11 Precautions Moms Should Take When Traveling Solo

As a mom, you take care of your kids, the house, your spouse, and most likely anything else that needs to be done every single day of the year.  You probably get lots of thank you’s and some appreciation, but you probably need a break every once in a while, too.  We recommend that moms take solo trips at least once a year. A little outing here and there can keep you sane but imagine taking a vacation all alone and really getting the break that you deserve and desire.  You certainly want to stay safe on your trip by following common travel tips recommended for solo travel.

With regards to where you do actually go, there are hundreds of destinations that you can choose from, but you will want to make sure that you take the proper precautions when you are at any of them.  After all, I know that you want to return to your family safe and ready to tackle another busy day!

Here are 11 precautions moms should take when traveling solo:

1. Avoid Risky Destinations and Areas

You may have your heart set on visiting a certain destination, but if it known as being a place where there is a lot of crime and danger, you may want to skip it for your solo traveling journey.

Traveling Solo

You should also avoid all those risky and dangerous areas that most destinations have, so that you never put yourself in a situation that you should never be in. Also remember to consider countries on our list of top safest countries to visit this year as you decide where to go.

2. Dress Appropriately

You may look awesome in that bikini, but that doesn’t mean that you should stroll around the streets wearing just that, as you do some exploring.  Too many people think that they can take advantage of a woman who seemed dressed to draw attention to herself even when that is not your intention, so, undue attention is definitely something that you want to avoid.  So, those really short shorts and short t-shirts may need to stay home. So knowing how to travel solo as a woman is really important for your safety.

3. Do Not Carry a Lot of Cash

No one should ever carry a lot of cash when they are traveling, because it makes them an easy mark if the wrong person notices.  If you plan to do some shopping when traveling solo, either utilize a credit card or keep your money in separate piles.

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The latter will allow you to pull out a smaller wad of cash instead of everything that you have on you.  You may also want to consider keeping your cash in a pouch under your shirt, as it is more difficult for people to steal it and even know that it is there.

4. Never Share the Fact that You Are Traveling Solo

While you should be proud of the fact that you are traveling solo, you should never share that information with people that you chat with along the way.  You never know the true identity of the person you are talking to, so you will not know what they may have in mind.  Start sentences with the word we and if a situation seems to feel off, immerse yourself into a group of people nearby.

5. Know Where You are Going When You Reach Your Destination

Once you reach your destination, you are better off knowing how you are going to get to your hotel, as well as how you will reach all the attractions and other sights that you want to go to.

Solo Female Traveller

You should never pull a map out and look at it out on the street, because that screams that you are a tourist and you have no idea where you are! You can go anywhere in the world you desire but always remember to aim to visit countries that are most favorable to female solo travelers.

6. Always Look Like You Belong

No one should ever look like a tourist, especially when they are traveling solo, so always make sure that you look like you belong.  Do not wear flashy jewelry, especially in areas where it is not common to do so, and even try to dress like the locals.  Try to leave that large camera at home too, because nothing yells tourist more than a large camera that is being used to photograph the sights.

7. Consider Your Hotel Carefully

Some hotels are safer than others, so you will want to consider where you stay carefully.  I recommend reading the reviews of past guests, to see if any safety concerns stand out, and try to find what safety precautions the hotel takes on their website before booking your room.  Thankfully, some hotels are taking the security of their guests to the next level and have created women only floors.

Hotel room

This is an excellent option for when you are traveling solo, because you will feel safer when you are sleeping or simply hanging out in your room.  When you do book your room, you will want to ask for one that is not on the ground floor, while also not being close to the elevator or the emergency exits and stairs, especially if you are not on a women’s only floor. And choosing a family-friendly hotel might also be a good option to consider when in doubt.

8. When Traveling Internationally, Know the Culture

There are times when a tourist stands out from the crowd, simply because they do not understand the culture of the area that they are visiting.  It is a known fact, that the more you know about the culture of where you are visiting, the better off you will be when traveling solo.  This information will allow you to dress as you need to and it is even recommended that you learn a few of the local phrases, so that you can converse with others as needed.  Plus, understanding the culture will allow you to know what is normal when it comes to hospitality and what is not.  After all, you do not want to be the mom who thought it was okay to enter someone’s home for a home-cooked meal, when it really wasn’t, and something bad happens to you.

9. Always Have a Back Up Plan

You may think that you have done your research and planned the best that you could, but you should always have a back up plan in place.  This is especially true when it comes to your accommodations, because you never know when a hotel has changed and is no longer like what you read in the reviews.

Tips for Solo Female Travel

I recommend having a plan b for everything, that way you have options instead of walking around terrified and just wanting to go home instead of enjoying the rest of your trip.  Plan b’s usually do not need to be used too often, but they are handy to have in certain situations.

10. Share Your Itinerary with Everyone Back Home

You should leave a copy of your itinerary with at least one person back home, so that someone knows where you are at all times.  While this could be your spouse, you may also want to choose someone else, because your spouse may have their hands busy with the kids.  You should also consider checking in with those back home at least once a day at a predesignated time.  This will ensure that you can get help if you need it, because they can alert the authorities if you do not check-in.

11. Always Trust Your Gut

Hey, you’re a mom, so you know when something doesn’t seem right.  When you are traveling solo, you need to trust that sixth sense that you now have, as it will get you away from where you shouldn’t be.

Traveling alone

If you paid for a tour, but you do not feel comfortable going with the guide that seems sketchy, do not worry about the loss of money.  Trust your instincts and get out of there right away!  The same thing holds true if you start to turn down a street, but you get a weird vibe.  Turn around and go a different way!  You may thank yourself later, especially if you find out that that area is not safe or something bad happened there recently.

No mom should ever feel bad about wanting to get away from it all and take a solo trip on occasion, but there are precautions that need to be taken.  Please keep these eleven things in mind, so that you can stay safe every time you choose to travel solo.

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