9 Best Scenic Drives In The USA

Taking a Sunday drive used to be a thing of the past, but it can actually make for some amazing Sunday getaways. Regardless of what day it is, if you’re looking to take a drive to find some stunning scenery, you’ve got plenty of options. There are a number of amazing roads to drive in the USA. If you’re interested in a scenic drive then consider taking a drive on any one of these scenic roads.

1. Pacific Coast Highway 1, California

California’s beautiful Pacific Coast Highway 1 runs almost the entire length of the Pacific Coast. Often called the PCH, Highway 1 offers some of the best scenic views in America. Along this route, you will find stunning beaches that dot the coastlines and wildflower covered mountains.

Pacific Coast Highway 1, California

Taking this drive north will lead you through the iconic Big Sur region as well as the Golden Gate Bridge. To the south, the PCH runs right through the heart of the famous celebrity city of Malibu. When driving through Malibu you can see the numerous beautiful homes the sit along the beaches and on the hills. You might even see the filming of movies, which is done quite often along various sections of the PCH.

2. Highway 101, Oregon

The highway 101 which starts in Los Angeles, California and ends up in Oregon is truly a visual treat. The Oregon coastline offers some of the most stunning views of coastline in America.

Highway 101, Oregon- Best Scenic Drives In The USA

The winding roads that wrap the coastline create a beautiful backdrop as huge ocean waves crashing violently against the rocks. Along your drive, you can stop by a number of locations that were used in movies. Some of the movies filmed along this drive include Goonies, Kindergarten Cop, and Seal Rock just to name a few.

3. Highway 12, Southern Utah

Highway 12 in Southern Utah is a drive with spectacular views of red mountains and massive mesas. The Highway will take you past many picturesque spots in Utah. Places like the Bryce Canyon National Park, with its pink cliffs and vistas with no end in sight, is just one example.

Highway 12, Southern Utah- Best Scenic Drives In The USA

A portion of Highway 12 that runs between towns Escalante and Boulder has been carved onto a narrow perch. The perch has a steep drop down on both sides of this section which offers motorists breath-taking views of the surrounding area.

4. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

Located in the mid-Atlantic region is the Blue Ridge Parkway that sits along the top spine of the Appalachian Mountains. This beautiful drive leads you through the area of the Shenandoah National Park.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

A highlight of this scenic drive comes in the fall as the leaves of the trees begin to change colors. The rainbow of colors in the trees makes it one of the best and most scenic drives in the U.S. If you need to stretch your legs, the area also offers plenty of beautiful hiking and backpacking trails as well.

5. Overseas Highway, Florida

Ditch the boat and instead take your car island hopping as you drive the Overseas Highway 1 bridges island to island. This stunning stretch of road will take you from Miami south through the Florida Keys. Along route 1 you’ll see tropical islands as well as the largest coral reef in the United States.

Overseas Highway, Florida

You’ll see lots of amazing scenery as you travel the down the 113-miles long highway. You’ll drive from tropical island to tropical island over bridges, one of which is nearly seven miles long. Aside from the beautiful islands that you’ll see, there are other attractions at the highways southernmost tip.

6. Route 89A, Arizona

Route 89A will take you from Prescott to Flagstaff, Arizona straight through the heart of the red rock country.

Route 89A, Arizona - Best Scenic Drives In The USA

You will get to experience Sedona, Arizona, which is considered by many to be one of the most spectacular and scenic areas in the southwest of the U.S. With towering red rock formations and massive buttes, Sedona sits in an area surrounded by red canyon walls. A drive along here will certainly provide you with tons of picturesque locations.

7. Route 1, Alaska

Alaska’s Route 1 runs from Homer to Anchorage, Alaska and lies near the Canadian border. There are some sections along the route that are just jaw-dropping beautiful depending on the time of the year. Taking a drive around the areas of Portage and Glenallen can yield spectacular views as well.

Route 1, Alaska - Best Scenic Drives In The USA

The areas feature massive glaciers and monstrous snow-capped mountains that transcend from the heavens down to the sea. With a slight detour, you can make your way up to Denali State Park, which has the highest mountain peak in all of North America, sitting at over 20k feet above sea level.

8. Historic Columbia River Highway, Oregon

Running just east of Portland, you can take a drive along the Historic Columbia River Highway for magnificent views of waterfalls.

Historic Columbia River Highway, Oregon

This narrow road sits surrounded by thick lush green foliage and trees covered in moss, creating a beautiful forest for the backdrop to your drive. Waterfalls, one after another line the road as you drive through this very lush and green area. As you pass through, you can visit the most popular of the waterfalls, Multnomah Falls, as it’s always worth a stop to enjoy the view.

9. Hana Highway, Hawaii

You can take an amazing drive in Hawaii along the Hana Highway for some amazing photo opportunities. Cruising on the Hana Highway will offer you views of beautiful ocean vistas, cascades, and rain forests.

Hana Highway, Hawaii - Best Scenic Drives In The USA

There are numerous spots to stop and take in the scenery along the 52-mile long stretch of road. Also, don’t expect to just whisk through the area as the highway is full of hairpin turns and twists along the way. You can expect to have an average speed of around 30 mph when taking this highway, due to the curves and not wanting to miss a sight.

From the east to west coasts there are a number of amazing roads that you can drive for amazing views. Whether you want to see mountains or you’re interested in beautiful coastlines, there are roads to drive in America that will literally take your breath away by its sheer beauty. So next time when you are looking to go for a drive or take a trip, consider taking one of these amazing drives to your destination for an amazingly scenic journey.

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