10 Ways for Couples to Keep The Romance While Traveling

Romance while traveling the world together with the one you love can be a wonderful and adventurous experience. What’s envisioned is times of bliss and excitement. It seems dream-like, however, two and a half weeks on the road living in a cramped van will soon test your limits. We often forget that not everything in life goes perfectly and certainly not while traveling. Below are some of the best ways to help kick the funk and keep the spunk in your relationship while traveling.

10 Ways To Travel Romantically

1. Lower Your Expectations

Ways To Travel Romantically

When trying to keep the romance while traveling, one of the hardest things to remember is that not every day is going to be a good day. Life happens. You might get a flat tire one day, sprain an ankle on a hike, or even just our own hormones take over. These are all things that can dampen the mood if you let it. The key is to expect that something is going to happen that is not anything you planned on doing. But sometimes these things that come up actually add a lot more romance to the journey as a whole. So don’t expect crazy romantic traveling all the time 24/7, because it just is not going to happen that way. Lower your expectations and you are sure to have a much better experience.

2. Turn Cliché Into Creative Romance

Couple eating iceceam - Romance While Traveling

To help keep the romance while traveling you can try to spice up an old idea. Instead of a long walk on the beach, grab some ice cream and a seat and just sit together and people watch. Take time to reconnect with each other in a new setting. Or you could take a romantic walk on the beach under the moonlight. Adding a little creativity to an old idea is a great way to spark up a bit of romance.

3. Share Your Daily Plans

Couple talking on phone - Romance While Traveling

The majority of your plans may have already been made but occasionally you will have days with unstructured time. Share your thoughts and ideas about what you would like to do that day. In planning try to find a few small activities to cater to your partner’s likes. Or surprise them with a stop along the way. Keeping your plans flexible will help you as a couple to maximize the enjoyment of traveling together.

4. Partnered Activities

Biking - Romance While Traveling

One great way of spending quality time together is doing activities together. Things like going kayaking or riding together on a tandem bicycle can offer great moments to reconnect and rekindle the attraction. Or doing activities that you both love in a different area can add a new special twist as well. In the end, quality time spent is time well spent and is a good way to keep the romance around.

5. Alone Time

Couple - Romance While Traveling

As much as we all love romance and traveling, you can’t forget to take time for just yourself. Take a few moments each day to try to unwind. Some people do yoga, others may prefer a short walk or an hour of reading time. In some way find the time to just take in the day and relax.

6. Set The Mood With Good Food

Couple having dinner - Romance While Traveling

Don’t let hunger spoil your attitude and mood. You can keep snacks around while you’re traveling to avoid getting “cranky”. Something can really set the tone like a good meal out. Studies have shown that good food makes people happy. Add a good meal, a traveling couple, and a bottle of wine romance is in the air. Try something new and adventurous and discover a new favorite together.

7. Romantic Sunsets

Ways Couples Keep The Romance While Traveling

One way to add a spark while on the road is to try to enjoy as many sunsets as you can. If you don’t have a strict time schedule, take the time to enjoy them together. It can add a little something special to each day. Watching the sunsets also can serve as a reminder to take time and enjoy life together with one you love.

8. Couples Date Night

Travvel Guide for Couples

Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you still can’t do a date night. Pick one or two days a month to go out and treat yourselves. Go out to a nice dinner, or go dancing. Stay a night in a nice hotel and get room service. With all the sitting you both have been doing you could go for a couple’s massage to loosen thing up a bit. Adding a date night to your travel plans is a great way for couples to keep the romance while traveling.

9. Take A Reset Day

Ways To Travel Romantically

Traveling full-time is hard work, however, you don’t need to push the envelope, just take your time. Sometimes you have to just take a day off to do absolutely nothing. It is perfectly okay to give your body and vehicle a rest day to recharge the batteries. Traveling as a couple you can use these days to just do you and refocus and not the whole travel thing for a moment.

10. Communication

Couple in restaurant - Romance While Traveling

Finally, the most important and best way to keep the romance while traveling is good old-fashioned communication. With healthy communication, you will know when to give your partner a little more space today than yesterday. And with communication, you and your partner will know exactly how to set the mood and keep it lit while you travel.

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