12 Things to Pack in Your Backpack for Disneyland Every Time

Disneyland is a magical destination, but that doesn’t mean that what you need during your visit is going to magically appear when you need it!  Therefore, there are certain items that you are going to want to add to your Disney checklist and pack them into a backpack before you leave for the park.  While it may seem like the Disneyland essentials are never-ending, and we agree that it is better to have too much than too little, you do not need to pack everything plus your kitchen sink to survive a day at the theme park.  

Here are 12 things to pack in your backpack for Disneyland every time:

1. Water Bottles

If you are one of the thousands of people who are continuing to ask, “Can you bring water into Disneyland”, let me answer this question once and for all. Yes, you can take water bottles, or bottles of water, with you into Disneyland! 

Water Bottle - Things to Pack in Your Backpack for Disneyland

While some people will take multiple bottles of water per person, I prefer to add a water bottle for each person in my family and then refill it throughout the day. It makes the Disneyland backpack much lighter and yet, we can still stay hydrated all day long!

2. Food

“Can you take food into Disneyland?” is another popular question and the answer to that one is also yes.  While you probably won’t want to take an entire five-course meal, you can take sandwiches and any type of snack that you know you will all eat during your visit.  In fact, food is one of the Disneyland must-haves that every guest should have with them when they arrive. Yes, Disneyland does sell food, but that comes with high price tags and long lines.  Having food in a Disneyland backpack will save you money and time, while allowing you to stay happy since your belly will always be full.  

3. Sunscreen

The sun is almost always shining out in California, which is why sunscreen should be one of the first things you throw into your Disneyland backpack.  While I do not recommend backpacks with lots of little pockets for Disneyland, due to the fact that the bags need to be searched prior to entry, having a backpack with a separate pocket for sunscreen is helpful. 

Sunscreen - Things to Pack in Your Backpack for Disneyland

This extra pocket will have you reaching for your sunscreen quickly instead of needing to dump everything out to find it. This is perfect for when you are trying to reapply while standing in line for a ride.  

4. Wet Wipes or Antibacterial wipes 

There are bathrooms all over Disneyland, but that doesn’t mean that you and your kids are going to want to stop having fun to go wash up after snack time or after stumbling upon something sticky and gross.  Wet wipes or any other antibacterial wipes are Disneyland essentials, so make sure you pack enough to get you through the day. Wipes are one of our essentials for staying hygienic and healthy while you’re on the move. 

5. Glow Sticks

One of the best parts of Disneyland is the fireworks that go off at the end of the day.  While you can grab all

Glow Sticks - Things to Pack in Your Backpack for Disneyland

those light up toys that seem to pop up at the same time as the fireworks, you can be ahead of the game if you put some glow sticks into your Disneyland backpack.  

6. Sweatshirt or Light Jacket and Rain Poncho

Despite being in California, Disneyland can experience cooler temperatures on occasion.  To prevent freezing, especially later at night, a sweatshirt or light jacket can come in handy.  The same holds true for the times when it rains, as it is known to do in California. Having a rain poncho on your Disneyland checklist of things to pack will ensure that you can easily dodge the raindrops without looking like you just got out of the shower.  

7. Autograph Books and a Ton of Pens

You are going to see a lot of Disney celebrities when you are at Disneyland, like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and Tinker Bell, and your kids will be thrilled if they are able to get their autograph at the same time. 

Disney Character Signing Autograph Book
Credits : JeffChristiansen, Flickr

I recommend taking a lot of thicker pens, or Sharpies, with you, because you never know when one, or a few, will simply disappear and you will all of a sudden have nothing to capture autographs with! 

8. Battery Packs

Your cellphone is going to get a lot of use as you take picture after picture of your loved ones on the rides and with their favorite Disney characters.  While you can hope that your battery makes it through the day, you must be realistic! It’s not going to happen! Therefore, I recommend that you take one of the newer battery packs with you in your Disneyland backpack.  You can use the battery pack whenever your smartphone needs an extra boost and you will never need to worry about missing that perfect photograph!

9. Lanyards

When you are trying to juggle an entrance pass, FastPass, PhotoPass, hotel key, and locker ticket, you are going to get tired of digging for them every time you need them.  The solution that I have found that works the best is a lanyard that you can hang around your neck.

Lanyards - Things to Pack in Your Backpack for Disneyland

Simply tuck all these items into the lanyard, a little bit of money will fit in with it all as well, and you will know where to find everything you need, when you need it.  No more digging through your Disneyland backpack to find your FastPass or making others wait as you are trying to find the ticket or paper that you currently need.  

10. Pennies and Quarters

Penny machines are all over Disneyland and those pressed pennies make the perfect souvenirs!  They are inexpensive, usually about a dollar per pressed penny and they are easy to store in a small container when you return home.  Most machines will ask you to place between two and four quarters into the machine, along with a penny, and then you, or your children, can choose the design and crank the wheel until the pressed penny pops out.  

11. A Printed-Out Map of Disneyland

So, Disneyland has a map of their theme park online, but what happens if the sun is shining and you can’t get a good look at the screen of your phone?  A printed-out version of the map of the theme park is an excellent back

Disneyland Map - Things to Pack in Your Backpack for Disneyland
Credits – Disneyland Paris

up plan, plus you can find things much easier at a glance. The best part is that you can circle the rides that you know you must visit or completely map out the direction you are going inside the park as soon as you arrive.  

12. Ziploc Bags or small clear pouches 

There are numerous little objects that you will find yourself collecting as you stroll along the walkways within Disneyland and you will need a place to put them all without losing them.  A few Ziploc bags will have you corralling all those little pins, pressed pennies, and other smaller objects that your children just cannot bear to be without!  

These are the 12 Disneyland essentials that you must add to your Disneyland packing list when preparing for your trip.  These items should all go into your Disneyland backpack, so you have them if and when you need them in between all the rides and shows.  Once you have them with you, you can easily have fun and not worry about whether or not you forgot anything on your Disneyland checklist.  

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