll want to experience this hotel, its perks, and its oceanfront activities for yourself!

10) Go to Turtle Beach

Looking for the best in all inclusive Barbados resorts? Turtle Beach should be toward the top of your list! Turtle Beach Barbados is an attractive property located on the southern coast of Barbados.

Turtle Beach By Elegant Hotels - Barbados with Family
Credits: Turtle Beach By Elegant Hotels

The hotel houses 161 suites and offers residents a bombastic atmosphere, elegant style, and even a Kids Cub for children aged between four and twelve. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with this world-famous resort located on one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the nation!

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