11 Best Hot Springs in the World You Can Visit Today

Let’s face it: there’s nothing quite like a trip to the hot springs. The feel of the water, the instant relaxation… it’s enough to make any vacation perfect. Going to the hot springs can help you relieve stress, boost your energy, and clear your mind.

With that being said, it’s time to take a look at some must-see hot springs around the world. If you’re planning your next vacation, you won’t want to miss the amazing hot springs on this list. We’ve compiled eleven of the hottest options (pun absolutely intended) so that you can find the hot springs that’s right for you. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in and find your next big vacation destination!

1. Pamukkale Hot Spring, Turkey

Take a dip in Turkey’s world-renowned Pamukkale! The site is one of the oldest spa locations on Earth and site to incredible limestone hot springs that make the perfect relaxation spot! Whether you’re going to blow off some steam or to simply get some pictures of these fantastic springs, you can be sure that Pamukkale won’t let you down.

Pamukkale Hot Spring- Best Hot Springs in the World

The springs are located near the Turkish city of Denizli and are formed of white limestone for an incredible appearance. The waters of Pamukkale are as blue as they come—and hot, too. If you’re looking for the perfect Middle Eastern vacation spot, you don’t want to miss out on a trip to Pamukkale!

2. Yangbajing, Tibet

The air around the thermal pools of Yangbajing may be cool, but the water won’t be. This location boasts some of the best and most relaxing hot springs in the world. Located in close proximity to the Tibetan capital of Lhana, these springs provide the best nature has to offer.

Yangbajing - Best Hot Springs in the World
Credits: Evelien Brouwer, Pinterest

The springs come in addition to indoor and outdoor swimming pools that will have you and the whole family feeling happy and relaxed. So saying, don’t miss out on a trip to this amazing location!

3. Cascate del Mulino, Italy

What makes Cascate del Mulino so special? It starts with the year-round 98-degree water temperature that will have you feeling refreshed no matter when you go!

Cascate del Mulino - Best Hot Springs in the World

In addition to this, however, the springs in Italy boast something that no other on this list can: an amazing waterfall that leads into the springs and will massage you as you relax in the water. If this sounds like something you just can’t pass up, make sure to book your trip to Cascate del Mulino today! 

4. Big Bend Hot Springs, Texas

Across from the Rio Grande exist these fantastic springs that have developed over the course of millions of years. These springs boast a year-round temperature of 105 degrees, making them some of the hottest on this list.

Big Bend Hot Springs - Best Hot Springs in the World
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

If you’re looking for a hot springs experience like no other, it’s time to see what the Big Bend Hot Springs in the heart of Texas have to offer. All the hot springs are located in Big Bend National Park, meaning you won’t have to go far to see other natural wonders. Go alone or with your family to enhance the fun!

5. Deception Island, Antarctica

How cool would it be to say that you’ve washed off in hot springs that are actually part of an active volcano? That’s exactly what you can expect with Antarctica’s Deception Island, a tourist’s dream location that could potentially erupt.

Deception Island Hot Springs - Best Hot Springs in the World
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to scientists, Deception Island won’t be blowing any time soon—which means now is the perfect time to book your trip and enjoy all the perks this location has to offer!

6. Arenal Hot Springs, Costa Rica

The Arenal Hot Springs in Costa Rica are famous for the low-sulfur, high-chloride waters that are refreshing and good for your skin. If you are looking for the ultimate South American hot springs experience, you’ll want to make sure to check out these eight hot springs.

Arenal Hot Spring - Best Hot Springs in the World

Hot year-round, these springs play host to tourists from all around the world. It’s time to add your name to the list and take a look at all the sites the location has to offer, as well!

7. Takaragawa Onsen, Japan

Takaragawa Onsen is an isolated hot springs located far out in the mountains of Japan. This remote location will have you feeling like you occupy your own little universe, making the perfect relaxation destination.

Takaragawa Onsen- Best Hot Springs in the World
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

In reality, Takaragawa Onsen is one of over twelve Minakami hot springs. If you’re looking for the perfect hot springs trip in Asia, you’ll want to put this amazing destination at the top of your list—but make sure to check out the other nearby hot springs as well!

8. Grutas de Tolantongo, Mexico

Grutas de Tolantongo has earned a reputation as being one of the best hot springs sites in the Americas. If you’re looking for a location with tons of fun activities for you and the family, you’ll want to put Tolantongo at the top of your list.

Grutas de Tolantongo - Best Hot Springs in the World
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy the springs, as well as a nearby river (which you can actually swim in) and a theme park that’s designed to be fun for everyone. Book your trip for Mexico to have the best vacation of your life!

9. Termas Geometricas

The Termas Geometricas are a set of seventeen different hot springs that range from 95-108 degrees in temperature. These springs are located in the heart of Villarrica National Park in Chile and offer some of the most amazing natural sites to go with your hotspring experience.

Termas Geometricas- Best Hot Springs in the World
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

If you’re looking to witness the best that nature has to offer, you’ll want to see firsthand the gorgeous ferns, plants, moss, and natural formations that accompany the Termas Geometricas. The springs are an architectural wonder that you will definitely want to have on your bucket list!

10. Terme di Saturnia, Italy

The sulfur waters in Terme di Saturnia have long been acknowledged for their therapeutic properties. With temperatures that stay around 100 degrees, these springs are perfect for those who are looking for hot springs that will really get their bodies relaxing and feeling better.

Terme di Saturnia- Best Hot Springs in the World
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Located in scenic Italy, the springs are conveniently near other amazing sites that can become the cornerstone of a great vacation. For this reason, make sure to check them out today!

11. Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

Even if you’ve gone to the hot springs before, it’s likely you’ve never been anywhere like Dunton. That’s because the Dunton Hot Springs are located in an 1800’s ghost town.

Dunton Hot Springs - Best Hot Springs in the World
Credits: Dunton Destinations

This makes the location one of the most scenic and unique out of any on this list. If you’re looking for a location set between beautiful mountains with both incredible natural and human history, you can’t go wrong with the Dunton Hot Springs!

The Bottom Line

With the right hot springs destination, you can make that next vacation your best one yet! Use this guide to find the hot springs that are right for you. By choosing from the eleven fantastic locations listed here, you can be sure that you are visited one of the best and most-renowned hot springs in the world!

So don’t wait! It’s time to start making your plans today!

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