14 Best Alabama Beaches in 2020

Are you wondering if there are truly top beaches in Alabama and if so, what are those best beaches in Alabama? You are not alone!

Alabama is a wonderful vacation destination, especially if you take the time to visit one of the white sandy beaches there. You can choose to stay in one of the best beach towns Alabama or you can choose an area that is close to one of the other best Alabama beaches. No matter what you decide to do during your amazing vacation, you can have a fantastic time at the many beaches in Alabama.

14 Best Alabama Beaches

1. Fairhope Beach

You will find Fairhope Beach in the city of Fairhope, Alabama. This best beach in Alabama offers everything from swimming and snorkeling to speed boating, so your hours there will be full of fun and excitement.

Fairhope Beach - Best Beaches in Alabama

While you will want to spend lots of time on this spectacular beach, you should also take the time to explore the art and culture that this Alabama city is famous for. Just make sure you are back down at the beach when the sun begins to set, because it is the best place to see it in the entire state.

2. West Island Public Beach

West Island Public Beach is located on the western side of Dauphin Island. While this is a good beach option, you must be aware of the fact it isn’t one of the dog friendly beaches in Alabama. However, there are quite a few facilities and a laidback vibe you will love. There is even a waterslide that everyone in your family will enjoy zooming down multiple times during your visit.

3. Dauphin Island Park and Beach

This Mobile, Alabama beach is another beach on Dauphin Island. This beach happens to be one of the pet friendly beaches in Alabama, so feel free to take your furry friends with you for the day.

Dauphin Island Park and Beach - Best Beaches in Alabama
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This Alabama beach is open all year long and you can choose to camp within the park as well. When you are not in the sand and the water, you may want to consider venturing over to Fort Gaines to do a little exploring.

4. Cotton Bayou Beach

One of the best white sand beaches in Alabama is Cotton Bayou Beach and it is the one you will want to choose if you are looking for a picture-perfect holiday. The picturesque views will draw you in, but the amenities and public facilities will keep you there for hours or days. There are quite a few restaurants and shops near this Alabama beach, so you can easily grab those things you forgot or get out of the sun for a while. This is one of the top beaches in Alabama.

5. Gulf Shores Main Public Beach

The Gulf Shores Main Public Beach can be found in one of the best beach towns in Alabama. The town of Gulf Shores is known for all the different activities it offers to visitors like yourself. While you can spend time at any of the many beaches within this beach town, the main public beach is your best option.

Gulf Shores Main Public Beach - Best Beaches in Alabama
Credits: faungg’s photos, Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

When you are not in the water or playing a rousing game of beach volleyball, you can peruse the shops or grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant. The nightlife in this part of the state is incredible, so your fun won’t need to end once the sun goes down. This is one of the most famous beaches in Alabama.

6. West Beach

West Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Alabama. This beach goes from the Fort Morgan peninsula all the way over to Mobile Bay. West Beach is one of the Mobile Bay Alabama beaches that is not directly on the bay, because it is separated by the Little Lagoon Lake. The best time to visit this beach is from the months of May through October, but the beach is open all year long. You must take the time to walk along the trails around the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge to see the local wildlife. However, if you are too tired to walk, you can always grab some dinner at one of the restaurants on the shoreline.

7. Fort Morgan Beach

Fort Morgan Beach is directly on the Fort Morgan Peninsula, right next to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. It Is not easy to reach this beach and there are only two access points you can use if you are not staying at one of the nearby hotels. There are not any facilities available on this beach, so you must plan ahead of your visit.

Fort Morgan Beach
Credits: Melissa Johnson, Flickr CC BY 2.0

However, the natural beauty will make you quickly forget all the pre-planning that was necessary for a few hours in this gorgeous space. While this is a nice beach in Alabama, I do recommend staying at one of the beach hotels there if you want to spend a lot of time on this sandy shoreline. This is one of the nice beaches in Alabama you do want to add to your list of top beaches to visit in Alabama.

8. Florida Point Beach

Florida Point Beach is one of the Alabama Florida beaches that is actually located in the town of Orange Beach, Alabama. This beach is also known as the Alabama Point East Public Beach, so do not get confused if you hear it referred to by different names during your visit. This white sandy Alabama beach can be found just three miles from the Perdido Pass Bridge and it is one of the most popular beaches in the state. As you are sitting on the sand, you can easily watch the boats out on the Gulf of Mexico and within Perdido Bay. You can find a little seclusion if you walk amongst the sand dunes. You must walk also along the boardwalks to see this beach from a different vantage point.

9. Gulf State Park Beach

When you are wondering what beaches are in Alabama, you should think about Gulf State Park Beaches. There is a two-mile-long beach at the Gulf State Park, and it is where you want to go if you are looking for tons of activities. The natural sand dunes will add a little extra visual appeal to your photos, but you might not get as many pictures as you want since you will be too busy surf fishing.

Gulf State Park Beach - Best Beaches in Alabama
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

When you are tired of all the water, or simply need a change of scenery, I recommend walking along the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail to see the native wildlife. You can also head over to the Gulf Adventure Centre to do a little ziplining, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

10. Romar Beach

Romar Beach can be found in one of the best beach towns in Alabama and that town is Orange Beach. This is also one of the beaches in Alabama Gulf Coast. You must be aware that there are no public facilities at this beach, so you must plan your trip and time there carefully. This is one of the popular beaches in Alabama.

11. Orange Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Alabama is Orange Beach and it should be at the top of your list for your Alabama vacation. Families love this eight-mile long beach covered in white sand.

Orange Beach - Best Beaches in Alabama
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The most popular activities to do at this beach include fishing, sailing, diving, flyboarding, and taking one of the many sunset dolphin cruises. The Adventure Island Amusement Park and Arcade is next to this Alabama beach and it is the perfect place to hang out with family and friends.

12. Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge Beach

Yes, there is actually a beach within this wildlife refuge, so you can enjoy the water and sand in between wildlife sightings. This is not a pet friendly beach in Alabama and there are no facilities for you to use. However, the water is refreshing, and you are always allowed to take a little swim during your visit. If you are looking for a top tourist attraction in Alabama, consider this spot.

13. Lake Guntersville Beach

Lake Guntersville Beach is located in Guntersville, Alabama and it is a man-made beach. The sand on this beach in Alabama is not as soft as the sand you may be used to, and there are pebbles and stones in the water, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun and enjoying yourself during your visit.

Lake Guntersville Beach
Credits: Marshall County CVB, Flickr CC BY 2.0

There is also a campground at this beach, so feel free to add a little camping to your vacation! This is also a popular beach in Alabama.

14. Lake Lurleen State Park Beach

This Alabama beach can be found within Lake Lurleen State Park in Coker, Alabama. This beach is directly on the lake and you will find your days filled with swimming, fishing, boating, and hiking. There are playgrounds for when the kids are tired of the water and the picnic areas are perfect for those meals minus the sand. There is also a campground at this state park, so you can easily campout and visit this beach every single day. This is one of the best beaches in Alabama to keep on your list of best beaches to visit in Alabama.

These are the best beaches in Alabama, and you will love your time on these white sand beaches in Alabama. As you are planning your vacation on the beaches in Alabama Gulf Coast, you will want to check out the amenities at all the beaches you are considering, as well as whether or not they are dog friendly beaches in Alabama if you are traveling with pets. While I recommend visiting the famous beaches in Alabama, any of the beaches in Alabama will allow you to have fun in the sun!

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