30 Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)

Planning a vacation in Vancouver will involve determining what to see in Vancouver, BC. You may find yourself asking the question, “What is there to do in Vancouver?” or “What to see in Vancouver, Canada?”. Thankfully, there are many things to do in Vancouver, so you can easily create a list of what to do in Vancouver, Canada. However, as you are creating that list of what to do in Vancouver, BC, you must make sure you are prepared to see the top things to do in Vancouver, BC, as well as a few of the cool things to do in Vancouver.

30 Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)

1. Visit Stanley Park

Stanley Park
Credits Wikimedia Commons

One of the must-sees in Vancouver is Stanley Park and it must be on your Vancouver to do list. This one-thousand-acre park is where you will find so many of the popular attractions in this city. We recommend walking along the Seawall when you are there. You may want to walk the entire thing, but that can be tricky since it is twenty miles long. However, you can do different sections over multiple days to get it all in.

2. Check Out the Capilano Suspension Bridge

If you are looking for the top 10 things to do in Vancouver, checking out the Capilano Suspension Bridge is on that list. This is a must do in Vancouver, because it is the oldest attraction within the entire city. This bridge was constructed back in 1889. It is four hundred fifty feet long and two hundred thirty feet high. The views of the sparkling river below are incredible, so try not to chicken out before you can make the climb.

3. Visit the Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium
Credits Wikimedia Commons

One of the best places to visit in Vancouver for families is the Vancouver Aquarium. More than fifty thousand creatures live at this aquarium, so it is perfect if you want to spend a lot of time up close with marine life. There are plenty of interactive exhibits, so no one in your family will be bored. If you have a little extra time available, we recommend doing the behind the scenes tour. This will allow you to be even more knowledgeable by the time you leave.

4. Spend Time at the Vancouver Lookout

At the top of the list of the top ten things to do in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the Vancouver Lookout. You will find this lookout on the 55th floor of the Harbour Centre building. An elevator will take you directly to the observation deck. When you reach the lookout, you will be rewarded with three hundred sixty-degree views of the entire city and the surrounding area.

5. Relax at Spanish Banks Beach

Spanish Banks beach- Best Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)
Credits: Josh Stuart, Flickr CC BY 2.0

One of the best places to go in Vancouver is Spanish Banks Beach. You will find this beach approximately five miles from the downtown area. It is one of the quieter beaches and it is never very crowded. When you are not swimming, you can try to perfect your skimboarding methods or join a beach volleyball game. The water is far from the beach during low tide, so you will want to keep that in mind and plan your visit accordingly.

6. Spend an Hour at the Museum of Anthropology

Spending an hour at the Museum of Anthropology might not be one of the best things to do in Vancouver for small children. But older kids should be able to handle a short amount of time and will learn quite a bit in the process. The exhibits are filled with items from Europe and the Native Americans. It is easy to tour this museum on your own, but the guided tours provide more information and make it slightly less boring.

7. Have an Adventure at Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain
Credits Wikimedia Commons

When you are looking for what to do Vancouver, Grouse Mountain will stand out amongst all the other options. This Vancouver BC must-see is filled with adventures year-round. During the nicer months of the year, you can tackle the two-mile-long Grouse Grind. There are two thousand eight hundred thirty stairs along this trail, so you might want to prepare a little in advance of your visit. The winter months bring snow and that means skiing and snowboarding are the activities of the day on this mountain.

8. Explore the VanDusen Botanical Garden

A relaxing Vancouver activity is exploring the VanDusen Botanical Garden. This garden area is comprised of fifty-five acres. There are multiple sections that include a hedge maze, stone garden, and the Laburnum Walk. Plants and flowers can usually be found in bloom all year long, but the timing of your visit will determine which ones will be blooming when you are there.

9. Wander Around Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park
Credits Wikimedia Commons

There are so many wonderful places to see in Vancouver, Canada. While many people put Stanley Park at the top of their list, Queen Elizabeth Park is always a close second. This park is comprised of one hundred thirty acres. The arboretum, rose garden, and quarry garden are all fascinating. But it will be the exotic birds inside the conservatory that will really capture your attention the most.

10. Shop the Pacific Arts Market

The Pacific Arts Market is a gallery that is almost twenty-five hundred square feet. There are at least forty artists that sell their artwork, as well as jewelry and crafts, inside. This is an excellent place to find unique souvenirs. The artists rotate regularly, so it is always possible to find something new. If you love taking gifts home to friends, you must add this market to your list of things to do in Vancouver, BC.

11. Check Out Granville Island

Granville Island- Best Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)
Credits: Jason Pier in DC, Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

Despite the sound of the name, Granville Island is not an island. It is a neighborhood that is filled with old factories that have now been repurposed into galleries, restaurants, and so much more. You can spend an entire day wandering around this place to go in Vancouver. We recommend spending most of your time at the Granville Island Public Market, because it is one of the best markets on the continent. The market is an excellent place to grab a bite to eat, especially when it is nice enough to sit outside and eat when you are there.

12. Explore the Museum of Vancouver

A Vancouver must-see is the Museum of Vancouver. This museum opened back in 1894 and it is currently the oldest museum in the city. You will find this museum in Vanier Park. The sixty-five thousand items inside this museum cover the early 1900s all the way through the end of the 70s. There is also a planetarium inside this museum, so you may want to add a couple hours to your visit to experience outer space too.

13. Go Whale Watching

Whale Watching- Best Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)

One of the fun things to do in Vancouver is whale watching. Time out on the water in a boat will allow you the opportunity to see marine life that includes dolphins, seals, humpback whales, orcas, and so much more. While you can see these creatures from the shoreline on occasion, nothing is better than having them close to the boat when you are out on the water.

14. Go Shopping at the Richmond Night Market

The Richmond Night Market is only open on the weekends and during the holidays from the months of May through October. Therefore, you must plan your visit to Vancouver accordingly if you want to go shopping there. You can grab some of the local cuisine, as you listen to live music and watch the entertainment. Don’t forget to purchase those souvenirs to take back home to friends and family when you are at this night market.

15. Unwind at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden- Best Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)
Credits: Rebecca Bollwitt, Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

This beautiful Chinese garden was the very first one that was constructed somewhere other than China. There is a fee to enter the garden area, but it is worth it for the tranquil oasis you will discover on the inside. If you have a little extra time available, you must add this garden to your list of things to do in Vancouver.

16. Wander Around Gastown

Are you looking for fun things to do in Vancouver, Canada? If you answered yes, you must venture over to Gastown to wander around! This trendy neighborhood will have you spending hours in galleries and shopping until you drop in the boutiques. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and a drink, so you won’t have to starve during your visit. Don’t forget to check out the Gastown Steam Clock when you are there. It is one of the only steam clocks in the world that is still working.

17. Go Swimming at English Bay Beach

English Bay Beach
Credits Wikimedia Commons

One of the best swimming beaches in Vancouver is English Bay Beach. If Vancouver what to do panic strikes on a nice day, simply head over to this beach for some time in the sun, sand, and water. There are also many events held at this beach throughout the year. The most popular is the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim.

18. Watch the Seals at Pam Rocks

Do you love seeing wildlife up close? If you said yes, then we have the spot for you if you want to see seals in Vancouver. You will never wonder what is there to do in Vancouver, Canada, once you realize you can watch the seals over at Pam Rocks. This is one of the things to do Vancouver, whether you have a half hour or an entire day available.

19. Check Out the Multiple Breweries

Brewery - Best Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)

One of the top things to do in Vancouver is tasting all the different beers at the breweries. While you can do a little brewery hopping on your own, it is best to take a brewery tour. The tours will share the stories of each brewery and be your designated driver at the same time.

20. Participate in Water Sports at Jericho Beach

There is a whole list of Vancouver BC activities to choose from during your visit. While you can add all Vancouver activities to your list of things to do, it will be very difficult to check them all off in the time you have available. Therefore, we recommend only choosing those things to do in Vancouver, Canada that interest you the most. Water sports at Jericho Beach are some of the most popular activities in this city, because they allow you to be in the water and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

21. Visit the Nitobe Memorial Garden

Nitobe Memorial Garden- Best Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Koi pond, flowing streams, stunning waterfalls, and stone lanterns can be seen in this gorgeous garden all year long. However, if this is on your list of things to do in Vancouver, BC you must know what is in bloom at certain times of the year. The fall season brings the maples, while it is all about the cherry blossoms in the spring and irises in the summer. We recommend visiting the teahouse for a cup of tea and a few new traditions too.

22. Experience the Eye of the Wind

The Eye of the Wind can be found over on Nancy Greene Way, which is on the Peak of Vancouver. The glass viewing area at the top of the wind turbine is a fabulous place to see panoramic views of the entire city. This is a must-do in Vancouver, BC, especially if you have time left in your schedule.

23. Check Out the Bloedel Floral Conservatory

Bloedel Floral Conservatory- Best Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Tropical birds and plants are everywhere at the Bloedel Floral Conservatory. This attraction is one of the where to do in Vancouver when you want to see the best of Vancouver. The conservatory opened in 1966 and many events are held there throughout the year.

24. Go Walking at False Creek

There are so many Vancouver things to do at False Creek, but walking along the waterfront walks are the best of them all. There are three different walks to choose from and they are South, North, and Olympic Village. If you do not feel like walking, you may want to consider kayaking along the creek instead.

25. Visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum

Vancouver Maritime Museum - Best Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This Maritime Museum was opened back in 1959 to share the nautical history of the area. You can’t do any Vancouver sightseeing and not have this museum on your list of things to do in Vancouver, BC. You will see two major vessels at this maritime museum, and they are the RV Ben Franklin and the St. Roch.

26. Take a Vancouver Heritage Foundation Tour

There are plenty of historical things to see in Vancouver, BC. While you can attempt to see all these places on your own, it is better to see them during a Vancouver Heritage Foundation Tour. There are numerous tours to choose from, so you can easily pick the ones that intrigue you the most.

27. Go Shopping on Robson Street

Robson Street - Best Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Shopping until you drop is possible over on Robson Street. This is one of the fun things to do in Vancouver, BC. The list of Vancouver what to see in this area is quite extensive. There are at least one hundred fifty shops, as well as restaurants, cafés, and bars. You can easily spend a day or two wandering around finding things to in Vancouver.

28. Take a Foodie Tour of Vancouver

One of the best things to do in Vancouver, BC is eating your way around the city! There are a couple different foodie tours available, but it will be difficult to choose just one. Therefore, you should be prepared to do them all during your visit.

29. Visit the UBC Botanical Garden

UBC Botanical Garden - Best Things to Do in Vancouver (BC, Canada)
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This botanical garden was founded back in 1916 and it is considered one of the best things to see in Vancouver. The one hundred ten acres is filled with eight thousand plus types of plants. The entire garden is divided into sections and you will love wandering around each one.

30. Visit Science World

You will find this must-see Vancouver attraction down near False Creek. There are dozens of interactive exhibits inside Science World, as well as multiple permanent displays. You will find that there are many different programs held here throughout the year, so it is best to check the schedule as you are planning your trip.

These are thirty things to do in Vancouver (BC, Canada). The actual list of Vancouver, BC things to do is much longer, but this will give you an idea of how to start completing your itinerary. We recommend adding the must-see things to do in Vancouver first and then filling in the available times with other things that interest you in the city.

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