11 Free and Top Things to Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

It’s time to make Jackson Hole, Wyoming your next great vacation destination. Jackson Hole is one of our best vacation spot in all of the US.  This iconic town in the heart of the Cowboy State offers a ton of free sites, locations, and activities that you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you’re looking to go alone or with a group, there’s something for everything in Jackson Hole.

Keep reading to find out more about what you can do in this amazing American city!

1) Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park has everything you could want: beautiful views, fun activities, and rest areas that will have you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Go hiking, backpacking, camping, and more at this incredible natural location!

Grand Teton National Park - Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole

This landmark park also gives you the chance to see and interact with Native American culture, making it one of the best free locations in the state of Wyoming. 

2) Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve

Technically, the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve is part of Grand Teton National Park, but it’s run by the Rockefeller Foundation. This incredible nature preserve is home to some of the best hiking trails around and

Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve - Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

contains landmarks such as “Jumping Rock.” You’ll get to see up-close views of the local culture and participate in a variety of natural activities as this must-see preserve!

3) Teton Raptor Center

The Teton Raptor Center seeks to educate individuals about the incredible display of birds in the area. With a variety of programs and activities (different every day of the week), it’s established itself as one of the best resource centers in the area.

Raptor Center - Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole

Free programs such as Birds in the Park and Soaring Saturdays are popular with local residents and tourists alike. This means you shouldn’t miss out on your chance to visit the Teton Raptor Center today!

4) Sculpture Trail at National Museum of Wildlife Art

The National Museum of Wildlife Art is one of the most stunning locations in the state, and a large part of that is because of Sculpture Trail.

National Museum of Wildlife Art - Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Laden with a variety of innovative and beautiful wildlife sculptures, this trail is the perfect place to visit with your family. Experience the culture and the beauty of the area on this landmark Wyoming trail!

5) National Elk Refuge

Want to see beautiful elk up close and in person? You can do that at the National Elk Refuge, a federal institution that looks after the animals and offers a variety of outdoor activities and programs that are fun for the entire family.

National Elk Refuge - Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Operated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the refuge helps to maintain a thriving ecosystem full of diverse species of wildlife while educating visitors on the rich natural state of the area. Make sure to stop by the refuge during your next vacation!

6) Biking and Hiking

Jackson Hole remains a popular destination for travelers due to its large amount of hiking and biking trails.

Biking - Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole

If you love outdoor activities, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to traverse any of these famous trails. Scenic and safe, they are perfect for group hikes and rides!

7) Star Gaze

What’s better than seeing the stars? In the quiet countryside of Jackson Hole, it’s likely that you’ll see more stars than ever before.

Star Gaze - Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole

Lay out at night and watch as the sky comes into form. If you have a telescope at home, you’ll want to make sure to bring it. All in all, this could be one of the most memorable parts of your vacation!

8) Photograph the Scenery

Jackson Hole is home to stunning mountains, beautiful rivers, incredible fields, and other natural landmarks. This means that you can have a field day photographing all the scenery.

Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole

If you plan on going to Jackson Hole, make sure you’ve got your camera ready—your friends on social media will certainly appreciate all the nice views you’ll be able to capture.

9) Go Swimming

From the Snake River to various mountain pools, Jackson Hole offers some of the best natural swimming locations in the region. You’ll love taking a dip in the cool, clean waters.

Snake River - Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Without a doubt, you could spend an entire day soaking up the water and sunshine of Jackson Hole, and it still may not seem like enough. For this reason, we recommend you spend a day on the water if you plan on going to Jackson Hole!

10) Visitor Center

A stop by the visitor center may be just what you need to get your Jackson Hole vacation off to the right start. Find out what you need to do, get great information and guides, and talk with experts who know the Jackson Hole area better than anyone.

Visitor Center - Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The best part is that the Jackson Hole and Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center offers great programs for individuals of any age; if you have kids, you’ll likely want to check out the Blue Goose Ranger Program (a local favorite). No matter what, you’re sure to love a trip to this outstanding center.  

11) Bridger Gondola

During the summer months, you can ride the gondola free every day after 4:30 pm (except for Monday). This ride will take you high above Jackson Hole and give you an opportunity to view the entire community from the air.

Bridger Gondola - Free Things to Do in Jackson Hole
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

You’ll love the unique view this ride provides. Certainly, this is one experience that makes Jackson Hole quite unlike any other town in the area. Check it out alone or with your family for a vacation you won’t soon forget!

The Bottom Line

With so much to do, Jackson Hole has all the makings of the ultimate vacation. Add in the fact that it’s all free, and you’ve got yourself an irresistible adventure. Use this guide to make sure that you get the most out of your upcoming vacation. You won’t regret it!

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