7 Ways to Travel Better with Your Kids as a Single Mom

Single moms need to do double duty most of the time, because they are often attempting to be both mom and dad.  While they work very hard raising their kids, they work even harder at their jobs to ensure that they have enough money to pay the bills and give their kids everything that they need.  Most single moms will also find ways to save up enough money to take their kids on adventures of a lifetime, as they know how important travel is when it comes to learning and becoming a responsible and respectful adult.

Here are 7 ways to travel better with your kids as a single mom:

1. Consider Your Transportation

As a single mom, your time is almost as precious as the money that you have readily available for travel.  However, you must consider which type of transportation is going to be best for every trip that you take, even if the best option costs the most.

Road trips

Please keep in mind that road trips are sometimes long and stressful, so you may be better off hopping onto a plane with the kids, so you can reach your destination faster and happier.  If your destination is not too far away from home though, you are probably better off loading up the car and driving there.

2. Pack Carefully

Kids often need lots of gear, but when you are the only adult and it is time to travel, you do not want to overpack.  It is recommended that you try to fit everything that you will need into one suitcase, so that you can easily juggle that and the kids and carry-on bag during your trip.


If you are doing a road trip, you can pack a little bit more, but keep in mind that you will be the one lugging it into the hotel room.  When you do reach your destination, you may want to consider asking for help to get your luggage where you need it to be, as it may be worth giving a tip to ensure that you aren’t juggling it all, along with the kids, all the way to your room.

3. Consider Your Accommodations

Certain hotels are more child-friendly than others, so you may want to do your research with these accommodation booking tips and only consider ones that have everything that your kids need and want.  Everyone will love a swimming pool and you and the kids will be thrilled if there are activities that they can do during some downtime.

Kids’ club

You may also want to consider staying at a hotel that has a kids’ club or in-house babysitting, so you can get a much-needed break and some time alone.  If you are traveling out of the country, you may want to consider one of the all-inclusive resorts, as they have plenty of things for kids to do and moms can find a few things for themselves to stay busy.  Think about the beach, the spa, or simply indulging in a quick meal without interruptions.  Plus, most kids’ activities are included in the price that you pay, so you won’t go over your budget.

4. Take Plenty of Snacks

Kids get hungry quite often and sometimes their moods reflect the fact that they need something to eat.  Unless you want to spend time stopping a million times, you will want to take plenty of snacks with you.  Please make sure that you have a large variety of options, as you never know what the go-to snack of the day will be for each day that you are gone.


A few excellent options include dried fruit, pretzels, Goldfish crackers, small packages of cookies, granola bars, dry cereal, and whole fruit.  Once you reach your destination, you can stock up and purchase a few other things that you may not have been able to take with you or those items that you have already run out of.

5. Take a Favorite Blanket or Toy

Younger kids need to have their favorite blanket or toy with them 24/7, so do not forget to pack it for your trip.  I recommend packing a couple of their favorite blankets or toys, because you never know when one might get lost and your child’s whole world will come crashing down!


You do not want to experience meltdowns like that on your vacation, so please take the necessary precautions ahead of time!  These items will especially come in handy when you need to calm your child down quickly and when it is time for them to go to bed.

6. Create a Schedule for Each Day

As a single mom, you are used to doing it all, but that doesn’t mean that you need to when you are traveling alone with your little ones!  Create a schedule for each day of your trip, so you know where you want to go each day, when you have some downtime available, and where you have time to fill up.

Travel Better with Your Kids as a Single Mom

You should also schedule naps and meals into this schedule, because things can get a little crazy when you are on vacation.  I know that you will not forget to eat, but you may consider skipping naptime altogether one day, until you look at your schedule and see that you have plenty of time for it.  Oh, and don’t do more than consider skipping naptime, because you will all need that little siesta to get you through the rest of the day and help you manage jetlag if any, when you return home.

7. Bring Activities and Even Entertainment Options

There will be many times, whether in the airport, on the plane, in the car, on the train, or in the hotel room, that your kids are going to be bored or need something to do.  It is those times that you will want to pull out your bag of magic tricks and give them your seemingly endless supply of coloring books and crayons, activity books, travel games, cards, books to read, and a few small toys.

Coloring books

You may want to take these items out a few at a time, so that you always have something new to give to them.  As a single mom, you should also consider taking a tablet with you so your kids can watch a movie or favorite television show.  This will ensure that they are occupied, while you get the time that you need for yourself.  While they can watch something as you are going to and from your destination, this is also a great option for a little bit before bedtime, as it is a little treat after a long day.

Just because you are a single mom, you do not need to forgo traveling to any destination in the world.  Instead, you should embrace this time with your kids and enjoy every moment that you have with them as you travel the world together.

Take the time to keep the seven things mentioned above in mind, so that you can easily plan and execute an amazing vacation with your kids.  You may be a single mom, but you can still show them that nothing is out of their reach or yours.  Plus, you will be letting them see that even though something is difficult for you, you are perfectly capable of stepping out of your comfort zone and doing it anyway!

So, continue being that role model to your kids.  They need to see that everything is possible and that they too can do anything that they set their mind to!

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