10 Things You Must Bring to the Beach

The sun, the sand, the water, it seems like the beach has it all, but you must know what to bring to the beach in addition to what is there!  After all, you will need sustenance, something to keep you from getting dehydrated, and much more.  A beach checklist can come in handy for this scenario, because you can use it every time you go and never forget a thing!

10 Things You Must Bring to the Beach

1) Sunscreen

One of the first things that should be on your beach packing list is sunscreen.  This item is one of the beach essentials and if you pack nothing else, you should at least have this.  While you can take any sunscreen that you want, I recommend the highest SPF that you can find. You might also want to consider purchasing a sunscreen that is perfect for active people, because it won’t disappear when you start sweating or go swimming.  No matter how good your sunscreen is, make sure you reapply every couple of hours. You won’t want to turn into a lobster as you are enjoying the gorgeous views from the sand or the water!

2) Water

As I mentioned above, you are not going to want to get dehydrated when you are having fun in the sun and the sand.  While you can have any type of beverage on your beach checklist, water will be your best option.

Water Bottle - Things You Must Bring to the Beach

The water will rehydrate you faster and you won’t need to worry about the extra sugar if the day is super-hot and sunny.  Trust me when I say that sugary sodas and juice plus heat don’t really mix well! 

3) Umbrella

You are only going to be able to sit under the glaring sun for so long before you can no longer take the heat.  Since you and I know that you want to enjoy the beach for as long as possible, one of the things to bring to the beach is an umbrella.  You can put this umbrella up where you are sitting and then choose when you want to sit in the shade. While you won’t need to use the umbrella the entire time, I do recommend sitting under it if you decide to take a nap or think that there is a chance that you will fall asleep. 

4) A Beach Blanket

Towels are excellent for drying off, but they are not as wonderful when it comes to staying put on the sand.  I recommend adding a beach blanket to your beach checklist,

Beach Blanket- Things You Must Bring to the Beach

because it is bigger, and it will stay in place easier.  Plus, it will allow you to claim a larger piece of the beach, so there is more room between you and the rest of the people enjoying the sand.  

5) Sunglasses

Everyone doesn’t wear sunglasses all the time, so if you find that you are the type of person that is always wishing you had your sunglasses with you, add this item to your beach packing list.  This will ensure that you can put them on as soon as you get to the beach and you won’t need to worry about not being able to see, due to the sun, all day long. 

6) Bluetooth Speaker

A little music can be really relaxing when you are at the beach and it can also get the party started!  If you are always listening to music, or you want to use music to drown out some of the background noise from other people,

Bluetooth Speaker - Things You Must Bring to the Beach

I recommend bringing a Bluetooth speaker with you to the beach.  I recommend leaving this item on your beach blanket and trying to find one that is beach friendly in case some sand gets too close. 

7) Snacks

Having fun at the beach will mean getting hungry, so you might want to be prepared with some snacks.  A few beach essentials that I love include granola bars, cut up fruits and vegetables, prepackaged chips, and dried fruit.  Of course, you can take an entire picnic lunch if you want and that can include everything from sandwiches to salads to desserts. 

8) Waterproof Camera

The views surrounding the beach, the marine life in the water, your friends and family participating in water sports, is all going to be begging to be captured on film.  I recommend taking a waterproof camera with you,

Camera - Things You Must Bring to the Beach

so the water and the sand doesn’t ruin your camera. There are many options to choose from or you can purchase a waterproof case for your smartphone and use that to take pictures instead.  

9) Device Float Strap

When you take your camera or smartphone out in the water, you know that you will be super careful to not drop it.  However, things happen and before you know it, your device could be quickly diving towards the bottom of the water.  Now, this is no big deal if you are right near the shoreline, but any further out and you could have a huge problem. This is one of the biggest reasons why I recommend adding a device float strap to your beach packing list.  This strap will allow your device to float and you never need to worry about it disappearing forever.  

10) Device Charger

Since you know you will be using your smartphone to stream music through your Bluetooth speaker and to take pictures, you must also know that you will drain your battery as the day goes on. 

Device Charger - Things You Must Bring to the Beach

To prevent having a dead battery before your day at the beach is over, I recommend taking a device charger with you.  

These are the ten things you must bring to the beach every single time you go!  I recommend creating a beach checklist, so you never need to worry about leaving one of these items behind.  You can simply check the items off as you pack them and arrive at the beach knowing you have everything that you need. 

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