Best Attractions to Check Out in Chicago

Cities are able to provide a variety of ways to have fun that you can’t find in the suburbs or the outdoors. If you’re looking for a major metropolitan area to check out on your next break, then you should see what Chicago, Illinois has to offer, as this city has a variety of attractions to visit that are a blast throughout the year. And it is on our list of best vacation spots in the USA!

The options on the list below are great fits for tourists looking for huge skyscrapers with amazing views, stadiums with history about the biggest sports in the United States, and areas that serve as a good place to rest and looking at unique structures. Here are the best attractions to check out if you’re ever in Chicago.

1. Explore Wrigley Field

Sports fans and buffs, specifically those with a strong love of baseball, should reserve an afternoon to explore the entirety of Wrigley Field. The second oldest baseball park under Major League Baseball, right after Boston’s Fenway Park, this spot provides great views of the arena no matter how close you are to the field.

Wrigley Field

Tours are available so that you can learn about all of the baseball players who made names for themselves in Chicago, as well as the records set by the Chicago Bears. If you’re not stopping by for a game, then we advise touring through the stadium during the spring or summer so that you can enjoy some nice weather.

2. Visit Magnificent Mile

Shopping and getting a hold of souvenirs to take home and remember the trip by is a major part of any vacation. When it comes to the Windy City, the best place to go to for this activity is the Magnificent Mile, which is full of stores of different varieties that help tourists leave the commercial district with at least one item.

Magnificent Mile

We advise saving a great deal for a trip to the Magnificent Mile, as chances that you’ll end up venturing into one shop right after leaving another are very high. When you’re not checking out what clothes and items to purchase in Macy’s and Lord & Taylor, you can dine at different restaurants and reserve a stay at the Hilton, Four Seasons or other luxury hotels in the area.

3. Tour the Museum of Science and Industry

Vacations provides opportunities for education that may not be available in the classroom. Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, for example, gives guests a chance to learn about the advancements we’ve made in biology, artificial intelligence, geology, archeology and other fields that brought the United States to where it is today.

Museum of Science and Industry

Tours through exhibits such as the Coal Mine and U-505 Submarine allow you to see first-hand the process of mining and the only German submarine in the U.S., respectively. The Giant Dome Theater shows fun films that take you on adventures with different forms of wildlife and in cases of the most dangerous natural disasters. The Wanger Family Fab Lab will let your kids create their own unique figures.

4. Stop by Millennium Park

Some locations in cities best serve as areas for you to catch your breath into between tours so that you have the energy needed for the rest of the day. In the case of Chicago, we suggest stopping by Millennium Park, where you can sit on a bench while observing the Cloud Gate, Crown Fountain and other beautiful works of art and architecture.

Millennium Park

This park also includes the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in case there’s a concert in the city that you want to attend. You can also check out Lurie Garden if you want to add photos of plant life to your album, especially if you’re stopping by in the spring and summer.

5. Spend time in Lincoln Park Zoo

Whether you’re traveling to a city with friends, family, or on your own, one of the best places to visit is the zoo because of the animals from around the world you can check out face-to-face. This city is home to the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is home to bears, lions, crocodiles, eagles, tigers, gorillas and other amazing creatures.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Educational programs are available in case you’re visiting with your kids and want them to learn about different animals, their habitats, and how to protect them from extinction. Outdoor yoga sessions are also available if the sun is out and you want to stretch yourself out.

6. See the city from 360 Chicago

The best thing about skyscrapers is the chance to get a beautiful view of the entire city. One of the objectives that you must have on your to-do list when visiting this city is stopping by 360 Chicago, which lets you look out of the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building and down at the city from 1,000 feet in the air.

360 Chicago

This observatory gives you a view of the area that is amazing no matter what time of day you stop by, whether it’s in the afternoon and the streets are busy or in the evening and the sun is setting. The deck also comes with a bar and café so that you can enjoy a drink and lunch/dinner after you take in the view.

7. Visit the Navy Pier

Some of the best places to visit in cities are those that provide entertainment to people of all ages. That’s why we advise stopping by Navy Pier, which provides a carousel, swing-seat ride, ferris wheel and other rides that you can take the whole family on. Adults will find more fun at the Miller Lite Beer Garden, which offers a variety of drinks to try.

Navy Pier

The Chicago Shakespeare Theater has plenty of shows to choose from, and you can go to the movie theater to watch the latest releases while they’re still in theaters. The view of Lake Michigan at the end of the pier is amazing, especially if you stay for the firework shows that are held throughout the year.

Give these attractions a shot so that you can make some memories in Chicago.

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