10 Tips for Safe Flying in the Second Trimester

We’ve discussed travel during the first trimester and how to make it easier. The second trimester of your pregnancy will have you feeling fairly normal, hopefully, and while you may not look that pregnant yet, that will soon change in a short amount of time.  You can still fly safely during your second trimester, as long as you keep a few things in mind. You probably already know how to make flying easier while pregnant as well as how to travel safely when pregnant. And we’ve discussed why you should take that babymoon today. Hopefully, you are on your way to a much needed vacation and if so, here are 10 tips for safe flying in the second trimester:

1. Take Your Medical Records with You

Medical Records - Tips for Safe Flying in the Second Trimester

While it is completely safe to fly during your second trimester, it does not hurt to have a copy of your medical records with you.  These records can be helpful if you do end up in the emergency room or there are complications for you or the baby. You should also take your doctor’s information with you, although it should be listed on your records, because you will never remember the phone number when you are panicking and thinking something is wrong.  

2. Place Your Seat Belt Below Your Slightly Bulging Stomach

It is still necessary to wear your seat belt on an airplane, but you will want to make sure that it is buckled up lower than you would normally have it.  Across the thighs and just below your stomach is the best place and if you are larger due to your pregnancy, ask the flight attendant for an extension to ensure your comfort and the proper fit. 

3. Consider Your Destination and the Length of the Flight

Tips for Safe Flying in the Second Trimester

When it comes to your second trimester, it can be extremely difficult to get comfortable on an airplane, so you may want to consider your destination carefully.  It might be better to choose a destination that is a two- or three-hour flight away instead of one that will have you on a plane for twelve hours.  

4. Stay Hydrated with Water

This is the time when you will want to make sure that you are as hydrated as possible.  Hopefully, your morning sickness has stopped, so that you can easily drink as much as you will need to during your flight.  However, if drinking a lot at once makes you queasy, you should at least take a few sips of water every couple of minutes. This will allow your body to stay hydrated, which will help with your blood circulation. 

5. Keep Moving

It is not always easy to keep moving when you are on an airplane, but you will need to if you want your blood to flow and prevent blood clots from forming.  Getting up to walk around for a couple of minutes will help, but if that is not possible, then a few exercises in your seat will do the trick. Think of raising your heels off the floor, rolling your ankles in circles, and bouncing your legs up and down.  You can even gently massage your legs to get the blood moving to where it needs to go! Extra caution can be taken by wearing a pair of compression stockings for the flight, and they are definitely worth all the hassle of putting them on! 

6. Use Pillows or Cushions for Comfort

Getting comfortable on an airplane while flying is not easy for anyone, but as a woman in her second trimester, you are going to have even more difficulty finding that sweet spot.  A back cushion can offer you some additional support, as can a pillow. I preferred a pillow, as I could use it in multiple ways, which came in handy when I wanted to take a nap or needed to wedge it on one side of me to relieve some of the pressure from sitting for so long.  

7. Take Lots of Snacks

Snacks - Tips for Safe Flying in the Second Trimester

You are still going to be hungry at this point in your pregnancy, so it is going to be an excellent idea to take snacks with you for your flight.  While you may have settled for saltines during your first trimester, this time around you are going to want to focus on those snacks that give you more of an energy boost and fill you up.  Fruit is an excellent option, as are granola bars and vegetables. You may be tempted to take peanut butter or nuts with you, because they are packed with protein, but be careful around those who may have allergies to those products.  

8. Reserve an Aisle Seat

Depending on how far into your second trimester you are, you may be noticing that you are visiting the bathroom more often.  This is why you must try to grab an aisle sit when you are flying, because it you don’t, you will find that you need to ask your seatmates to move multiple times during the flight.  Don’t try to limit your liquids to avoid this, as that can be dangerous for you and your baby. 

9. Take a Doctor’s Note

Doctor’s Note - Tips for Safe Flying in the Second Trimester

While you may have your medical records with you, you are not going to want everyone associated with the airline to see all that information.  Therefore, it is always a good idea to get a note from your doctor that states how far along you are and are healthy and can safely fly. This will help you avoid all those issues that may arise if you look like you are farther along than you are.  

10. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Your feet are going to swell a lot more during your second trimester, which is why you will want to wear comfortable shoes when you take your flight.  A slip-on pair is best, so you can quietly remove them when you are in your seat. Just make sure that there are no odors to annoy those sitting around you.  

These ten tips will have you flying safely and like a pro during your second trimester.  You are definitely going to be a little more uncomfortable during your flight, but you can easily make the adjustments that you need to arrive at your destination in a happy mood! And soon, you’ll be needing to how to fly with a newborn, your new bundle of joy! 

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