21 Best Beaches in Texas 2020

You might not think about looking for the best beaches in Texas, after all, most people don’t think about beaches and Texas in one sentence. The state of Texas is known for its extremely hot summers and abundance of sunshine. Those two things could be why the beaches are such “hot” spots throughout the year! While there are quite a few beaches in this fabulous state, only twenty-one of them rank the best of the best! So, if you have always wondered where the nicest beach in Texas is…this post should help you out quite a bit! You’ll find the best family beaches in Texas, as well the general best beaches in Texas on our list.

21 Best Beaches in Texas

1. Boca Chica Beach

One of the best Texas beaches is Boca Chica and you will find this beach over on South Padre Island. While this is a nice beach in Texas, it doesn’t get as crowded as some of the others.

Boca Chica Beach- Best Beaches in Texas
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This also may be a state park beach, but you must be prepared to have no facilities available to you when you are visiting. You may not notice though, because you will be too busy snorkeling, swimming, and kiteboarding to miss anything else. This is also one of the best family beaches in Texas and is also one of the best beaches in South Texas.

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2. Whitecap Beach

Looking for a top beach in Texas and not sure where to go? Whitecap Beach is a nice beach in Texas that you will find up on North Padre Island. This beach could be considered long at one and a half miles, but it is very narrow. Therefore, you may have a difficult time choosing the perfect spot near the water amongst the other people. This is an amazing Texas beach for families though, because there is not a lot going on and you can start a small fire if the sun goes down and you get chilly. The most action you will see throughout the day is the surfers out in the water. If you want to surf during your visit, you must go to this beach during the months of April through August, because that is when the waves are the best. This is also one the best gulf beaches of Mexico Texas beaches.

3. Surfside Beach

This nice beach in Texas can be found about an hour away from Houston. There is more than four miles of sandy shoreline for you to explore when you are there. While you can do this via a nice long walk, most people choose to climb on the back of a horse for a little horseback riding.

Surfside Beach- Best Beaches in Texas
Credits: Mike Cole, Flickr CC BY 2.0

Picnic lunches and dinners can be enjoyed at Stahlman Park. You must check for signs before swimming at this beach, because there are times where the water quality is not as good as it should be. So, if you are looking for Houston beaches and not sure where to go, just about an hour away will get you to Surfside beach.

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4. Padre Island National Seashore Beach

Looking for more Texas beaches and needing to find one of the best beaches? Ever asked what is the cleanest beach in Texas or what is the clearest water beach in Texas and not quite sure which of the top Texas beaches to go with? Padre Island beach might be what you’re looking for. This long stretch of sand separates the Gulf of Mexico from the saltiest lagoon in the world, Laguna Madre. While you can spend days in the water and on the sand, you may want to take one of the ranger-led tours or simply wander along the Grasslands Nature Trail. There are so many prairies, sand dunes, and tidal flats to see and explore, so do not be surprised if you do not see them all during your visit.

5. San Jose Island Beach

You must take a ferry from Port Aransas over to the beach on San Jose Island, but when you arrive, you will be greeted with more than twenty miles of sand. You must stay on the beach during your stay, because the rest of this island is private property.

San Jose Island Beach- Best Beaches in Texas

This may seem boring to you at first, but once you start to discover one unique seashell after another, as well as incredible bird species, you will forget that you are limited to the sandy areas. This is a great beach near Texas and answers your question of is there is a beach in Texas!

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6. South Packery Channel Beach

This beach is also called the South Packery Jetty Beach, so do not be confused if you hear both names during your time in the beaches in Texas. You will find this beach between Padre Island and Mustang Island. This is a wonderful beach for families, because it is quiet and less crowded. While you can swim and snorkel in the water, you may find yourself spending more time honing your sandcastle making skills. This is one of the beaches in Texas that you should put on your list of cleanest beaches in Texas or at least a nice beach in Texas to take the family to.

7. Mustang Island Beach

This island is near Port Aransas and the entire island is eighteen miles long. However, only five miles of that is a sandy beach that you will love spending time on. The name of this island comes from the wild mustang horses that used to roam freely on the island.

Mustang Island Beach- Best Beaches in Texas
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Surfers arrive at this island for the waves, but you will also love swimming and kayaking there. We recommend taking the time to walk around the sand dunes, because you never know what types of birds you will see nesting nearby. This is one of the pretty beaches in Texas and a Texas beach you should visit while in Texas and not just beaches it’s cute, but also because it is a white sand beach in Texas!

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8. Port Aransas Beach

We think it’s cute that people always ask – is there a beach in Texas – as they head out to Texas for a vacation. Like we mentioned earlier, Texas is not necessarily known for beaches until you find out there are so many nice beaches in Texas. Port Aransas is considered a best beach town Texas and you will find the town and beach of the same name over on Mustang Island. While this sandy beach is not that crowded during the months of October through May, the sand is packed from June through September. When you are not out in the water, you can hike through the dunes or play beach volleyball. While you may want to avoid the crowds, you should still try to plan your visit for when the Sand Fest is taking place. This sandcastle competition is a massive festival that everyone loves and to make it more fun, this beach is on the Texas Gulf Coast.

9. Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach is considered the cleanest beach in Texas and is even designated as the first Blue Wave Beach in the state. This beach is shaped like a crescent and there is a three-quarter mile walking path that you will love. Kids all love the numerous playgrounds, while adults love hanging out on the pier as they catch some fish.

Rockport Beach- Best Beaches in Texas
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

There is so much to do at this beach in Texas, but the main activities include jet skiing, water skiing, and beach volleyball. So when you wonder – what is the cleanest beach in Texas – and also wonder about a decent beach in Texas to visit, Rockport beach should give you all you need out of a beach vacation. It is also considered a Texas Gulf Coast beach or a Gulf of Mexico Texas beach – either way, we think it’s a great family beach in Texas.

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10. Galveston Island East Beach

One of the pretty beaches in Texas is Galveston Island East Beach. However, it is also designated as the best beach Galveston Texas. There is always something going on at this beach during the months of June, July, and August, as well as almost any other month of the year. This beach can get crowded during the summer months, but you won’t want to let that stop you from visiting. Instead, simply check out the festival and events schedule and then plan your beach vacation for a time when your favorite events are taking place. The sandcastle competition is usually the most popular, so you will want to book your stay well in advance if you want to visit this beach during that timeframe. This Texas beach is one of the pretty beaches in Texas and can easily be one of the top beaches in Texas. We recommend it for someone looking for the best beaches in South Texas or someone who wants to find out more about Houston beaches since it’s a short drive away from Houston.

11. Lighthouse Beach

Looking for peaceful beach in Texas with abundant nature? Lighthouse Beach is over in Port Lavaca and you will love being able to swim in Lavaca Bay. The Formosa Wetlands Walkway is an excellent place to take a stroll, especially if you love watching birds in their natural habitat.

Lighthouse Beach- Best Beaches in Texas

There is also a boardwalk you can walk on, but you may need to wait, as it was recently still undergoing repairs from Hurricane Harvey. This is one of the nicest beaches in Texas and once construction is completed, it will even be much nicer. We rank it as one of the top family beaches in Texas for those looking for a popular beach in Texas. We also think you should consider this if you’re looking for a Texas beach destination for a getaway.

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12. Matagorda Bay Nature Park Beach

Does Texas have beaches? Or even better, is there such a thing as Houston beaches and where can you find them? That is commonly asked and while you already know that there are several beaches in Texas, there are some beaches you almost want to show off when someone asks – is there a beach in Texas or are there Houston beaches that you can visit. Matagorda Bay Nature Park Beach. While this is mostly a nature park, there is also two miles of pristine beach to walk along. Before you sit back to relax on this stretch of sand, you may want to consider wandering through all the sand dunes or going on a horseback ride to see the views. This is also the best beach in Texas if you want to include a little camping with your beachfront adventures, because there is a campground there for you to enjoy. If you are looking for Texas beach vacations and looking for the top beaches in Texas, be sure to consider this nature park.

13. Seawall Urban Park Beach

This incredible beach is another of the best beaches Galveston Texas, because it can be found on Galveston Island. This beach easily ranks on a list of top 10 beaches in Texas as well as great beaches in Texas. There are ten miles of sand and while some of it is crowded and noisy, the rest is quiet and serene.

Seawall Urban Park Beach
Credits: Colin Knowles, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

You should take the time to check out the beach bars, as well as the restaurants. However, you may find yourself spending most of your time at the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, which has an amusement park. It is one of the best family beaches in Texas.

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14. Crystal Beach

Have you ever asked, what is the most beautiful beach in Texas, or what is the prettiest beach in Texas? Well, we like to think that Crystal Beach comes pretty close to being a winner. Even if it doesn’t win, it’s on our list of the most amazing beaches in Texas certainly. Crystal Beach is directly on the Bolivar Peninsula and it is very secluded. In fact, you can only reach this beach via a ferry from Galveston, so there are usually a lot less people on the sand. There are more than one hundred different species of birds at this beach throughout the year, so you never know what you will see as you are walking around or swimming in the water. This is also an excellent place to find hermit crabs, so brush up on your hermit crab seeking skills prior to your visit. So, if you are looking for a secluded beach in Texas or a Tx beach for family, Crystal Beach should make your list.

15. IB Magee Beach

This beach can be found on the northern end of Mustang Island and it is part of the Nueces Country Park. The best spot on this beach is the Horace Caldwell Pier. The pier is more than one thousand feet long and it goes out really far into the Gulf of Mexico. When you are not walking the pier, you can venture along the long stretch of sandy shoreline that seems to go on forever.

IB Magee Beach - Best Beaches in Texas
Credits: Nueces County Coastal Parks

This is one of the other best beaches in Texas that you can camp at. There are seventy-five campsites in all, but you can also camp directly on the beach in a tent if you wish. So if you want the perfect and best beach vacation in Texas and want to spend it on one of the Texas Gulf beaches, this is where you want to head to.

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16. McGee Beach

You will find McGee Beach in Corpus Christi and it is not too far from downtown. This is one of the cleanest beaches in Texas and the gentle waves are perfect for swimming. There is also a jetty at this beach, which you can use to do a little fishing. When you are in the area and looking for – beaches near me Texas – McGee beach is one of the popular beaches in Texas that should meet your need for a top Texas beach.

17. Stewart Beach

Stewart Beach is another Galveston, Texas beach and it is one where you can take your furry friends with you for a little fun.

Stewart Beach - Best Beaches in Texas
Credits: Stewart Beach

This beach offers chair and umbrella rentals, so you will have a place to sit comfortably as you watch the multiple beach volleyball games that take place each day. This is a nice Texas beach for some quiet time and considered a Houston beach if you’re looking for Texas beaches near Houston.

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18. Magnolia Beach

There are nice beaches in Texas and there are beautiful beaches in Texas. What you want is a nice and beautiful beach in Texas, and Magnolia Beach is one that should make your list. You will find Magnolia Beach over in the town of the same name, near Lavaca Bay. This is one of the smaller beaches in Texas, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the nicest beaches in the state. This is an excellent beach for crabbing and shelling, but make sure you venture down to the pier if you want to do some fishing. The covered picnic shelters are perfect when you want to eat something, plus they provide shade from the sweltering sun. This is one of the good beaches in Texas to visit.

19. Malaquite Beach

One of the best beaches in North Padre Island, Texas is Malaquite Beach, because it hardly ever has a lot of people on it. Plus, with sixty miles of super soft sand, you can wander around for hours and still have amazing water views.


The visitor center is the perfect place to learn the history of the area, as well as what you need to know about the wildlife. Add in the hours you can spend windsurfing and kayaking and you will want to add a few extra days to your beach stay. This beach is also one of the best family beaches in Texas and certainly one of the top 10 beaches in Texas.

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20. Porretto Beach

What is the prettiest beach in Texas, you might ask. We think most of the Texas beaches are pretty and have a hard time deciding what the prettiest beach in Texas is. However, we do know what Porretto Beach is one of the top Texas beaches where you can get a little extra attention throughout your stay. You can easily go parasailing at this beach, but jet skiing is also an option if that is more your style. You won’t need to go far to grab a drink either, because beverage service is offered on this stretch of sand.

21. Sea Rim State Park Beach

Sea Rim State Park Beach is over in Port Arthur and you will love the five miles of sandy shoreline. The Gambusia Nature Trail will lead you out over the water on the boardwalk, but you can see the water from a kayak if you wish.


The best part about this beach in Texas is that you can camp right there on the sand. And even more fun is that it is one of the white sand beaches in Texas. Talk about a great Texas beach vacation.

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These are the twenty-one best beaches in Texas, and you will love spending time at all of them! However, you will need to start with one, so simply choose the nice beach in Texas that fits your needs or is in the area you would love to visit. Then you can work your way around to all the other top Texas beaches during future trips to the state!

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