5 Best things to do in Manila, Philippines with kids

The Philippines is a very important tourist destination near Southeast Asia. Located just off the coast of Southeast Asia and bordering the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines are one of the hottest travel destinations in the entire region.

The country is today a major hub of shipping, trade and commerce. In addition to this, it has also recently emerged as an important tourism destination in the pacific region. With numerous islands, thick jungles, stunning peaks and a rich history going back centuries, The Philippines is a country like no other in the entire world. And there are so many hidden things to do in Manilla!

If you happen to be visiting The Philippines with family and kids, you’ll be in for an exciting adventure like no other. Here are five best things to do in Manila with your kids.

1.) Learn History in Ayala Museum

 The Ayala Museum is located in Makati, and is a well-known place of Philippine art, culture, ethnology and archaeology.

With six main permanent exhibitions, the museum is an excellent place to learn about the history of The Philippines.

Ayala Museum

Among the many attractions at the museum, one of the most important happens to be that of gold items by pre-colonial civilizations, porcelain, embroidered clothing, etc.

Simply put, it is one of the best places to learn about the culture of the Philippines, and know more about its people.

2.) Check out the Manila Baywalk

The Manila Baywalk is a promenade on Manila Bay, and is one of the most important recreational facilities in the city.

Manila Baywalk

It offers visitors with an excellent view of the surrounding waters and the distant sunset, as well as the skyline of Manila city. It is especially crowded during the evenings and on holidays, when it is frequented by families and tourists seeking rest and relaxation.

3.) Explore History in Rizal Park

The Rizal Park is a famous tourist attraction located in the southern region of Intramuros, one of the oldest areas in The Philippines.

Rizal Park

It is an important part of Philippine history, as this was the place where the first formal declaration of independence in The Philippines was first declared here. In addition to this, the place is also well known as a place of rest and relaxation among the locals.

4.) Enjoy the Beauty of Malacañang Palace

Also called the ‘Presidential palace’, the Malacanang Palace is a famous landmark in the history of Manila.

Malacañang Palace

Built in 1750 for the nobleman Don Luis Rocha, it was soon converted to an important building for political purposes. It is today one of the main seats for the Philippine government, as well as an excellent example of colonial architecture in the country.

5.) Have Fun in Star City Theme Park

The star city theme park is one of the most important theme parks in Manila.

The park is frequented by locals as well as tourists, and is well known for rides ranging from a Ferris wheel to a roller coaster.

They are a great way to get away from the stress of everyday life and spend time with friends and family in the area. One of the most important can be found near Manila’s famous yacht club.

Star City Theme Park

Do note that these are but some of the many wonderful attractions that can be found in and around the city. The above-mentioned list of places is but a sample of the many amazing attractions that the city of Manila has to offer locals and visitors alike. And you can imagine the Philippines is on our list of top Asian countries to visit this year!

As a whole, the Philippines are one of the most unique countries in the entire region and an excellent destination for travel and tourism.

So if you happen to be searching for a great place to vacation in with your kids, the Philippines is a great pick to go for.

This article is part of our popular series, Place To Go With Kids!

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  1. The Phlippines is blessed with such a beautiful land and amazingly warm people. I always love coming back to the Philippines every year.


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