18 Adult Fun Playgrounds in the USA and Around the World

Kids shouldn’t have all of the fun when it comes to playgrounds or parks. Plenty of adult playgrounds exist for some mature adult fun. If you are wondering about places for adults to have fun near you, consider researching your nearest adult park. There are some large and cool playgrounds for adults in the United States and they may just be in your backyard. Aside from the United States, there are also some amazing international adult parks and those are fun to check out as well. Each one is so different and unique, so you have unlimited choices including adult trampoline parks, adult theme parks, adult amusement parks, adult adventure parks, adult jungle gyms, and so many other adult fun parks! It’s really about time that inner child came back out to play.

United States

Within the United States, there are plenty of adult playgrounds to choose from, each of them unique from the other. No one park is the same as the other, so depending on where you live, you may have a ton of options around you. To help you discover the top adult playgrounds around you, we have compiled a list of the top 13 United States adult parks for you to enjoy and have fun at.

1) Macomb’s Dam Park, Bronx, New York

You can find some amazing adult playgrounds in NYC, and this is just one of them. At this park, you can get the full experience of being a professional athlete, so be sure to wear your best active clothing. Here, you can step up to the plate and channel that inner Yankee. You can also enjoy the track or the field on your own or with your closest group of adult friends. This is an especially fun playground if you are a baseball fan because you will be immersed in the world of baseball and sports. This adult playground NYC certainly shows that there is more to NYC than just monuments and nightlife. 

2) The MOMentum Adult Playgrounds, Washington State

Adult Playground.

Moms need some outdoor fun and recreation just as much as the children do, and this is the perfect place to get it. This outdoor adult playground is meant to provide hard working moms with a place to stay fit and get a little break from their children. At this adult playground, children can be busy playing while the moms exercise and stay active nearby as they keep their eyes on their children. There are low-impact equipment and different machines that moms can enjoy with their fellow moms. So head out to this adult play ground and spend some quality mommy-time with your friends. 

3) City Museum of St. Louis, Missouri

If you are looking for an adult playground in St. Louis or a St. Louis adult playground, you can find one though it may not be what you’re expecting. Rather than being the traditional indoor or outdoor playground for adults, this park is meant for adults to have fun while getting away from the kids. Here, you can wonder at the amazing architecture while adventuring through this intensive indoor playground with all of your closest friends or even just on your own. Either way, you will be blown away by everything you’ll see and experience in this adult park. 

4) Dig This Construction Equipment Playground, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dig This Construction Equipment Playground
Credits; Dig This

If you are looking for a fun adult playground in Las Vegas, look no further because the Dig This equipment Playground is built for you to have fun, release some stress, and have some fun away from the kids. What is even better is that you get the chance to channel that kid version of you and dig around in sand boxes but on a much larger scale – instead of playing with little toys, you get into really big machines and play around in the trenches. So, there’s certainly more to Las Vegas than gambling, and this adult playground Las Vegas proves it. 

5) Lawn on D, Boston, Massachusetts

If you live in Boston and are looking for an adult playground near you, these playground swings for adults are the perfect place to have fun and be a child again. A playground doesn’t have to have all of the tricks in the book and this park proves that. Rather than having a bunch of equipment and machines, this park is full of giant O-shaped swings. You and your adult friends can take a little trip down to the park and just swing your worries away before going back to adult responsibilities. So, enjoy this adult playground Boston, and maybe enjoy a picnic while you’re there.

6) Rotary Play Garden, San Jose, California

Rotary Play Garden - Playgrounds for Adults
Credits: Rotary Play Garden

While this is a family and children’s playground and play area, it also has some fun places for adults so that they can enjoy their time while visiting the park. Most of the time, parks and playgrounds are built for children and the adults are left out of the fun, but not at this playground. There are different pieces of equipment that allow you and your kids to climb, swing, rock, and more. What better way to have fun with your whole family than a park that provides fun for every member of the household? So, if you’ve been looking for an adult playground near me and live in San Jose, this is a great option to visit. 

7) Playground for Seniors, La Marque, Texas

Adults and children can’t have all the fun, our wonderful seniors need to have some fun and outdoor exercise as well. This playground in Texas is all-inclusive for those older in age. It has various outdoor activities and equipment for those older to stay in shape and stay active. Being active as we age is important to keep the mind and body agile and strong. While this playground may not have an adult swing, it does have other equipment that can be fun and interactive. La Marque is just about 40 mins from Houston so if you are looking for an adult playground in Houston then this should be on your list. 

8) Fitness Zone, Miami, Florida

Adult Fun Playgrounds

If you are looking for less fun and more fitness and want to find a heavy equipment playground around you, the Fitness Zone in Miami Florida is the place to go. With free-to-use and fancy outdoor equipment, you and your adult friends near you can hit the gym while still being able to take in your surroundings and relax. What is even better is that there are Fitness Zones just like this all across America. So, if you’re not in Miami or anywhere near Miami, don’t worry. Simply find the nearest Fitness Zone to you and go have fun. This is about the closest you can get to an adult theme park or adult amusement park in Florida. 

9) Health Diagnostics Lab Indoor Slide, Richmond, Virgina

If you want to channel your inner child through an adult-sized slide, or a slide made specifically to be an adult slide, look no further. In doing research, Health diagnostics found that it was a better workplace when the employees were having fun or relieving stress in some way. Because of that, they came up with the idea of indoor slides for adults rather than outdoor slides for adults. At Health Diagnostics, this slide will take employees from higher floors to lower floors. Even better, it is fun! And much better, it’s fun at work! Now you know where to work next time you’re in need of a work-life balance! So if you’re looking for an adult indoor playground, then look no further than this awesome and fun indoor playground for adults in Virginia. 

10) Mega Cavern, Louisville, Kentucky

Mega Cavern, Louisville, Kentucky - Playgrounds for Adults
Credits: Louisville Mega Cavern

Mega Cavern in Kentucky is definitely an adventure playground for adults and not children, though you can bring children with you if you choose to do so. While there are fun indoor adult parks, this one takes it to a whole new level by being 100 feet underground. It got that name of Mega Cavern for a reason! In this underground adult playground, you can find ziplines, rope courses, bike parks, and more. Mega Cavern is unique, fun, and adventurous, and really an awesome adult sized playground. 

11) Lakefront, Chicago

If you are looking for an adult playground in Chicago or even an adult park in Chicago, look no further. The Lakefronts in Chicago are like no other, and you can take in all of the beauty at any time. You can even choose to rent a bike and ride down the paths on the lakefront to take in the beautiful landscape. While there, you can go to the local zoo, enjoy the history of the museums, or just relax by the lake and let all of that stress go. So, this Chicago adult playground should be on your list of playgrounds for adults near you. 

12) Historic Banning Mills Adventure Park- Atlanta, Georgia

Historic Banning Mills Adventure Park - Playgrounds for Adults
Credits: Historic Banning Mills Adventure Park

This park takes the word park and adult fun to a whole new level. This adult sized playground spans across hikes, walks, climbing walls, and a long zipline. There is no limit on what you can do and see at this life-changing park for adults. If you want to soar and see the wonderful views, you can choose to go on the world’s longest zipline canopy tour, or if you feel like doing something a bit different, you can choose to ride a horse, go kayaking, or even hike and simply take in all the nature and beauty. Tell the kids you’re off to an grown up playground and go have fun! 

13) Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt, Washington DC

If you want to have some fun in a non-traditional way, call on some local adults for fun with these amazing city-wide scavenger hunts. There is no limit for adult fun so why not make the entire city your jungle playground? While Watson Adventure Scavenger Hunt may not be the traditional image of a park with slides and swings, it does allow you and other adults to come together and make the entire city an adult playground. You will read clues, adventure through the city, and try to find the end prize. The best part is that this scavenger hunt is offered at a variety of cities across the United States, making it available for many people. This is a fun way to turn an entire city into an adult playland or simply, a place place for adults. 


Though the United States has a lot of adult parks, there are some amazing parks that are found internationally as well. This way, if you want to experience the fun of an adult park as you are traveling abroad, there are some great options for you. Below are the top five adult parks that can be found outside the borders of the United States. 

14) Go Ape, Berkshire, UK

Go Ape, Berkshire, UK - Playgrounds for Adults
Credits: Go Ape

The name says it all: you can definitely go ape at this wonderful play structure built for adults. This is no ordinary adult playground with slides and swings, no way! Go Ape features a variety of rope courses that you and your adult friends can give a go to. Your inner climber will be revealed when attempting to do these rope courses. They are fun, carefree, challenging, and will keep you entertained and distracted from life for a while. You can finally get that break that you have been craving.

15) Chimpanzodrome, Frechen, Germany

Are you into outdoor jungle gym for adults but don’t know where to find an adult play area near you? We’ve got you. If you want to venture more into the world of rock-climbing and active exercising, the perfect place is Chimpanzodrome in Germany. This is no ordinary rock-climbing area, however, as it has very complicated climbs. There are however, professionals on site to teach you all that you need to know about rock-climbing, so you can be a pro in no time at this adult jungle gym.

16) Shaw Park, Yorkshire, UK


This grown-up park is not meant for fun as much as it is meant for exercise. Rather, this playground has adult exercise equipment that was designed to help busy adults stay in shape while also having an area where they can just sweat out the stress and be free of all of life’s worries. Their adult playground equipment is safe and fun and so this is truly an adventure playground for adults. What makes this adult park even better is that all of the equipment are waterproof, and the lights are turned on at night for 24-hour access.

17) Battle Axe Throwing league, Toronto, Canada

If you are looking for a fun zone for adults where you can dissipate some pent up energy, the Battle Axe Throwing League is the perfect place to go. Axe throwing is not only fun and adventurous, but it also a great stress reliever. Because of that, this is the perfect place for busy, stressed out mommas to go and blow off some steam. Most importantly, this playground is, of course, due to safety, an indoor play area for adults only.

18) Origins Parkour, Vancouver, Canada

Adult Playground

If you are looking for something more than just an adult play place, the Origins Parkour area in Vancouver is the place to go. Rather than being just as every other playground for adults is, this indoor jungle gym for adults is all about parkour. Parkour, otherwise known as street running, is very popular in Vancouver. This adult jungle gym was made solely for the benefits of adults, no teens allowed! Imagine an adult playground and park solely for adults fun? Your kids might not like you too much after you tell them about the fun you had here! 

There is no need for adults to be left out of all of the fun when it comes to playgrounds and parks. Adults take on a lot of stress through life, so they need public and adult playgrounds near them. Next time you think, “What is a playground for adults near me?”, think about this article. There are so many amazing and fun adult parks across the United States and worldwide that you can enjoy, so it is time to start letting go and having some fun!

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