12 Best Places to Surf around the World

Surfing has long been a popular water sport around the world. It is a fun and liberating experience. Depends on how big the waves are, it could either bring you peace or thrill. It is a perfect activity for people who love the mixture of the ocean and adrenaline rush.

If you are looking forward to hop on that surf board and dance with the waves, there are thousands of surfing spots that you can head to. To help you narrow down your choices though, here are 12 best surfing spots around the world.

1. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

Pipeline has the biggest and most challenging waves among all surfing spots in the world. The surf reek break here is magnificent to watch, but even professional surfers do not have an easy breezy ride here.

Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii - Best Places to Surf around the World
If you are new to surfing, this may not be an ideal place to start, but this is definitely a bucket list surfing spot. You can make Pipeline as an inspiration so you would be able to work on mastering your surfing skills.

2. Supertubes, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

This flourishing surfing community used to be a hippie hangout. It is considered as one of the top five most famous surfing destinations because of its long and fast right hand point breaks

Supertubes, Jeffrey’s Bay - Best Places to Surf around the World

Along with Supertubes, other sections of the bay are Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Boneyards, Impossibles, Tubes, the Point, and Albatross. Jeffrey’s Bay is well-visited all year long, but numbers of surfers and spectators usually double around July which is in time for the annual World Surf League.

3. Hossegor, France

This surfing spot is located near a fancy neighborhood in France and has been dubbed as the surfing capital of Europe. Nearby beach is filled with homes of the rich and famous.Surfing is the center of the city’s economy.

Hossegor, France - Best Places to Surf around the World

Quiksilver Pro France contest is held here every end of September to the beginning of October thus attracting a lot of tourists. For non-surfers, Hossegor is a perfect place to chill-out, especially in summer, when nightlife is thriving. If you don’t want to head to the beach and ride tubes, head to the restaurants instead. The city is packed with good places to eat.

4. Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Uluwatu is a surfing destination in Bali, Indonesia that is popular to expert surfers from all over the world especially those from Australia and Hawaii. Uluwatu become a popular surfing spot due to the film Morning of the Earth.

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia - Best Places to Surf around the World

The film was made to focus on the waves in Kuta beach, but the crew accidentally found Ulutawu after few days of filming. After the film was released in February of 1072, surfers from all over the world started to flock in Ulutawu. The surfers enjoy the five breaks in the area which consist of The Bombie, Temple, Outside Corner, Racetracks, and The Peak.

5. Cloud 9, Siargao, Philippines

Siargao is the best surfing spot in the Philippines. This is probably the only place in the country where you would see more foreigners than locals in the surfing area. Cloud Nine, the main surfing spot in Siargao, is known for its thick and hallow tubes. This surfing spot was discovered in late 1980s and was named by John Seaton Callahan, an American photographer, after the chocolate bar “cloud 9”. Aside from its grand and powerful waves, Siargo is known for very cheap accommodations, transportations, and food. A lot of foreign nationals end up staying here for a couple of months, even years.

Cloud 9, Siargao - Best Places to Surf around the World

Siargao has a community of foreign digital nomads who are living and celebrating the surf life. Homestays are also common here. Aside from being friendly and hospitable, most of the locals are expert surfers. They can give you surfing lessons with a minimal fee. If you have lived with them for a while, fees for surfing lessons would come in a form of a bottle of cold beer. Since Philippines is a tropical country, surfing all year long is possible in Siargao although it is best to come here between the months of July- March. Aside from the magnificent waves, Siargao is also home to natural tidal pools, couple of islands, and lagoons. Fresh and cheap seafood is available on a daily basis and you can always find someone who can cook for you.

6. Margaret River, Australia

There are two things Margaret River is known for- waves and wine. You can find over forty surf breaks and more than a hundred wineries here. We don’t suggest you mix both activities though.

Margaret River, Australia - Best Places to Surf around the World

Don’t drink and surf for safety purposes. If you are planning to hit the waves in Margaret River, the best time to come is from September to April. Make sure to check out Surfers Point and its consistent barrels and big peaks that can reach over 12 feet. Aside from surfing spots and wineries, there are also some great diving spots in the area.

7. Waikiki, Hawaii

 Hawaii is famous for everything ocean related. People come here to relax on its beautiful beaches and swim in its crystal-clear waters. For wave-lovers, they head to Waikiki, Hawaii to catch its endless waves. Parts of Waikiki are perfect for beginners.

Waikiki, Hawaii - Best Places to Surf around the World

Duke Kahanamoku, the Olympic gold medalist for swimming who popularized surfing in Hawaii, grew up riding the waves of Waikiki and has taught a lot of visitors in the area how to surf. Once you have retired your surfboard for the day, you can check out the abundant nightlife in the area. Other attractions like Waikiki Aquarium and the Honolulu Zoo is perfect for families travelling with kids.

8. San Clemente, California

Eat, surf, sleep, repeat. If you want a life that lives with this mantra, you will find a community that would cheer you on in San Clemente, California. This surfing spot has one of the most consistent waves in the entire Southern California. You can come here with your surfboard anytime of the year.

San Clemente, California - Best Places to Surf around the World

Rental shops are everywhere. If this will be your first time to pick up a surfboard, surfing lessons, both advanced and for beginners, are offered by a lot of surf shacks such as The Paskowitz Surf Camp. A lot of professional surfers and celebrities frequent the area so it can become a little crowded since fans would also flock to get a sighting of their favorite stars. If you would like to take a break from the ocean, San Clemente’s hiking and biking trails are available for your outdoorsy self.

9. Sultans Break, Maldives

 It is not a secret that Maldives is one of the most beautiful islands on earth. What some people do not know though is that Maldives also has one of the best surfing spots in the world. If you are a fan of big waves, Sultans is the ideal spot for you.

Sultans Break, Maldives - Best Places to Surf around the World

The surf season here is from March to October and the waves peaks at high tide. If you are aiming to ride the best swells, come here on the months of June, July, and August.

10. Hainan Island, China

 If you would like to have the waves all to yourself, head out to Hainan Island in China. Surfing is not a very well-known sport in this country, so most of the surfers you will meet here are tourists mostly from Australia and Japan.

Hainan Island, China - Best Places to Surf around the World

Hainan is in the South China Sea and has been dubbed as the surfing capital of China. The Island gets consistent swells from both northern and southern currents. Aside from its warmer weather, visiting surfers come here all year long because of its affordable accommodations and delicious food.

11. Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazoutis a quaint fishing village in Agadir, Morocco. A lot of tourists come here for the scenic beaches and mountains, but surfing has become the number reason of the tourism boost. The country is popular for its consistent long right hand point breaks.

Taghazout, Morocco - Best Places to Surf around the World

No matter what is your current surfing skill level, you can find an area here where waves are suitable for you. Professional surfers frequent Taghazout during the months between September to April since they prefer larger swells, but with the warm waters that could reach up to 21 degrees Celsius, surfing activities are possible all year long both pros and newbies.

12. Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil

Brazil is a popular vacation destination for swimming, partying, and surfing to name a few. Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazilis famous for its powerful tubes and boisterous nightlife.  Surfing competitions are often held here.

Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil - Best Places to Surf around the World

If you are looking for a surfing community with a fun and chill atmosphere, Sao Fransico, which is located near Sao Paulo, is the best place for you. Aside from the magnificent waves, great food and excellent beer are being served by the bars at the beach which is perfect for days when you prefer to watch the waves instead of riding them. The sunset in this area is a thing of beauty that you should not miss.

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