11 Best Things to Do in Malaysia With Kids

Malaysia, one of Southeast Asia’s tourism crown jewels, has more to offer to traveling families and kids than just its towering twins. True to its campaign slogan, Malaysia is certainly truly Asia and a great place to take your kids for a wonderful holiday experience.  Read on to find the top 11 best things to do in your Malaysian family travel.

1. Build and play with legos at Legoland Malaysia, Johor Bahru

Before heading down to Malaysia’s bustling capital city of Kuala Lumpur, regionally known as KL, especially if you are coming from Singapore, you can take your family and kids to the top-rated Legoland in Johor Barhu. Itis a great place to take your littles ones to play with legos or take snapshots of the different themed zones show casinglego-made buildings of historical periods and geographical regions in bricks and miniature form.

Legoland Malaysia, Johor Bahru - Malaysia with kids

A tribute to one of the planet’s favorite childhood pastimes, the park also appeals to grown-ups with a whole host of rides, performances, and exhibits.  Aside from the lego bricks, the young and the young-at-heart can kill the time completing several thrilling roller coaster rides. When taking your kids there, just have your sunscreen and water bottles ready, because it can be hot and humid there all day.

2. Learn a little bit of history at Malacca

A few miles away from Johor Barhu you will find Malacca, locally known as Melaka. It’s one of the many places in Malaysia where tourists flock to take photos and learn about its colorful history.

Malacca Church - Malaysia with kids

The place offers a different vibe than that of other Malaysian cities – vibrant and colorful. Its downtown area is a UNESCO heritage site with beautiful architecture and fascinating history. Melaka is also a usual stopover for traveling tourists.

3. Spend a day in Cameron Highlands

When the family wants to reboot and unplug from the busy life in the city, take the entire gang and spend a day or two in Cameron Highlands. If tea is your “cup of tea,” then it is also the best place in Malaysia to enjoy freshly pick tea. You have to come for the tea, and stay for the weather.

Cameron Highlands - Malaysia with kids

Cameron is situated in a much higher altitude, so the weather there is significantly cooler year-round. Kids who enjoy the outdoors can walk and trek around fields of tea, orchards, greenhouses, and beehives, which all offer fun and educational experiences.

4. Head to Genting Highlands

Are you looking for a Vegas-style casino but also want to enjoy a much cooler weather for kids to have fun? Then it’s a win-win game for you and your kids. You can take the road and climb up Genting Highlands.

Genting Highlands - Malaysia with kids

Situated around an hour away from Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur, the entire family, especially the kids, can enjoy the indoor and outdoor theme parks, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. The kids will also be thrilled to ride South East Asia’s longest – and the world’s fastest – cable car system, while you roll the dice at the exclusive Casino de Genting – Malaysia’s only casino.

5. Say hello to the monkeys of Batu Caves

Hindus and non-Hindus visit Batu Caves for different reasons. It’s the center of faith for believers of Hinduism and at the same time a tourist attraction for visiting backpackers.

Hindu God at Batu Caves - Malaysia with kids

Being the most significant site for the Hindus in Malaysia, there is no wonder why tourists flock to the colossal limestone. Several statues and temples adorn the cave and welcome visitors. As you  ascend the 272 steps to reach the entrance, your kids can also take snaps of the wild monkeys that live in the area.

6. Stand side by side with the Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers or Petronas Twin Towers is one perfect reason why you should take your kids to Malaysia. You can strike Instagram worthy posts of majestic by day and dazzling at night, Petronas that once held the title as the world’s tallest twin towers.

Petronas Towers - Malaysia with kids

A major highlight of any Petronas experience is an ascent to its observatory deck where your kids can enjoy the 360-degree view of the city. Aside from adoring the twin giants from the outside, the kids will also enjoy the various activities that the buildings have to offer.

7. Learn about Science at Petrosains Discovery Center

Petronas in itself is an icon and a tourist destination, but unknown to many visitors, the twin towers offer kid-friendly activities, too. One of the most visited attractions is the Petrosians Discovery Center that is an interactive science discovery center located on the fourth floor of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Petrosains Discovery Center - Malaysia with kids

Those who love science and technology will be very pleased and entertained in the fun-filled activities. The dinosaur section also offers a fun and exciting experience that even adults can have a good time at.

8. Pay Aquaria KLCC a visit

Do your kids want to see a school of fish, sharks, jellyfish, and other sea creatures but are too afraid to physically go underwater? Well, that should not be a problem when you’re in Kuala Lumper. Head on to Aquaria KLCC, which is located under the thriving city center.

Aquaria KLCC - Malaysia with kids

Similar to other ocean parks, Aquaria is home to different species native to the country and from other countries that kids will meet up close and personal. This educational facility has a rich diversity of aquatic life that the kids will definitely love. Please lookout for Nemo.

9. Take a tour of the KL City Gallery

While you are in Kuala Lumpur, do not miss the chance to take your kids to KL City Gallery for them to learn about KL’s rich history. This place is a tourist information center where tourists, including kids can take advantage of the free self-initiated map tour.

KL City Gallery - Malaysia with kids

Everyone will have a better understanding of the city’s present, past, and future as soon as you step into the center. On your way out, the giant ‘’I LOVE KL’’  is a must photo-stop!

10. Go see the king at National Palace

The Istana Negara (National Palace) is the official residence of the Supreme King of Malaysia, which in recent years has captured the eyes of many travelers. It has become a Malaysian tourist destination.

National Palace - Malaysia with kids

Although no one is allowed to enter the King of Malaysia’s official residence, your entire family and the kids will definitely love to see its beautiful architecture. Take them there to witness the hourly changing of guards, which has become a tourist attraction in itself.

11. Splurge and splash at Sunway Lagoon

Malaysia may not have Singapore’s Universal Studios, but they definitely have Sunway Lagoon where your kids can splurge and have fun all day long. Take your kids there to enjoy over 80 attractions spread across acres of land. The options are countless, so your tour won’t have any idle time.

Sunway Lagoon - Malaysia with kids

There are a number of activities to choose from, including an interactive wildlife park and a huge man-made surfing beach. The roller-coasters, water rides, and the variety of other outdoor activities are also very appealing to kids. Anyone who visits will find something to get their heart racing.

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