10 Must Eat Singaporean Dishes for the Family

Singapore is a significant and major harbor city in Asia. People from different regions of the world come and go to experience its interestingly beautiful architecture, cityscape, and culture. Part of that culture is its colorful, innovative, inventive, and distinct taste for food. Since people of different colors and races built the foundation of this magnificent city-state, it is understandable why it offers a variety of dishes and local delicacies that many love. The varied choices range from Asian, may it be Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysia, to Indian food.

If your family is up for some gastronomic treats, then don’t think twice and try these dishes on your next Singapore adventure.  Here is a rundown of must-eat and must-try Singaporean dishes that your taste buds will definitely enjoy:

1. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice is undeniably a well-loved and well-adapted dish of the local Singaporeans and even those who just visit the city.

Hainanese Chicken Rice - Must Eat Singaporean Dishes

It’s a simple-looking steamed, poached,or deep-fried chicken dish but with distinctively amazing taste, which was introduced by the Chinese immigrants who came from Hainan province in southern China. This quintessential Singaporean dish is served by practically every hawker, and it comes with dipping sauces and a light broth on the side. This is to die for!

2. Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle

This one still looks like the typical chicken rice you can buy from any hawker in the city, but holds a very special distinction of being the cheapest Michelin meal in the world at $2.00.

Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle

The taste is so good that every minute you spend waiting standing on the line is worth it. Definitely a must-try meal for the family and kids when you visit Chinatown, Singapore. There is no other place that offers this but only Chan Hong Meng.

3. Hokkien Mee

Fried Hokkien Mee is probably a personal favorite of many. Although this meal traces its roots from Fujian Province in China, it has found its home in Singapore. Kids who love noodles and prawn will totally enjoy this full meal.

Hokkien Mee - Must Eat Singaporean Dishes

It’s so satisfyingly good, full of umami flavors and the noodle dish made with rich stock, prawns, squid, pork belly, and is topped with lard cube! This one is also not hard to find, since you can get a plate of this from any hawker in Singapore for $5.00. I suggest trying it out at Food Republic.

4. Laksa

For some, the Singaporean food can be overwhelming, especially for kids, but don’t leave Singapore without trying Laksa. A bowl of curry laksa is composed of ingredients such as thick bee hoonnoodles, coconut milk, chili, dried shrimps, and herbs.

Laksa - Must Eat Singaporean Dishes

Hawkers normally serve this dish in a bowl loaded with delicious stuff. You can pair the dish with otah, a grilled-in-banana-leaves fish cake, or with bread.

5. Chili Crab

Hailed as one of most delicious food in world, chili grab is something you shouldn’t miss at all. Imagine a large mud crab in a bowl of savory mix sauce in an equally large bowl loaded with herbs, chili, and other ingredients

Chili Crab - Must Eat Singaporean Dishes

being served to you during a fine evening at Makansutra Gluttons Bay. Heaven! This dish is often accompanied by steam or deep-fried buns or bread.

6. Char Kway Teow

Another dish you cannot miss when visiting Singapore is Char Kway Teow. For noodle-lovers, this one should be on your bucket list. It’s a mixture of flat rice noodles and egg noodles that are normally stir-fried with eggs, cockles, sausage, bean sprouts, and chives.

Char Kway Teow - Must Eat Singaporean Dishes

Some stores serve this with lard to give it a more delightful flavor; however, more recently, stores make use of oil and other vegetables for a healthier feel.

7. Roti Prata

One would not think that a South Indian dish would be a major hit in Singapore. But it is, thanks to the Indian population in the city that introduced this locally-loved Roti Prata.

Roti Prata - Must Eat Singaporean Dishes

It’s a flat bread that is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, which is made by frying stretched dough flavored with butter. To have a more satisfying experience, you can try this meal with fish or mutton curry.

8. Kaya Toast

If your family ever gets tired of walking around the busy streets of Singapore, stop and take a breather. Relax and head on to one of the hawkers or malls nearby and look for Kaya Toast.

Kaya Toast - Must Eat Singaporean Dishes

A Singapore’s signature breakfast or snack meal, kaya toast is a thin-sliced white bread sandwich with a generous amount of softened butter and kaya jam. The bread is best served with soft boiled eggs and coffee sweetened with sugar and evaporated milk. Simple but truly delicious!

9. Oyster Omelet

Locally known as Or Luah or Orh Luak, fried oyster omelet is one of the most loved hawker dishes in the city-state. It’s made of chewy mixed with crisp flour mixture and eggs.

Oyster Omelet - Must Eat Singaporean Dishes

Because it is a major hawker star, this meal is not your typical omelet. It’s an upgraded version of your home-cooked dish that is a real treat for the taste buds.

10. Singaporean Carrot Cake

Many would expect this to be sweet and moisty just like the typical cake many people love to eat, but in this part of the world, carrot cakes are different. It’s fried in a pan and definitely without icing.

Singaporean Carrot Cake - Must Eat Singaporean Dishes

This type of carrot cake is made of steamed rice flour, water, and shredded daikon. It is a much-loved local comfort food in Singapore that can be consumed at various times of the day.

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