16 Best Budapest Thermal Baths and Spas

If you need a relaxing and warm thermal bath, and planning a trip to Budapest, then you probably already know that best thermal baths in the world are Budapest thermal baths!

Budapest has long been known as the area for thermal baths and spas, and it actually has earned the nickname of “City of Baths”.  All the thermal baths in Budapest receive their water from more than one hundred hot springs. There are not too many things you must know before venturing into one of these best spas and thermal baths in Budapest, but you should be aware of a couple.  The first is that bathing suits are required at all times. You should also bring flip flops and swim caps are a must before entering the water of most of the pools. It is important to note that anyone under the age of fourteen should not use the hotter thermal pools due to the extreme temperatures. However, regular pools are fine for kids of almost any age.  

16 Best Spas and Thermal Baths in Budapest

1) Széchenyi Spa and Swimming Pool, Budapest 

Széchenyi baths and spa is one of the largest in all of Europe and it contains twenty-one pools inside Budapest’s City Park.  Those twenty-one pools are comprised of health pools, a cooling pool, plunge pools, swimming pools, an adventure pool, a preparation pool, weight bath pool, and a seating pool. There is so much to do at Széchenyi baths and if you’ve never visited a Budapest hot springs, this is a great place to start. It is the most famous thermal bath in Budapest. 

Széchenyi Spa and Swimming Pool

A visit to this spa is about so much more than the pools though. You can participate in a little aqua fitnesss, have a massage or other spa treatment, relax in the sauna, and even have a body analysis performed.  Some areas of this spa can be used by those under the age of fourteen, but most of the baths are only for those over the age of fourteen. There are quite a few indoor baths of varying temperatures and you should plan to spend some time indoors as well. This Budapest Baths, Szechenyi thermal bath, is one of the best bathhouses in Budapest and it is open year-round for your enjoyment.  Don’t forget to take a towel with you but if you don’t have one, the baths have some available for rent near the bathrooms – just remember to have a few euros on you for payment. 

2) Császár Baths, Budapest 

This is a Turkish bath in Budapest, and it has been in the city since the Ottomans constructed it back in the 16th century.  While you will want to spend a lot of time in the large thermal pool, make sure you take some time to relax in the Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy tub, and steam bath.  You should also get a massage during your visit. When you are in the large thermal pool, you will quickly discover that there is some stonework that has been there since this Budapest spa opened so many centuries ago, so take the time to admire it during your visit.  This is one of the best baths in Budapest and you’ll see why as soon as you arrive. 

3) Király Baths, Budapest 

Looking for a unique bath in Budapest and wondering where to go? Many of the Budapest spas and thermal baths are quite grand, but that doesn’t mean they are any better than the ones that are a little less flashy.  This Budapest spa offers a traditional experience without the crowds. This is another Turkish bath in Budapest, and it was constructed back in 1565.

Király Baths
Credits: Király Baths

You will love spending time in the main pool, because it is located under a dome that is filled with skylights. This entire spa was renovated during the 1950s to repair the damage from the war, which is perfect since it allows you to enjoy the steam baths, massage jets, and even the saunas more than you would have prior to the renovations.  

4) Lukács Baths, Budapest

The thermal baths at this Budapest spa are said to use water from thermal springs that date all the way back to the 12th century.  However, this thermal bath Budapest didn’t open until the 1880s, so there is no way to be sure.  Most people visit this Budapest spa in search of treatment for whatever ailment they are currently experiencing.  The Himalayan Salt Wall is popular amongst those with respiratory issues, while the weight bath can treat multiple spinal injuries.  This is the perfect Budapest spa and bath for you if you want to include reflexology sessions and medicinal treatments into your thermal bath experience.  We think it’s one of the best thermal baths in Budapest, and of course , one of the top Budapest mineral baths. 

5) Rudas Baths, Budapest 

It is all about the views and the healing waters at this Budapest thermal bath, but you may also love the fact that you can spend time there until four o’clock in the morning on Friday and Saturday nights. This makes this one of the top baths Budapest has to offer. 

Rudas Baths
Credits: Rudas Baths

After spending time in the pool under the dome, you may want to wander to the rooftop pool upstairs to see the gorgeous views of the Danube. If you do have an ailment, or you just want to drink the healing waters, you will find water from the Attila, Hungaria, and Juventus springs within the main hall.  

6) The Royal Spa at the Corinthia Hotel, Budapest

The Royal Spa was opened to the public back in 1886 and it is considered one of the best spas in Budapest, Hungary.  When you are not in the pool, which measures fifteen meters in length, you can spend your time in the Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, and the relaxation room.  Don’t forget to book a few treatments for during your visit, especially if you are feeling stressed, because the massages are incredible. You’ll be glad you stopped by this Budapest baths, and hopefully, you’re a guest at this fantastic location. 

7) Gellért Baths, Budapest

One of the best baths in Budapest, Hungary is this thermal bath – Gellert Baths – due to the stained-glass windows and mosaic lined floors and walls.  There are indoor and outdoor baths, as well as saunas, treatment rooms, and a carbonic acid bathtub. Gellert Baths Budapest is one bathhouse that should make your list of top baths and spas in Budapest.

Gellért Baths
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The best feature of this Budapest bathhouse though is the smaller thermal baths that couples can book for a little privacy.  During the summer, after enjoying all the thermal baths and spa treatments at this Budapest spa, you should spend a little time out on the terrace, relaxing under the shining sun.  

8) The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, Budapest

When it comes to the spas in Budapest, you can easily discover one every few feet, or so it seems.  However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t venture a little further to find the one that will deliver everything you need and desire.  This amazing Budapest spa can be found at the Four Seasons Hotel and it overlooks the entire city. Basically, even if you are not interested in a treatment or thermal bath, you should check out this incredible spa just for the phenomenal views of Budapest!  Of course, once you are there, you won’t be able to resist the relaxation pool, steam rooms, and the many different treatments that are offered.  We think this is one of the best Budapest baths in winter since you can experience most of the services they offer indoors and away from the winter cold. Of course, you can also visit this spa anytime of the year. 

9) Dandár Bath, Budapest

This Budapest bath was used as a sanitary bath instead of a thermal bath when it was opened back in 1930.  It stayed that way for many years until long after the war. Once reconstruction of the entire building started, changing the use of the baths to thermal baths sort of made sense and it’s been a top Budapest thermal bath ever since. 

Dandár Bath
Credits: Dandár Bath

The baths have an underwater jet massage, which offers a refreshing option to those who need a little extra help relaxing. They offer many different massages at this Budapest bath and spa, as well, including those treatments that are helpful for all medical issues.  

10) Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget, Budapest

You will find this Budapest spa in the middle of the city, in an area that is known as Margaret Island.  Most people call this island the “Spa Island of Budapest”. While there are many different Budapest spas and thermal baths on Margaret Island, one of the best is the Danubius Health Spa Resort.  The water for this resort’s thermal spas come from three different natural springs and that same water is also used in the pools, aroma baths, and even the sauna and steam rooms. Therefore, you are truly receiving the benefits of the natural spring water during a visit to this amazing Budapest spa.  This is one of the famous baths in Budapest to visit. 

11) Palatinus Baths, Budapest

This is another Budapest bath that can be found on Margaret Island, but it has a history many of the other baths do not.  This thermal bath was the first one to let people bathe outside in the country. There are eleven pools, as well as a wave pool and massive water slides. So if you are looking for a public thermal bath in Budapest, this is somewhere to head to. And to make things even more fun, it is one of the top Budapest outdoor baths to visit. 

Palatinus Baths
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The wellness center has only been open for a little over three years now, but its popularity has continued to grow due to the different sauna options. Most people prefer to visit this Budapest bath over all the others during the summer months, because this one has both hot and cold plunge pools.  The cold plunge pool is quite welcome on those hotter days of the year.  

12) Dagály Bath, Budapest

This Budapest bath opened back in 1948, but it was expanded not too many years later to include a larger swimming pool.  In the beginning, the water used for the baths and pools at this Budapest bath was from a well. However, eventually, the natural spring water used for the Széchecnyi Thermal Baths was brought over to this bath as well, turning it into another thermal bath option for the city.  There are now ten pools at this Budapest thermal bath and one of them has a wave machine that makes the waves sound like they are coming off the sea. A visit to this Budapest thermal bath and spa will have you riding along the lazy river, getting a fabulous massage, playing with the kids in the wave pool or on the playground, and even using the water cannon to get others wet.  It is one of the famous Budapest thermal baths in the city. 

13) Római Beach Baths, Budapest

The beaches in this part of Budapest are becoming more popular with the tourists, so it should not be surprising that the thermal baths and spas are growing in popularity in this area as well. 

Római Beach Baths
Credits: Római Beach Baths

This outdoor bathing area only has lukewarm water in the pools, but it is an excellent way to introduce smaller family members to the Budapest thermal baths in a safe way. There is a water slide park too, so you can spend a little time there before relaxing on one of the lounge chairs. We love this Budapest baths for kids and families!  

14) Oázis Wellness Park

This Budapest thermal bath and spa is perfect for families of all sizes.  While the younger kids cannot go into the thermal baths, they can still have fun on the slides, jumping board, and in the Black Hole.  This is probably the most action you will get in a spa and thermal bath in Budapest and you will be tired at the end of the day. This thermal bath house Budapest is open all year round, so you do not need to worry about missing out on the fun due to planning your vacation during the wrong time of the year.  

15) Paskál Bath

If you are interested in visiting the oldest Budapest thermal bath and then want to follow it up with the youngest, you will need to add this one to your list. 

Paskál Bath
Credits: Paskál Bath

Paskál Bath is considered the youngest open-air bath since it wasn’t constructed until 1989. The area surrounding the pools was turned into a park, so you can enjoy fabulous views and some outdoor fun when you are not soaking in a tub.  This is one of the great public Budapest mineral baths in the city. 

16) Pünkösdfürdői Bath, Budapest

This is another open-air Budapest bath, but this one was opened back in 1935.  You will find this amazing thermal bath on the banks of the Danube River. There are only three pools located here, but that makes it perfect for those who do decide to add it to their list of Budapest thermal baths and spas to visit.  Picnic lunches are often enjoyed on the lush grassy area, so you will not go hungry during your stay.  

These are sixteen of the best spas and thermal baths in Budapest, but you will find many more during your visit.  While you may only want to add the best spa in Budapest, or the best bath in Budapest, to your list, it is best to visit a few different ones.  The reason for this is that you will find that the one that many people claim is the best isn’t really the best one for you. In fact, you may discover a favorite that isn’t on this list or anyone else’s list for that matter.  

As you are planning your next vacation, you may want to consider putting Budapest high up on your list.  After all, why wouldn’t you want to spend time in a city that offers so many different ways to rest and relax with soaks in thermal baths and numerous types of spa treatments?!  If you have always wanted to return home well rested after vacation, the spas and thermal baths in Budapest are exactly what you need! So, choose one from this list of the best spas and thermal baths in Budapest to get started with planning a Budapest thermal bath and spa getaway vacation! 

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