7 Unique Things To Do And See In Tuvalu 

You must be wondering: Where is the island of Tuvalu located? How is Tuvalu pronounced? Or what is the currency in Tuvalu? What is the official language of Tuvalu? Or even better, how do I get to Tuvalu? Is there a flight to Tuvalu? So, before you plan your vacation to Tuvalu, let’s answer some of these questions! 

When it comes to isolated pacific travel destinations, there is no place like Tuvalu. Situated quite literally in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific, Tuvalu is steadily emerging as a popular tropical destination in this part of the world. It is considered an island nation but has 9 islands with tons of atolls and reef islands. It is somewhere midway between Australia and Hawaii. Due to its past history with the British, the official language in Tuvalu is English and Tuvaluan language. Tuvalu has an international airport, Funafuti International Airport which is where you will land if you decide to go to Tuvalu but you can only get here by flying from Fiji or from Kiribati a few times a week; so, this is not an easy place to get to. The official currency of Tuvalu is the Australian Dollar but with a slight variation. 

Even though Tuvalu is small and is on our list of one of the smallest countries in the world, it is rich in natural treasures and cultural heritage, so there is a lot to keep you busy when you visit. Tuvalu is pronounced almost the way it’s spelled but you’re best asking a local to help you out when you’re in town. 

So, if you’re off to Tuvalu with or without kids, here are seven most unique things to check out!

1) Visit the Funafuti Atoll

The islands of Tuvalu are made up of numerous islands, of which, the most important would undoubtedly be Funafuti. In addition to being one of the largest islands in the chain, it also happens to be home to the capital city of Vaiaku, of one of the largest lagoons in the region. 

Funafuti Atoll
Credits: Wikipedia

As a bonus, the beaches of Funafuti are some of the most pristine and stunning in the Pacific. It’s worth a visit. 

2) Play a Game of Kilikiti

The islands of the Pacific were home to several Christian missions a long time ago so the religion is still in this area. Along with Christianity, the missionaries also brought the game of cricket. 

The locals incorporated cricket into their culture, and turned it into an interesting game called Kilikiti. Kilikiti is essentially a game of cricket with with some localized variations and modifications. So make sure to enjoy a wonderful game of kilikiti with the locals at least once. 

3) Check out the World War Plane Wreckages

The regions around Tuvalu experienced intense combat during World War II, particularly between the Japanese and English. The legacy of this conflict can be seen even today on land and underwater. 

Plane Wreckages

Due to this history, the region has several wreckages of planes, ships and even military bunkers scattered around and this make an interesting historical expedition for a history buff. 

The best places to check out these ruins are Nanumea and Motulalo as well as Tepuka islet which has a military bunker. If you’re really into it, you can see some of the submerged wreckages by going scuba diving! 

4) Explore the Funafuti Conservation Area

The Funafuti Conservation area is a vast protected marine ecosystem spanning about six islets. The waters in and around the region are home to a wide variety of colorful fishes, coral reefs, sea turtles and more. This is a well-known snorkeling and diving site, and is one place you must check out if you’re interested in experiencing the underwater treasures of the Pacific. 

5) Visit the Philatelic Bureau of Tuvalu

The Philatelic Bureau of Tuvalu is one of the best stamp museums in the entire Pacific. It is known to house some of the rarest stamps of the region and beyond, and is a popular tourist attraction in Tuvalu. 

Philatelic Bureau of Tuvalu
Credits: Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau

In addition to checking out the stamps, the Philatelic Bureau of Tuvalu also gives you the option to buy a stamp souvenir as well. 

6) Scuba Dive in Nanumanga

There are several stunning scuba diving spots in Tuvalu and one of the best-known is a place called Nanumanga. Nanumang became famous after it was discovered that the atoll housed underwater caves, home to human settlements a long time ago. These caves are called the Fire Caves due to the evidence of fire use back then, and is regarded as one of the most remote historical locations in the Pacific. 

The Fire Caves are accessible only by scuba diving and is an excellent spot to study human history, as well as see amazing coral reefs, tropical fishes and more. 

7) Relax on the Sandy White Beaches

White Sand Beach

The beaches of Tuvalu offer some of the most pristine and sandy stretches in all of the pacific.  Make some time to relax and watch the sunrise or sunset in one of the most remote destination in the world.

There is a lot more that the island of Tuvalu has to offer and a vacation to Tuvalu should be on your bucketlist.  

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