13 Most Popular International Spring Break Destinations

Spring break! There are numerous places to go for spring break depending on your taste. With so much to choose from and so many advertisements around you, you need to know the best spring break destinations. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled thirteen of the top choices, from beach destinations to big cities, for you to pick from this spring break. They’re all amazing choices, so which one you choose to go with depends simply on the type of spring vacation you were hoping for. Is it to do nothing but lay on a beach? Explore a jungle? Take in a bustling new city? It’s all right here!

1. Mexico City, Mexico

If cheap spring break trips are what you are looking for, Mexico City is an option that is guaranteed to be fun and delicious. Thanks to airlines like Volaris and Interjet, sometimes you can fly to Mexico City for cheaper than it costs to travel to another city in the states! Mexico City is rich with culture, history, food, and life. Visit the ruins of Aztecs or the beautiful architecture of the Spanish Conquistadors.

Mexico City

You’ll find cheap Airbnb and even cheaper food. Make sure you check out the street food – observe where there’s a crowd, and follow it. You’ll be surprised at how delicious something that costs literal pennies is. And then, of course, you’re in the country that invented tequila, so if you like to drink, you’re in the right place! Mexico City is made for fun, so you’ll never be short of amusement.

2. Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, the merchant city that once rivaled even Rome, is one of the most perfect places to go to enjoy culture and beach. The sixteenth-century Old Town is walled up, full of cobbled streets and colonial buildings – a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Take time to explore the underground tunnels of the fortress Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas or the Palace of Inquisition. Take in the beautiful beaches with swimming and snorkeling; maybe even check out the beautiful Rosario Islands! Your best bet with Cartagena is not to plan, but to wander, observe, relax, and spontaneously take it all in.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal is another amazing spring break destination with its vibrant atmosphere, delicious seafood, and intoxicating sangrias. With TAPair Portugal, you’ll find pretty cheap flights from the States. You can even make Lisbon an extended layover with the airline if you’re on your way to somewhere else in Europe. Once you get there, you’ll find that food, hotels, Airbnb, and hostels are more than affordable.


Take a day to wander in and out of stores and historical landmarks in Praca do Comercio. Explore Castelo de S. Jorge, and take day trips out to the numerous surrounding beaches. If you haven’t seen enough tiles in just wandering the city, pop into the National Azulejo Museum which displays five centuries of decorative ceramic tiles. And if you want to do more, spend some time in cities surrounding Portugal. There is always of things to do in Portugal with kids.

4. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is hands down one of the most enjoyable cities I have ever visited. You’ll find a vibrant nightlife and party beaches as well as lesser-known relaxing ones. You’ll indulge in the best paella you’ve ever had after getting drawn into the museum underneath La Sagrada Familia for hours.

La Sagrada Familia

Park Guell and Casa Batillo will display some of the most unique of Gaudi’s artistry. Barcelona is simply intoxicating with its guitar guilds, its intricately beautiful interior design, its vintage stores, and the delicious food.

5. Costa Rica

What makes Costa Rica so tantalizing is the mixture of Caribbean ocean and rainforest you can explore. One day you could be snorkelling with rainbow fish and the next, taking a tour through swooping, vine-covered trees, observing the colourful wildlife. You can even hike Arenal Volcano and enjoy the nearby hot springs. Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio is one of the top places visitors like to spend their time as it encompasses white beaches, rainforest, mountains, and coral reefs.

Costa Rica

You’ll find sloths, monkeys, tropical birds, and more. Relax with some yoga and then enjoy healthy, delicious farm-to-table cuisine in this country hugely powered by green energy. You’ll here the words “puravida,” meaning pure life, while you’re there, and the fact is that Costa Rican residents live longer, healthier lives than those living in other countries. So, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the dazzling and diverse beauty on your spring vacation.

6. Bermuda

Bermuda is always an easy, go-to choice as it is classically beautiful with its white beaches and crystal-blue water and easy to get to with its close proximity to America. You can even take a cruise if that’s more up your alley! Check out the pink-sand beaches, such as Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay, and just take a nap on the sand or enjoy some water sports.


You’ll find caves to explore and a ton of activities to enjoy at the Royal Naval Dockyard. Overall, however, Bermuda is best for a laid-back, lazy kind of vacation, where what you mostly want to do is chill on the beach, drink something alcoholic and fruity, and get a golden tan. We have Bermuda as part of our top places to go around the Spring break period.

7. Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas is another classic, easy beach vacation to take from the states. Characterized by colonial-style British architecture, this small island is full of history as well as modern fun, like the Auquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Paradise Island.


Take a little trip to Blue Lagoon Island, just three miles on a boat from Nassau, to do some snorkeling, scuba-diving, water-skiing, fishing, and sailing or to spot sea lions and dolphins. Locals will tell you to grab some food and drink and plan to stay awhile at Arawak Cay. Take in some antiquated history and nature at Clifton Heritage National Park. And be sure to eat at Bahamian Cookin’, Nassau’s oldest and only Bahamian restaurant!

8. Cayman Islands

With three separate islands to choose from, an extended spring break stay in the Cayman Islands is a top choice. Grand Cayman is the biggest of the islands and holds George Town, the capital city famous for its seven-mile beach. On the big island, you’ll find huge beach resorts and a variety of locations for scuba diving and snorkeling. As it’s the most highly trafficked, you’ll probably find your cheapest hotel or Airbnb here.

Cayman Islands

If deep sea excursions are what you’re looking for, head to Cayman Brac, another of the three islands. Explore the caves of the Bluff, a limestone cliff running the length of the island. Little Cayman, the smallest of the islands, has pinkish beaches, red-footed boobies, and huge underwater walls of coral. The entire Cayman Islands experience is sure to be astoundingly beautiful and adventurous!

9. London, UK

If the beach isn’t your priority and you’re a lover of cities, spend your spring break in London! London is full of iconic museums, historical landmarks, and more – enjoy sites like their famous red, double-decker buses or the black cars. You’ll finally see Big Ben, the London Bridge, and the London Eye in person.


Stake out at Buckingham Palace to try to get a glance of the queen. You’ll have more than enough museums to pick from, so narrow it down to a few, like the British Museum, the Museum of London, or the London Transport Museum. You can also do a few day trips from London. And be sure to have your fill of fish and chips as no one does it quite as good as the British!

10. Quebec City, Canada

One of the most French-speaking areas of Canada, you’ll feel more like you’re in another country than anywhere else in Canada. Founded in the early sixteen hundreds, Quebec City is reminiscent of colonial architecture. While certain areas have been modernized over the years, you’ll still find many cobblestone streets to wander and places like Vieux-Québec, Place Royale, and La Citadelle de Québec to tour.

Quebec City

The city is small enough to not feel overwhelmed yet big enough to never get bored. You’ll find an ample number of bistros and boutiques to stop in wherever you are, parks to explore, like the one surrounding Montmorency Falls or the one holding the Plains of Abraham. You’ll find houses of parliament, basilicas, fortresses, and museums to choose from like you would in a European city. With the French influence on this Canadian city, you’re sure to find delectable food, as well! And Quebec is home to one of the best ice hotels in the world.

11. Paris, France

Speaking of the French, you can’t live your whole life and never go to Paris. The city of romance is a must, and spring is a fantastic time to go. French cuisine, from duck to escargot, is incomparable, and you won’t be able to get enough of the wine; you’ll be astonished at how cheap a glass of wine is in Europe! Bakeries set up shop on every corner, and if you’re up to people-watching early in the morning, you’ll pass any number of locals stocking up on their bread for the day.


And of course, there are famous, iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. But taking a day trip to Versailles is undoubtedly worth it; there’s just nothing else like it. And take advantage of the city bikes for rent – much more affordable than the metro, and you get to take in more of the city! Spend an afternoon biking to Montmartre to explore the charming town and the famous Sacre-Coeur Basilica, which offers an unbeatable panoramic of the city. And when in doubt, here are ten more places to visit while in Paris.

12. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

On the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is known for its lavish atmosphere. Though all-inclusive resorts are rampant in this city and sometimes the luxury of having everything from food to housing to the amusement taken care of for you can be just what you need, the local and historical parts of Punta Cana have so much to offer.

Punta Cana

So, make sure you take the time to go off the beaten path to a local restaurant to order La Bandera Dominicana (the Dominican Flag), which is a dish of white rice, red beans, meat, and fried plantains, or somewhere you can take in tasty local coffees, strong rums, fragrant cigars, and all-around genuine Dominican Republic culture. As far as beaches go, Bavaro Beach, Macao Beach, and Cap Cana are a few of the most popular. If you’re up for some adventure, head to Hoyo Azul, and make sure you take in some dolphin sightings at Dolphin Island Park and Manati Park.

13. Havana, Cuba

With its vintage appeal and so much unknown, Cuba is irresistible now that it’s open to the public. However, the island is too much to take in with just one visit, so Havana is the best place to start as it is one of the most classic places to visit in Cuba. It’s full of colorful, vintage cars, jazz, and a unique energy. Being such a primary location in Cuba, Havana is the best place to take in the history.

Havana Rum Museum

Make a visit to the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of the Revolution, the Rum Museum, and many more. Also take in the ceremony of “El Cañonazo e las Nueve,” the daily ritual of shooting an ancient cannon to signal the closing of the city gates and the bay. Simply leave your time in Havana open for exploring the town, following the music into the best of jazz clubs, following the smells and crowds to the best of Cuban cuisine, and enjoying the vibrant life of Havana – it’s sure to be a spring break to remember!

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