15 Best Things to do in Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba Spain also known as Córdoba, Spain and sometimes, Cordova Spain, is a charming city that has long held a plethora of cultural events and experiences.  With that being said, it is also a city that is constantly evolving and improving, while still holding strong to its past.  Hours can be spent roaming these busy streets, as you get lost trying to find one hidden attraction after another.  

Where is Cordoba, Spain?

You will find Cordoba down within the Andalusia region in southern Spain. Sometimes, it’s referred to as Cordoba Andalusia because of where it’s located. To find it, all you need to do is look for the province of Cordoba on a map of Spain and you’ll find this amazing city.  If you have difficulty spotting it at first, simply look for the Guadalquivir River, because it is right next to it on the Cordoba Spain map. The population of Cordoba Spain is about 790,000 people. The time in Cordoba Spain corresponds with the rest of Spain and is known as the Cental European Time Zone (CET).

map of Spain
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

How to get to Cordoba, Spain

When it comes to how to get to Cordoba, Spain, you will find that you must fly into an airport in another city and then take another mode of transportation to your destination.  While there is a small airport in Cordoba which you will find when you search for Cordoba Spain airport, most travelers like yourself either fly into the Seville Airport or the airport in Madrid. The Seville Airport is the closest one, though at just under seventy miles away.  

Once you arrive at the airport of your choice, you can easily get to Cordoba, Spain, by train or car.  The rail network in Spain is quite large and very easy to understand, which is why it might be the best solution for your transportation needs.  It will take you approximately forty-five minutes to reach Cordoba from the Santa Justa train station in Seville, while the journey will take an hour and forty minutes from Madrid. So yes, you can take the train from Madrid to Cordoba or even travel from Granada to Cordoba with a train or bus (they are located 128 miles apart). There are unlimited ways to arrive at Cordoba. 

It is usually not the best idea to rent a car to visit Cordoba, Spain, because this is a city that is quite walkable.  Plus, there is limited parking within the city itself, so there is a great chance that you will never find a parking spot when you are there.  And no matter how you end up getting there, you’ll be glad to know you’re visiting one of the coolest places in Spain. 

How to get around Cordoba, Spain

Once you arrive in Cordoba, Spain, you will have the option to walk or hop onto a bus or into a taxi. There are of course car rentals in Cordoba Spain.  As mentioned above, it is usually not best to drive in Cordoba, due to the limited parking. Parking in Cordoba can be sometimes, difficult. Taxis can be found almost anywhere in the city when you need one, so you will never need to look far before hopping into one.  

As for the buses, there are many routes within this city.  When you arrive at the train station, you will want bus number three or thirteen if you are heading into the city center.  Most of the bus stop areas have maps of the routes, as well as diagrams, so you can easily determine which bus you need to reach your destination.  

Weather in Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba Spain or Cordova Spain experiences four seasons, but due to its Mediterranean climate, the sun almost always seems to be shining in this city.  Summer weather in Cordoba tends to be hot with temperatures reaching higher than one hundred degrees Fahrenheit on many days. It hardly rains during the summer months, but you will find a little relief at night when the temperatures cool down a little.  

Fall weather in Cordoba Spain brings slightly cooler temperatures, while the winter brings even colder temperatures and an abundance of rain.  It hardly ever snows in the city, but you can find snow up in the mountains. Spring weather in Cordoba is when the temperatures start to slightly climb once again.  The rain begins to end as well, so you can stay drier as you enjoy the abundance of sunshine once again.  And if you search for “weather Cordoba Spain” you’ll find that it’s mostly pleasant year round. 


Best Time to go to Cordoba, Spain

While there is truly no best time to go to Cordoba, many people will say that they love this city in the spring.  When you choose to visit in April, May, and June, you will have the chance to experience the many different festivals that take place at that time of the year.  The fall is also one of the best times to go to Cordoba, because the weather is finally cooling down from the hot summer. However, that is not to say that you will not think that the best time to go to Cordoba is during the summer or the winter, so you must find out when the best time to visit is for you.  

Where to stay in Cordoba, Spain

You can find many different places to stay in Cordoba, but you are going to want to choose one of the hotels if you want the best experience.  Some of the hotels in this city are quite historical, while others offer a luxurious boutique experience you may not be able to resist. There are also Airbnb in Cordoba as well as apartment rentals along with the many Cordoba Spain hotels. You might even find a bed and breakfast in Cordoba if you search hard enough! 

Here are a couple favorite and best hotels in Cordoba, Spain:

1) Eurostars Patios de Cordoba

This hotel may be located in the newer part of the city, but it is also close enough to the old part to get there in no time at all.  The spacious rooms offer all the amenities you crave, including a free bottle of wine when you arrive. Your favorite part about this hotel will be the fact that it is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby main street.  And if you know much about Cordoba Spain streets, you’ll enjoy being away from the action sometimes. 

2) Hospederia de El Churrasco

This charming hotel offers a tranquil experience to travelers like yourself.  There are only nine rooms within this hotel, but you will never find yourself lacking in space or amenities.  When you are not out exploring Cordoba, you can sit out on the terrace with a drink. The on-site restaurant is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat at the end of a long day without needing to venture too far from your room.  

Accomodation - Best Things to Do in Cordoba Spain

3) Hotel Viento 10

This hotel might be further from the center of the city, but it is quite close to many of the popular attractions everyone visiting Cordoba wants to see.  There are only seven rooms in this hotel, but that only adds to its charm. The rooftop terrace is perfect when you want nothing but stunning views, but do not venture up there in the morning until you have eaten a delectable breakfast at the on-site café.  

Where to eat in Cordoba

1) La Tortuga

While you can probably find a decent breakfast at your hotel, you are going to want to venture over to La Tortuga at least once when you are visiting Cordoba.  This restaurant serves quite a few different options when it comes to fresh pastries and the coffee is always on. If you can’t make it to this restaurant during the day, stop by at night on the weekends when it turns into a dance venue.  

2) Taberna Casa Pepe de la Juderia

While tourists can find this place quite easily, it is mostly the locals that fill the seats inside.  The tapas bar downstairs is a great place to begin, but make sure you make your way upstairs to the open terrace.  It is there you can talk with many of the locals, as you look out over the city.  This is one of the top places to get authentic Cordoba Spain food. 

Taberna Casa Pepe de la Juderia
Credits: Taberna Casa Pepe de la Juderia

3) El Tercio Viejo

This is a local tavern that offers a unique thing to do in Cordoba when it comes to drinking.  Imagine being handed a tall tumbler filled with snails. Simply remove the snails using a toothpick and then drink the spicy liquid afterwards.  This is one of the best restaurants in Cordoba, Spain. Talk about a unique experience! 

Can You See Cordoba in One Day?

People traveling over to Spain will often ask if they can see Cordoba in one day.  The answer to that question is conflicting, because while you can see this gorgeous city in one day, you may not want to leave once you arrive!  Yes, you can do a tour like a Seville to Cordoba day tour, etc, but it’s not quite the same as if you spent some time in here. 

If you choose to do a whirlwind adventure of this beautiful destination, then I urge you to plan your itinerary carefully, so you do not leave out anything important.  Plus, make sure you place this city amongst other nearby destinations, so you can spend as much of a day here as you can without needing to leave early to head to your next vacation location.  But frankly, there are so many things to do in Cordoba, and if you’re wondering what to see in Cordoba, then you need to give this beautiful city more than just one day if you can. 

Is Cordoba Safe?

As with anywhere else you may choose to visit, you may wonder is Cordoba safe for you and your family?  Well, Cordoba is as safe as many other cities in the world right now, as long as you use the proper precautions.  Therefore, as long as you pay attention, you can safely travel to and from this city alone as a solo female traveler, with a group of people, or even with small children and have no issues at all.  

15 Best Things to do in Cordoba, Spain

When it comes to what to see in Cordoba, Spain, you are going to have plenty of options.  In fact, there are so many Cordoba Spain attractions to choose from, you may find yourself needing to choose your things to do in Cordoba carefully.  Yes, there are so many Cordoba Spain points of interest that you will need more time in Cordoba for sure. So, what to do in Cordoba while you’re there and ready to explore? Here is our list of what you can see or do in this city. 

1) Cordoba Spain Mosque or Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Cathedral of Cordoba, or the Cordoba Spain Mosque as it is considered, dates all the way back to the 900s.  There is a total of eight hundred and fifty columns on this cathedral and if you time your visit just right, you will love how the sunlight enters through the hallway.  This is also known as the great mosque of Cordoba or Mezquita-Cathedral De Cordoba because it was shared between Christians and Muslims for several years. This building alone carries so much history you need to set aside time to explore and learn about the history of Cordoba.  For instance, Cordoba was founded as an emirate, rightly known as Emirate of Cordoba, and in the past, was ruled by the emir of Cordoba. 

2) Roman Bridge Cordoba

When it comes to things to do in Cordoba, the one that tops everyone’s list is crossing over the Roman Bridge Cordoba.  When you stand on the southern banks, you can see the Calahorra Tower perfectly, as well as all sixteen arches of the Great Mosque.  Roman Bridge Cordoba

Over on the other side of the bridge is the Old City. A favorite time to visit is at sunset, because the entire bridge and the surrounding city has an orange glow.  If you are wondering about the best things to see in Cordoba Spain, this is one of them. 

3) The Jewish Quarter

There are only three synagogues left in Spain, and one of them is within the Jewish Quarter in Cordoba.  The best place to see in this luxurious neighborhood though is Calleja de las Flores, or little street of flowers.  It is quite fragrant on this street, and it is the perfect way to relax as you wander around.  If you are visiting Cordoba, this area should be on your list of places to see in Cordoba as you’ll learn so much about the history of this Spanish city. 

4) Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos 

This is a royal compound, and it is one of the best things to do in Cordoba.  This compound used to be part of the Visigothic Fortress, but that changed over time and it was expanded. 

Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos - Best Things to Do in Cordoba Spain

Nowadays, you can wander through the gardens and courtyards, but make sure you take the time to visit what is considered the largest library within Western Europe.  We recommend this as what to see in Cordoba in one day, if that’s all you had. This is one of Cordoba’s top main attraction. 

5) Historic Center

The Historic Center of Cordoba should be at the top of your list of what to see in Cordoba, Spain.  This is one of the largest Old Town in all of Europe and it is best known for its massive interior courtyards, as well as its patios.  The twisting alleyways are perfect for those times you want to get lost just to see what you can discover.  If you truly want to wonder the streets of Cordoba, this is the place you want to be.

6) Plaza de la Corredera

Still wondering what to do in Cordoba when you visit? Put this plaza on your list of what to see here. While Cordoba is an older city filled with historical architecture and ruins, you will be quickly reminded of how far this city has truly come when you step into the Plaza de la Corredera.  This plaza was constructed towards the end of the 1600s. 

Plaza de la Corredera - Best Things to Do in Cordoba Spain

You will always find people within this popular square, although it is a much different experience from many years ago. It wasn’t that long ago that bullfights were held in this square, but now the large space is used to hold concerts during the summer months.  This plaza is top on our Cordoba Spain things to do when you visit this city. 

7) Calahorra Tower

While you can simply stare at this tower from the Roman Bridge Cordoba, mentioned above, it is best to see this Moorish fortification up close.  This tower has also served as a prison and a girl’s school over the years, but now you will discover a little museum inside that is dedicated to how Jews, Muslims, and Christians all lived together within this city.  If there’s one place for you to visit when in Cordoba Spain, this is it. This tower is a Cordoba symbol that shows some of those facts about this city that is fascinating. 

8) Palacio de Viana

This old palace and museum can be found within the Santa Marina district of Cordoba.  When you choose to add this to your list of things to see in Cordoba, you will want to make sure you have enough time to appreciate everything that is inside. 

Palacio de Viana - Best Things to Do in Cordoba Spain
Credits: Paul VanDerWerf, Flickr CC BY 2.0

During the time you visit Cordoba Spain, wander through the twelve different courtyards, while also looking at the collection of furniture and artwork.  Cordoba Spain sometimes spelled as Cordova Spain is truly a magical place, and this palace proves just that. Córdoba, Spain should be on your list of cities to visit in Europe. 

9) Feria de Cordoba

If you decide that the best time to go to Cordoba is May, then you will be in luck!  This is when the city’s annual spring fair is held, the last week in May to be exact, and it is the perfect way to immerse yourself into the lives of the locals.  Amongst all the tents filled with food and drinks, you will find people dancing. Add in the rides, equestrian shows, and nightly firework displays and you have a festival you won’t soon forget. Like we said, you’ll never run out of things to do in Cordoba. 

10) Patios de Cordoba

As we mentioned above, one of the best times to go to Cordoba is May.  Along with the spring fair, you will have the opportunity to wander through many of the interior courtyards that are opened up during the second weekend of the month. Patios de Cordoba

 There are normally fifty different courtyards opened to the public at this time, and it is the only time you will be allowed to wander through them.  This is a Córdoba Spain point of interest, and a major tourist attraction.  

11) Archaeological Museum

This museum has been around for many years and while it was always filled with fascinating artifacts, none of them held a candle to what was discovered during a massive expansion project.  It was at that time, a Roman Theatre was discovered, and now that it has been excavated, it is the main part of the museum’s exhibits.  This is always a fun place in Cordova (as it is known in English) and if you love museums, then you have to spend some time visiting this tourist attraction. 

12) Almodovar Gate

This gate can be found within the Old Town, and it is the gate that has been preserved the best since it was installed back in the 14th century.  When you walk through this gate, you will find yourself walking into the Jewish Quarter.  If you are looking for Cordoba sights, then head to the gate and enjoy one of the best things to do in Cordoba and things to do in Andalusia. 

Almodovar Gate - Best Things to Do in Cordoba Spain
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

13) Patio de los Naranjos

Many years ago, Muslims would spend part of their day in the entryway of this courtyard performing their ablutions before heading in for prayer.  The entire courtyard looks much like it did all those years ago, complete with the fountains. A few things to see within this courtyard are the seventeen horseshoe arches, the carved coffered ceilings, and the almost one hundred orange trees. This place makes our list of what to see in Cordoba in one day if that’s all you have but we hope this site and many other Cordoba sites make you want to stay at least three days or more in this old Spanish city.  

14) Medina Azahara

This area is located to the west of Cordoba, but it is worthy of a trip there to see the beauty of it all. This entire site has been carefully restored in recent years, so you will never know it was vacant for a few decades.  We think this is one of the best things to in Southern Spain for which Cordoba is part of. If you ever wondered is Cordoba is worth visiting, a trip to this Medina will give you the answer you need – a resounding yes, Cordoba Spain is worth visiting! 

Medina Azahara - Best Things to Do in Cordoba Spain
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

15) Aquasierra

Whether you are a solo female traveler, a couple traveling together, or visiting Cordoba with a group of friends or kids, Aquasierra is the perfect place to cool down in the middle of the summer.  There is a beach surrounding the pool at this water park and if you are looking for a little tranquility, the VIP area is worth the extra money.  And if you’re one of those that wonder what is there to do in Spain, a visit to Aquasierra will convince you that there are lots of things to do in this part of the world.

These are the best things to do in Cordoba, but you will find many other things to fill your time during your visit.  I recommend you plan your time carefully, especially if you are only spending one day in this wonderful city. No matter how much time you spend in this beautiful city though, you will enjoy every moment of it.  


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