15 Travel Must-haves for International Travel

Life’s mantra should be living, learning, and traveling. Yes, traveling should be part of life. Why? It makes us better people. However, traveling can sometimes be challenging, especially when international travel. The good thing is, we can plan to make sure we are prepared and will be worry-free while traveling. Here are 15 travel must-haves for international travel to make our travel smoother.

1. Passport

Passport - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

Yes, this is a given, but there are still people who forget to bring their passport, unintentionally of course, during the day of the trip. So, make sure to always put your passport and travel documents in your carry-on bag. You can put these documents in an organizer and have it arranged in the order that you would be needing them

2. Medicine

Medicine - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

This is of extreme importance, especially if you are on prescription medicines. Sure, other countries have drugstores, too, but what you need may not be available there. Also, what you are taking may also be not legal in other countries, so may want to stock up before your flight. Do not forget to carry your doctor’s note though, so airport security won’t confiscate it. Don’t forget your vitamins, too, so you are fully energized during the whole trip.

3. Camera

Camera - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

Photos or it never happened. This is a saying that’s popular in this age. It may not be entirely true of course, but what is a better way to make sure every moment is captured and will live forever other than taking photos of it, right? Take a lot of photos during your travel with the right camera, especially in places that you may never visit again. On days when you are sitting in your office desk and get tired about your day to day routine, browsing your vacation photos may inspire you to work harder and save up for another trip.

4. Phone

Phone - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

Your phone is something you should never leave behind when traveling. It will save you a lot of time and it makes hopping from one hotel to another and navigating foreign cities a lot easier. Make sure to download all the necessary apps you may need on your trip. Backup your files ahead as well, as you may find the need to delete some to free up some space for your travel photos and videos. To prepare for some airport downtime, make sure your music app or ebooks are updated.

5. Universal Travel Adapter

Universal Travel Adapter - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

Probably one of the most frustrating situations to be in when traveling is being stuck with dead devices. That is why it is a must-have to bring a universal travel adapter with you. There are a lot of travel adapters on the market to choose from. The best ones include those that can charge two or three devices at once. When purchasing a travel adapter, read the specifications first to make sure it will work in the country that you are going to be traveling in. Also make sure you get one that works in several countries, allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time, and is convenient to carry along.

6. Comfy Shoes

Travel Must-haves for International Travel

When exploring new places, expect a lot of walking. This is also the best way to appreciate your surroundings. Since you may be on foot a lot, it is reasonable to prioritize comfort. Of course, you can still look nice even with comfy shoes on. All it takes is a little bit of planning ahead to coordinate your outfits. Make sure to wear footwear according to the weather of the country you’ll be visiting. You would not want to end up bringing just winter boots on your December trip to Australia.

7. Emergency contact information of family and friends

When traveling, make sure to have a go-to person at home that knows your whereabouts. Always carry a small travel book that has the details of your emergency contacts as well. Sure, you may have this information in your phone, but have it written down as well in case you lose access to your phone or somebody else might need the information on your behalf.

8. Language App

Duolingo - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

Sure, almost every country speaks and understands English especially those in urban cities. But what if you will be traveling to places not quite near the country’s capital? I made the mistake of not being prepared when traveling in Vietnam. Communication was not much of a problem in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, but it was a different case in Nha Trang. Always be prepared and have a language app like Duolingo on your phone so you can communicate properly with the locals. Try learning few phrases that may come in handy as well like “how much,” “where is,” “can I have,” or “thank you.” A simple “thank you” in the language of the country that you’re visiting could go a long way. We have a comprehensive list of the top 10 language apps you’d want to consider during your travels.

9. Map Apps

HERE WeGo Map App - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

I tend to download two or three map apps before a trip, just to be sure. Google maps is a personal favorite, but I also use HERE WeGo because of its offline feature. When traveling, it is expected that you won’t have access to WiFi all the time unless you have international data probably, so offline maps are convenient. That way, you won’t have to keep asking people on the streets directions. By knowing where to go, you will be able to enjoy the trip more without worrying much about getting lost. Here are a few map apps that should do the work.

10. Travel insurance

Travel insurance - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

It’s okay to live on the edge, but probably not all the time, especially when traveling in a strange and unfamiliar place. In order to minimize unforeseen loss and to make sure you are protected and supported while on your dream vacation, sign up for a travel insurance policy. Travelex Travel Insurance offers protection for your luggage, cancellations, medical, delays, and so much more.

11. Power Bank

Power Bank - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

Going on a hiking trip for three days? Make sure your phone, camera, or music player will stay powered with a portable power bank. Good power banks work for most phones and tablets and are easy to carry around. They also have great charging capacities, being able to last long. Get your phone powered to continue documenting your adventures at the top of a mountain where all you can see are clouds or snow.

12. Go-to snacks

Snacks - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

This is extremely important, especially when you are traveling with children. They tend to get hungry all the time. Also, snacks keep them entertained and occupied, especially during long flights. If you are also picky when it comes to food, put a bag of your favorite snacks in your luggage as well. You might end up in places where there are limited food options, so it is good to be prepared so you will not starve.

13. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Headphones - Travel Must-haves for International Travel


Traveling can sometimes be stressful. With all the activities you need to fit in a single day, you may find yourself losing sleep. Invest in good noise canceling headphones. This is perfect to use if you want to squeeze in a few hours of sleep during flights, during long bus rides, or when you are staying in a budget hotel near a night market. Look for a headphone with great HD quality audio, so you can enjoy watching your favorite shows on Netflix or listen to Spotify while on the road. You can get them for below $50 on Amazon.

14. Workout Clothes

Workout - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

There is no need to skip your workout routine just because you are traveling. Most hotels have gym and workout facilities, so bringing one or two workout clothes would be ideal. If you like running, the best way to explore a city is to take an early morning run in the area. I found a couple of cozy breakfast cafes and coffee shops doing this. Make sure to ask your hotel though if it is safe to do so before heading out.

15. Cosmetics

Cosmetics - Travel Must-haves for International Travel

Makeup and skincare products are important, too. Sometimes when traveling, we get a little stressed. The weather and food can sometimes cause your skin to dry up or breakout. Make sure to always bring your sunblock, especially when you are in a tropical country. Also, always wash your face by the end of the day. No matter where I am, I make an effort to still follow my skincare routine, so I won’t wake up with a huge zit on my face the next day and will hate taking photos of my awesome vacation.

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