About Our Founder

Tripelle Mom

Hello, I’m Adaeze, founder and publisher of Tripelle, a leading online magazine + blog for the average wanderlust family with limited time and resources but an extensive bucketlist.

I used to believed I needed weeks off work and tons of money to take a vacation until my husband and I took our nine-month daughter from Washington D.C to Maui, Hawaii for just a weekend many years ago. Crazy? Yes, but we both only had Friday off work and had to work with what we had. Fast forward so many years later and with three children in tow, we recently took a 24-hour trip to Bahamas, again from Washington DC. Yes, still crazy but you get the picture – you can either wait till you get a long week off to travel and perhaps travel once or twice a year, or you can maximize the time you have and I can show you how.

I founded Tripelle as a comprehensive resource for parents who believe the best classroom goes beyond four walls and need tips on how to maximize their time and resources to explore more of the world.