All You Need to Know About Costco Travel

Traveling can be a lot of fun, but the planning process can make you want to run for the hills, which is why you must be well-versed in all you need to know about Costco Travel.  While you may be aware that Costco is a major warehouse retailer that is destined to save you lots of money on food and household goods, you may not be aware that they have travel packages that can turn your vacations into the ones you have been dreaming about for years without spending a small fortune.  

Costco Travel caters exclusively to Costco members who live in the United States and they excel at providing amazing travel deals to those members.  Costco doesn’t hire just anyone to staff their travel department either, which means that you will work with an expert for every single trip that you book through them.  The best part is that when you are given a price for the Costco travel package you want; it includes all the taxes or specific fees that might need to be paid. Therefore, you will never be surprised with a higher price at the end of your transaction.  

Your Costco Travel Membership

It is extremely easy to create a Costco Travel account, as long as you are a Costco member.  All you need to do is enter your Costco membership number and fill out your name, email address, and a password for your new account.  If you are not a Costco member, then you will need to pay for a membership first and then you can set up your travel account and have access to all the good deals that they offer.  

Costco Travel Membership
Credits: Costco Travel

It is important to note that Costco has two different membership levels.  They are the Gold Star Membership and the Executive Membership. The latter is twice the price of the former but may be worthwhile if you do a lot of traveling, because it offers two percent back on all your travels through Costco Travel.  The savings cap at one thousand dollars per year, but that more than makes up for the extra you are paying for the membership.  

Costco Vacation Packages

Costco Travel offers vacation packages all over the world, but the most popular ones include Cancun, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Maui, Orlando, the Riviera Maya, and Las Vegas.  There are dozens of Costco travel packages to choose from, but you can also customize one to fit your exact needs.  These packages include weekend getaways, family friendly fun, all-inclusive resorts, and even amazing packages that cost less than you could ever imagine.  

When you choose to search their packages, you will find that they all include hotel, flights, and even transportation to and from the airport.  You will begin by searching for your destination of choice and then enter all the info about the dates you want to travel, as well as your departure city.  

Your results will be sorted by price and you can filter the results by other features if you like.  

Costco Travel Cruises

Cruises can be an excellent way to see the world without spending a small fortune, because your accommodations, transportation, and food is mostly included within the one low price you pay.  The only things that you will pay more for include excursions, food that is consumed at higher-priced restaurants on the ship, food that you eat while off the ship, and alcohol.  

Costco Travel Cruise Deals
Credits: Costco Travel

While cruises are usually quite affordable, Costco Travel cruises are even more affordable since Costco ensures that they are getting you the best price for the cruise that you want.  You can save even more with Kirkland Signature and Buyer’s Choice exclusive events, as well as those types of amenities.  

You can easily search through all the Costco cruise packages by either destination, travel times, or the cruise line that you prefer.  When the results come up, you can filter the results further or simply look through them all until you find the one that fits your needs the most.  

Save Money on Hotels and Rental Cars with Costco Travel

Sometimes all you need is a hotel room for a night or two, but they can be so expensive if you reserve them through a hotel website, especially if you do it last minute.  Costco Travel makes reserving hotel rooms much easier, and cheaper, and you will always stay with a well-known brand anywhere in the world.  

You don’t even need to travel anywhere to take advantage of Costco Travel’s rental cars, but it is nice to know that you can reserve a rental car for anywhere that you go!  You will always have the lowest price when you choose to rent a vehicle with Costco Travel, and it is so easy to change or cancel your reservation if your plans are different than you thought.  

Costco Theme Park Packages

Many families love going to theme parks, but they can be quite pricey.  Costco has made it possible for you to save money while still having a lot of fun!  There are plenty of Costco theme park packages available, but the Costco Travel Disneyworld packages are the most popular by far.  

Simply choose the theme park and resort that you are interested in and different packages will come up for you to look at.  

Are Costco Travel Deals Really Deals?

Most of the time, the prices that you pay with Costco Travel are going to be the lowest that you can find anywhere.  However, you must be aware that Costco does not offer flights on some of the lower-cost carriers like JetBlue. Therefore, there are times when you may be able to find a lower priced flight.  

Costco Travel Deals
Credits: Costco Travel

The best part is that Costco Travel makes the planning process so easy, since you do not need to search multiple sites before finding the best deal.  So, even if you could potentially find a lower priced flight on occasion, the time that you spend searching for that flight might not be worth the money you are saving in the long term.  

When it comes to Costco cruises, you may not save as much money as you could on other Costco vacation packages, but you can get a few extras that are not included on other websites.  

Executive Member Rewards

As mentioned above, there is a Costco Executive 2% travel reward for all Executive Members.  The reward is applied after you have completed any travel that you book through Costco Travel.  There are certain exclusions of what you cannot earn rewards on and a few of them include rental car equipment, baggage fees, activities, tours, and resort charges.  

Costco Citi Card Travel Benefits

While being an Executive Member has its perks of those two percent rewards, a Costco Citi Card will offer you even more savings.  When you pay for your trip with this card, you can earn an additional three percent cash back. This is on top of the two percent back that Executive Members receive, for a total of five percent in savings!

This card offers even more benefits including four percent back on gas, three percent on restaurants, hotels, and rental cars, and no foreign transaction fees.  

There are so many things that you need to know about Costco Travel, and it can be easy to get it all confused when you are learning how to save the most on future travel.  However, this handy guide will show you how Costco Travel deals can save you time and money for all your vacations now and in the future.  

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