20 Most Beautiful Places in Spain

Everyone wants to travel to faraway destinations and these 20 most beautiful places in Spain must be towards the top of a travel bucket list.  Not only are these the most beautiful places in Spain, they are considered some of the most breathtaking areas of the world.  

20 Most Beautiful Places in Spain

1) Segovia

One of the most beautiful cities in Spain happens to be Segovia and it is the best choice if you want to be close to the touristy Madrid, yet far enough away to experience tranquility throughout your stay.  The Aqueduct should be at the top of your list of attractions to see, as this 2nd century piece of Roman architecture shares quite the history. 


While you are exploring the area where the Aqueduct is located, you will be thrilled to know that there are numerous places to grab a bite to eat or a drink.  Other things to see and explore when in this fabulous city include the Alcázar, La Casa de los Picos, the Mirador de la Pradera de San Marcos, and the Cathedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. 

2) Granada

Granada may not be considered one of the prettiest cities in Spain, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit there at least once during your lifetime.  You must check out the gypsy area, Sacromonte, as it is there that the locals live in caves that were carved into the side of the hills many years ago.


The views from Sacromonte are only beat by those that you will see from the Plaza San Nicolás.  This city is known for the tapas that the restaurants serve, so if you do nothing else, please make sure you eat as you explore these city streets and nearby attractions.  

3) Toledo

Culture is everywhere in Toledo, due in part to the influences from the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim locals, and you will find some culture and history everywhere that you go during your visit. 


The Old Town area cannot be missed in Toledo and you will wander around the narrow streets filled with cobblestones, as they lead you from one plaza to the next. Darkness brings out a new side of this city, so make sure you venture out after the sun sets to discover the bars and clubs that will welcome you with open arms.  

4) Córdoba

Córdoba is considered one of the most fascinating cities in the entire country of Spain, although that does mean that you will want to spend more time there than planned.  The Mosque-Cathedral will have you wondering how this city has managed to become so wonderful from being under two different religious groups, but it happened, and this attraction is proof. 


An abundance of nature will be waiting for you when you arrive at Palacio de Viana and you will want to spend a good amount of time there as you wander through the thirteen gardens and patios.  The Old Town in this city also deserves your attention and it is recommended that you wander through the streets looking for the private patios and courtyards that are as enchanting as any garden you have seen before.  

5) Villena

Another beautiful Spanish city is Villena and while there is not much to do there, you will still find plenty to fill your days.  You should begin at the Castle of la Atalaya, which was constructed back in the 11th century by the Moors. 

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

After some time at St. James Church and the Municipal Palace, you must see the Treasure of Villena.  This treasure is considered the largest Bronze Age treasure to be found anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula.  You will see all fifty-nine items within this treasure at the Archaeological Museum.  

6) Alicante

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain can be found in Alicante and you can sink your toes in the sand at any of them for more than three hundred days each year, thanks to the abundance of sunshine. 

Santa Bárbara, Alicante

When you’re not sitting under the gorgeous sun on the beaches, you may want to visit Santa Bárbara Castle or the Santa Cruz neighborhood. A stroll along Rambla de Méndez Núñez is a must, as is a trip to Tabarca Island.  Only thirty people live on that island and no cars are allowed, so it is an excellent place to experience peace and quiet.  

7) Mallorca Islands

There are dozens of different areas that you can visit on Mallorca Islands, but you would be wise to stick to Palma if you only have a couple days to explore.  This capital city offers culture and history, as well as a plethora of delectable food options that will have you eating more often than not.

Most Beautiful Places in Spain

After a few hours on the beach, you can do a little shopping at the boutiques and vintage shops.  Of course, at the end of a long day, you must walk into one of the bars for a few drinks and maybe a little dancing.  

8) Bilbao

It is all about the local culture within Bilbao, so do not expect sandy beaches or thrilling Moorish architecture to be part of your vacation here.  The Guggenheim Museum is an excellent place to start, because it is filled with art treasures by artists that include Jeff Koons, Eduardo Chillida, and Andy Warhol. 


La Ribera Market is the place to shop for food but plan your day accordingly since there is at least ten thousand square meters of space for you to explore. Before you leave Bilbao, take some time to learn more about Basque culture, whether it is through music, dance, or pintxos, which are similar to tapas. 

9) Zaragoza

Zaragoza is a small city, which means you can walk to almost everywhere that you want to see.  One of your first stops should be the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Pillar, although you may make a few stops to admire the street art on your way there. 


There are also multiple unique statues all over this city, so you never know what you will discover just around a corner!  

10) Girona

One of the 20 most beautiful places in Spain is Girona and you will fall in love with it rather quickly.  While you can make almost every discovery that you need to in just one day, it is possible to spend a few days soaking up everything that you can.  This city is home to one of the most preserved Jewish Quarters on the continent, and you will want to take your time as you wander down the narrow cobblestone streets. 


You may or may not have gone to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but while in Girona, you can definitely cross the Eiffel Bridge. This bridge was also constructed by Gustav Eiffel and it allows people to cross over the Onyar River.  While the views are gorgeous from that bridge, you can see even more amazing views from the top of the medieval walls.  

11) Besalu

Besalu is one of the more historic cities within Spain, yet many travelers have never even heard of it!  You must be different from every other traveler and take a chance by visiting Besalu for your next vacation.  This non-touristy city offers delectable cuisine at reasonable prices, as well as works of art in random places. 

Romanesque Bridge, Besalu

Seriously, look up and discover chairs that seem to be randomly placed on buildings. You will be amazed! Of course, you must also take the time to see the 12th century Romanesque Bridge and at least on of the Jewish Baths.  

12) Santillana del Mar

There is something magical about Santillana del Mar and you will find that your days will be full during your time there.  Whether you choose to see the animals at the Zoologico Y Parque Cuaternario de Santillana del Mar or the Zoo de Santillana,

Santillana del Mar

or you choose to stop at the multiple museums, you will enjoy every minute of your visit.  One of the more unique options though is strolling along Calle de Santo Domingo, as it has all the shops and cafes that you need for shopping and dining.  

13) Mijas Pueblo

Mijas Pueblo is not touristy, but as you wander around, you will discover that numerous expats have chosen to move to this part of the country.  The streets are lined with cobblestones, but they wind around in hopes that you will get lost as you keep walking.

Mijas Pueblo

Don’t worry, you won’t lose your way, but after a while, one wrought-iron balcony will look quite similar to all the others!  Take a moment to climb up to the top of the old walls to see the Sierra de Mijas just outside this city.  

14) Deia

Deia is one of the prettiest cities in Spain, and it can be found on the island of Majorca.  As soon as you arrive, you will instantly have your breath taken away by the views of the Tramuntana Mountains.  Once your eyes leave the mountains, you will begin to notice the olive and orange trees that seem to cover the entire hillside. 


Hiking is the most popular sport within this city, due to the numerous trails that are scattered about. The Dry Stone Route, or GR 221 Stage 3A, is the most popular trail and it will take you all the way from Deia to Valldemossa.  

15) Puerto Soller

The gorgeous Puerto Soller is not too far from Deia, but you may find that this Spanish city offers a little more charm.  Your mornings and afternoons will be spent within the Plaza Constitucion, because there are quaint cafes scattered about there. 

Tramuntana Mountains, Puerto Soller

The vintage scenic tram will take you around this city and it is the perfect way to see the sights in a short amount of time. Of course, if you do not want to sit still, or you want to see things up close, then you should hike the trails of the Tramuntana Mountains.  

16) Valladolid

The city of Valladolid is stunning and one of the first things you should do when you are there is check out the National Sculpture Museum.  From the moment you step up towards the front door, until the time you go to leave, you will find yourself looking at intricate details everywhere from the building to the artwork itself. 


Valladolid is not a beach city, but you will find some sand to stretch out on near the Pisuerga River. One of the last things you should do when in this beautiful city in Spain is visit the Casa Museo de Colón.  This museum is in the spot where Christopher Columbus died back in 1506, which also happens to be where his grandson, Diego Columbus, lived. You will see quite a bit on the four floors of the museum, but don’t forget to pay your respects at the tomb outside.  

17) Seville

Exploring the hidden treasures throughout Barrio Santa Cruz will quickly become your favorite part of your time in Seville.  This used to be the Jewish Quarter, and while the streets look like a maze, you will learn your way around them easily.


Amongst all the history within Seville, you will find a few modern touches, especially at the Metropol Parasol.  When you get to this monument, you should see the Roman ruins below before venturing up to the top to see panoramic views of the entire city.  

18) Almería

Almería is very dry, which may be surprising to you at first, since you won’t expect it to look and feel like a desert.  However, it is recommended that you embrace all that and enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds you during your visit.  The Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park is an excellent place to start, as it offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. 

Cabo De Gata Landscape Almeria

This city is also where you will see the areas that were used to film some thrilling Wild West movies, and a few of those destinations were turned into Wild West theme parks.  As you enjoy the theme parks, you can easily feel yourself being transported back in time to when the movies were being made.  

19) Valencia

Valencia offers the most beautiful beaches in Spain and you may be amazed by the sheer amount of golden sand that you can walk along.  When you are not relaxing on the sand underneath the shining sun, you will probably be wandering through Old Town.


This area is known for being home to La Lonja de la Sesa, as well as the Cathedral, plus a few not as familiar sights.  As you wander along the streets, you will find that you want to duck into the quaint cafes that you see, but only after stopping to look at multiple pieces of street art.  

20) San Sebastian

San Sebastian is not a city that has been well-known to travelers, until recently, so you may be surprised at how much you can do there during your visit.  The beaches in San Sebastian are always crowded, so arrive early to claim your piece of sand, or skip the beach altogether one day and go explore the city streets instead. 

San Sebastian

There is always a festival taking place in this city, so if you plan your stay right, you will have the chance to party with many of the locals. Make sure you eat and then eat some more when you are in San Sebastian, because the pintxos are fabulous!  

These are the 20 most beautiful places in Spain, and you may notice that some of them are not as touristy as cities like Barcelona or Madrid.  While those two cities are gorgeous in their own way, these twenty cities in Spain offer a unique perspective on a stunning country that has so much to offer.  Step out of your comfort zone a little and try one of these destinations for your next vacation.  

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