A Family Vacation to the British Virgin Islands

We’re in the time of year that is making it more pleasant to spend more time outside, especially for breaks. However, some places around the world have a harder time catching up to spring, so it leaves us with the choice of booking a vacation in another area that provides constant sunshine and high temperatures.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to go to with your family that has great weather on a regular basis, then we recommend stopping by the British Virgin Islands. The attractions in this territory allow for your gang to explore the area and come into contact with beautiful wildlife. Here is what you should do on a family vacation to the British Virgin Islands, one of the safest Caribbean countries to visit this year.

1. The Baths

The most popular tourist spots around the world are known for at least one attraction, and in the case of the British Virgin Islands, that is the Baths. This area is full of rocks that create formations that allow for great scenery, and some of them make for reliable spots for diving into water that is clear as day.

Baths - Family Vacation to the British Virgin Islands

Some of the formations include caves that work as places for breaks from the sun and checking out small animals and formations inside. The sandy boulders and granite stones come in several colors and shapes to make for caves and hills that are hard to come by back at home. You might be lucky enough to spot sea turtles, crabs and other friendly aquatic life.

2. Anegada Island

Reefs are among the most beautiful forms of nature that areas near the ocean have to offer. There is no shortage of them at Anegada Island, with the most popular one being Horseshoe Reef, which makes for a great site whether you’re snorkeling in the ocean or taking a helicopter trip and checking it out from the sky.

Anegada Island - Family Vacation to the British Virgin Islands

This island is also a great spot for just a walk in the sand or having the kids take their kites and run with them along the beach. There are several services for taking a boat out on the water and going fishing while enjoying lunch. If someone in the group makes a big catch, take a picture with the prize and send it back home to friends.

3. Gorda Peak National Park

The Virgin Islands are also a great place for hiking and biking, which should come in handy in case your family wants to take a break from the ocean. In this case, we recommend spending a day at Gorda Peak National Park, which is full of trails for your family to get a workout in and enjoy views of the other islands from the top of mountains.

Gorda Peak - Family Vacation to the British Virgin Islands

The mountains are full of pineapple trees, spiny cacti forests, dry woods and montane rainforests so that your kids have a different environment to explore throughout the visit. This park is also home to hummingbirds and waxy orchids that come in different colors, and they are usually friendly enough to get close to.

4. Brewers Bay

Some beaches in the islands are better used for when your kids want to have more fun while you and your spouse work on your tan. One example is Brewers Bay, which is a popular snorkeling spot so that you can explore below the water and see if there are any stingrays, dolphins and different forms of fish in the area.

Brewers Bay - Family Vacation to the British Virgin Islands
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The water in the area is clear enough to spot areas and creatures from a far distance. The waves can also get big enough with the right wind for the kids to work on their surfing tricks, which should be a nice training experience for when they get older and tackle bigger waves. Sporting equipment rentals are in the area for kayaking, paddle boarding and other activities.

5. Smuggler’s Cove

The Virgin Islands serve as an environment for your kids to reenact their favorite scenes from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. With a visit to Smuggler’s Cove, you and your family will get to find their inner explorers by checking out Smuggler’s Cove, which is full of ruins from old ships in a private area.

Smuggler’s Cove - Family Vacation to the British Virgin Islands

The seclusion of the site from the populated areas makes it more intriguing and allows visitors to feel like they are walking in the past of the island, and the palm trees and sea vine patches add to the feeling. This is also a great spot for snorkeling, and there’s a slim chance of spotting treasure while you’re under water.

6. Rhone National Marine Park

Another park that you’ll want to take your family to is Rhone National Marine Park, which has more to explore under the ocean than on land. In addition to being able to check out reefs and different forms of wildlife, you’ll get to view the remains of the RMS Rhone, one of the most popular shipwrecks in the area.

Turtle- Family Vacation to the British Virgin Islands

While there are ways to check out the shipwreck from the surface, you’ll have to swim 90 feet down to check out the best parts. Some of the most popular creatures in the park include eels, octopi and turtles. You’ll also have guides swim with you so that you find cool spots quickly and have a safe journey.

7. Cane Garden Bay

Your family can end each day of adventure with a visit to Cane Garden Bay, which has more fun activities closer to civilization that are not too far from the beach so that you don’t have to walk too far from the ocean. This spot is easy to get to if you’re already staying on the island of Tortola, which is among the most popular tourist areas on the islands.

Cane Garden Bay - Family Vacation to the British Virgin Islands

There are different restaurants with a variety of dishes so that each family member can have their favorite meal. The Big Banana and the Gazebo are among the many great bars that sit right at the beach if you have the time. Take your dinners with you to seats on the beach so that you can watch the sun set over the ocean.

Put these activities on your to-do list so that your family can have an awesome time in the British Virgin Islands, a place that’s perfect for an all-year vacation and one that merits a place on our list of the best warm winter escape destinations!

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