Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations 2020

We love the Caribbean islands – with warm temperatures year-round who wouldn’t?

The Caribbean islands have always been a favorite destination for families looking for a year-round warm island getaway. With so many perfect islands scattered on the Caribbean sea, deciding which of these top islands to visit for your next Caribbean vacation with your family can be overwhelming! Even though every one of these islands claims to be the best Caribbean island for families and you probably won’t go wrong if you picked any of them, but not all of them are created equal and hopefully knowing your vacation style and goals will help you decide which of these islands make your bucketlist.

Most, if not all of them, have warm water and beaches, good food, amazing culture, great resorts and accommodations, and great people. But if it came down to choosing just one or a few of these islands to visit, which one would be your next island vacation destination with your family? Which island would you say is the best Caribbean island to visit with your family? What island makes our top list for the best island getaway with your kids?

We think it boils down to what there is to do in each location. Unless you’re visiting just to lie on a beach and enjoy a perfect weather (which is not necessarily bad especially if you have good food, a pool to cool off, and music), you probably would want to do some activities or visit some landmarks when you’re on your holiday or vacation.

Safety is a major issue to consider with every destination and we’ve discussed the 25 Safest Caribbean islands to visit, but we also think safety is something you should consider with every destination you visit always. Once you’ve figured out how safe your destination is, knowing what to do and see there is a very important consideration especially if you’re traveling with adventurous children who live for exploration.

Here’s our list of our favorite best 26 Caribbean Islands and what to do in the island for a family vacation.



The Turks and Caicos encompasses about 40 coral islands stretched along the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the large number of islands it comprises, the Turks and Caicos provides its visitors the chance to see many unique places and go through an array of different experiences. Here are all the unique things you can do while visiting the Turks and Caicos: 

See the Iguanas on Iguana Island

While the local iguanas did become extinct after the island welcomed domestic animals, a few conservation companies worked to bring back these creatures to their natural habitat. That is how Iguana Island came to be, where these friendly green creatures roam around in abundance on this specific island. You can visit and feed them as well as learn about their natural livelihood from a guided ecotour

Visit the Wrecks of The La Famille Express

The La Famille Express is an abandoned Russian cargo ship which was unmoored into the Caribbean Sea from Hurricane Frances before it wrecked on the coasts of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It now stands as a historic landmark where its decaying body is open to be admired by visitors worldwide. 

See the Depths of The Hole

With a rather simple name for how scarily deep it is, the Hole is a sinkhole which lies on the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This particular sinkhole is about 60 feet in depth, but locals trust it as a swimming pool during monsoon season. If you do fall underneath, don’t worry as a small opening stands a few yards away which can help you come out. 

Admire the Carvings in Sapodilla Hill

The Turks and Caicos islands encountered many stranded sailors and shipwreck victims. These people would find solace in etching their names, dates and designs on the chalk rocks in Sapodilla Hill. These etchings are now displayed in the Turks and Caicos Museum in Sapodilla Hill where you’ll also be able to learn who those people were and the history behind their tragedies. 

Take a Conch Cruise

This special cruise offered in the Turks and Caicos Islands lets you snorkel through the barrier reef and dive deep under the water to scour the sand for your own conch. Taking this trip, you can not only learn how to find these sea animals but also be taught the method of cooking your own conch salad. 

Turks and Caicos - Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




The Bahamas lie wedged between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. With more than 700 islands and islets, the Bahamas maintain luxury resorts, beautiful beaches with snorkeling and scuba diving facilities, along with a number of exciting activities. If you’re planning to take your kids out on a holiday to this exotic archipelagic country, here are the things you can do: 


Atlantis in the Bahamas provides an array of kids’ adventures, and therefore it is the perfect place to take your kids to. With gigantic waterslides, fun rapid rides and shallow pools for toddlers, Aquaventure holds all the facilities for your kids to have the best day at a waterpark and for this, it is beloved by children of all ages. You can also buy tickets to other activities in Atlantis Kids’ Adventure, including games, cooking classes, arts and crafts and more. 

Brendal’s Dive Center

Brendal, a professional snorkeling and scuba diver, personally curated a list of water activities which get families a closer look at the many coral reefs and local sea animals through his diving center in Green Turtle Cay. Your kids can also pet and feed friendly sting rays, and if they’re a little older, can join you in a reef snorkeling expedition. 

Marine Habitat 

The Marine Habitat includes about 14 lagoons which all home more than 50,000 marine animals. This special excursion will teach your kids all about the different species of marine life as well as help them encounter the local marine habitat in its most natural form. Afterwards, you can also slide down the Mayan Temple Shark Lagoon or snorkel in the salt waters to personally interact with the life underneath. 

Dolphin Cay

If you’re in the Bahamas or any of the Caribbean islands, you need to take your kids to see the dolphins that roam around the waters. These adorable and friendly creatures will invite you over for a swim with them in the shallow waters of the sea – something your kids will never forget having done. 

Pirates of Nassau 

Make your kids live the experience of being a true pirate in this interactive museum in Nassau. You and your kids can board a life-like pirate ship which includes buccaneers and pirates’ favorite weapons, such as cutlasses. You can also see original artefacts on display taken from the actual pirates which used to roam around the Caribbean Sea. 


Bahamas - Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




The Cayman Islands include three islands which reside along the western end of the Caribbean Sea. Each of the three islands encompasses a plethora of activities, from deep sea fishing to wildlife observation of endangered species and more. With its vibrant backdrop, the Cayman Islands is both a visually appealing and interesting place to adventure. Here are the most unique things you can do while in the Cayman Islands: 

Feed Stingrays in Stingray City

While it might seem alerting, feeding the Atlantic sting rays is a completely exhilarating and riveting experience. Stingray City is the most visited tourist attraction, where you have the ability to personally feed and interact with these specific sea creatures. However, for your own safety, make sure you completely adhere to the guidelines of the instructors there.

Visit the Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial Reef

You can visit the buried ruins of the famous ex-US Navy submarine if you take a scuba diving tour downstream on the Grand Cayman from the coast of Seven Mile Beach. The clear and shallow waters enable you to have perfect visibility and see the submarine in its complete glory, as turtles and eels swim past. You can take this excursion even as a beginner scuba diver. 

Walk Along the Mastic Trail

The Mastic Trail moves with a graveled pathway that leads you into a beautiful mangrove swamp and woodland area. This specific place is the home to tropical and rare flora and fauna, most of which can be seen as you go up through the trail. While you might need to be prepared beforehand with appropriate tools and attire, hiking up this trail will be an experience completely worth your time and effort. 

See the Wrecks of Captain Keith Tibbetts

This Russian frigate was intentionally sunk into the waters of the Cayman Bay for the purposes of building an artificial reef. Captain Keith Tibbetts now lies as a completely unchanged ship with corals and sponges encrusted over its body and fishes and eels coursing around. You can visit this place with different scuba diving companies, but know that your money is well spent when you see this enormous armament sleeping peacefully in its submerged state. 

Dive into the Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto

Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto stands on the southern side of the Seven Mile Beach, where most tourists go on for an exciting swimming experience. You can choose to dive deep into its waters to see the many sea creatures that lurk underneath, from tarpons, silversides to barracuda and more. It’s a place for both advanced and beginner snorkelers to enjoy and relax in. 

Cayman Islands - Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




Located a few kilometres away from the North of Venezuela, Aruba is an island country under the sovereign state of Netherlands in the Caribbean Sea. This small island is known chiefly for the vast number of desert landscapes that it encompasses along its brilliant blue waters and white sandy beaches. However, Aruba also hosts other unique activities which you and your family would enjoy doing if Aruba is on your bucketlist. If you do visit, here are some of the thing you can do while in Aruba:


If you’ve ever found bungee jumping an exhilarating experience, you should definitely try doing the same but while holding your breath as you plummet deep into the sea. Seabobbing is an activity that you can only partake in a few places of the Caribbean, but it is the most enthralling and adrenaline pumping activity you can ever find. You’ll be fastened with an underwater device which will let you dive into the water and propel you back to the surface in a quick few seconds. Make sure you hold your breath tight, though!

Dutch Pancakes

Because it is shelved between the Netherlands and the Caribbean Sea, Aruba holds an infusion of both Caribbean and Dutch culture. Therefore, you will find traces of Dutch influences in many parts of Aruba, but the most rewarding of them is the Dutch pancake. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with it.

Find the Flamingos

Heralded as quite the unanimous creatures, flamingos do tend to be spotted around the island of Aruba despite not being native to the land. Herds of flamingos are easily found in a few adjacent islands to Aruba and these offer the perfect photo opportunity as well as the chance to have a first-hand interaction with them. 

Take a Natural Pool Safari

Aruba’s rugged desert lands are perfect for taking a complete safari tour and then relaxing by the cool sea afterwards. You’ll be taken on a jeep adventure ride across the land which will get your veins pumping for more adventure, for which there remains the option to go snorkelling. Most tour companies will already provide the gear necessary for the snorkelling activity to accompany your safari. 

 See the Aruba Carnival

Caribbean islands maintain annual festivities where they parade on the streets in vibrant costumes. For Aruba, these last for weeks at a time and are most common during the months of February and January. You will be invited to a complete cultural experience complemented with local food, music and dancing. There’s no better way to have fun in your trip than partaking in a parade. 

Visit the Sanctuaries

Aruba homes different tropical and desert animals and insects which can be found in abundance at its many sanctuaries and farms. You can visit the Butterfly Farm or the Ostrich Farm in Aruba to see groups of enormous ostriches and exotic South American butterflies. Or, if you feel adventurous, try taking a tour of the Arikok National Park where you’ll see Aruban rattlesnakes and whiptail lizards frolicking around the corners. 

Aruba - Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




Jamaica is one of the top destination retreats for everyone who’s travelling to the Caribbean Islands. With its reef-lined coasts and vibrant culture, Jamaica offers the chance to relax amidst a natural resort while also having a wonderful time with the locals. There are a number of things you can do in Jamaica, and therefore, visiting the place will require a well-planned itinerary so as to not miss out on its most fantastical parts. Here are the 5 amazing things you can do while in Jamaica. 

Participate in Jamaican Bobsledding

Rainforest Adventures is a specific location in Jamaica which gives you the opportunity to take part in a Jamaican adaptation of bobsledding. After hopping on the chairlift which takes you to a mountaintop, you will be taken through an exciting course down the nature trails of a rainforest. While the ride itself is quite fast, it gives you enough adrenaline to want to jump on the next chairlift for another ride. You can also pay for an entire package in Rainforest Adventures to partake in the other activities they offer. 

Listen to Reggae Music

The birthplace of reggae music, Jamaica bursts with the charming and captivating tunes of reggae beats as locals tend to perform around most street corners and bars. This particular musical composition includes two guitars, drums, congas, keyboards along with a few vocalists, making it quite thrilling to hear. You’ll definitely be tempted to break out in a groovy dance.

Take an ATV Ride Around the Island

Instead of the usual hiking and trekking, you can opt to take on an ATV ride with a preferred company and surmount steep slopes of mountainous terrains.  With trained instructors keeping a steady hand of the speed and ensuring your safety, this activity will be a complete thrill-seekers’ joy. You can also choose to tour around the island with your ATV, and take a break in either the beach or on a mountaintop. 

Take a Rum Tour

Appleton Rum in Jamaica is the most popular tourist attraction due it being the source of the world’s best rum. With over 265 businesses in rum, Appleton Rum makes the finest brew while also offering interested visitors a guided tour of their estate along with samplings of their different cocktails. It’s both an educational as well as delicious experience. 

Go On A Parasailing Adventure

Compared to other Caribbean islands, parasailing is incredibly cheap and exciting in Jamaica. You can soar above one of Jamaica’s best beaches, taking in the sea air and admiring the view from up high. Some of the parasailing companies even sneak in a dip in the sea when pulling you back to land. You won’t get a better view of Jamaica than while flying above it. 

Jamaica - Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean island country which attaches itself with the nations of Hispaniola and Haiti. Notable for its exquisite beaches, luxurious resorts, mystical rainforests and large hilltops, the Dominican Republic has almost every option that you and your family might need for the best Caribbean holiday trip. Here are the 6 things you can do with your family at Dominican Republic: 

Tour the ChocoMuseum

There’s one thing everyone loves and that’s chocolate. Dominican Republic is one of the most influential countries for chocolate production and the ChocoMuseum located in Punta Cana and Santo Domingo is a factory which will take you through a personal tour of the country’s chocolate production process. You can see the entire history of cacao bean cultivation and how chocolate is made from the beans. But, the part that you and yours kids will actually be looking forward to is towards the end when you get the chance to taste several chocolate products. This museum is not only educative but it is also incredibly tasty. 

Go Zip-lining Through the Monkey Jungle

The Monkey Jungle in Dominican Republic is populated with the very creature it is named after. With countless friendly and often mischievous monkeys jumping up and about, you and your family can go about interacting with them and even joining in on their fun through a zip-lining course. This special course on top of the monkey jungle lets you wander the area while moving at full speed over the landscape. Make sure to wave hi to the monkeys you spot on your way!

Visit the Los Haitises National Park

This park is hidden among the mangrove forest of Los Haitises, but it is a complete gem to those who unearth it. Los Haitises National Park boasts a picturesque landscape with its cascading waterfalls and dark caverns while a number of tropical birds flutter above. If you’re travelling as a family, you can either choose to explore one of the caves in the park or take on a water sport activity such as kayaking. 

Go Rafting in Jarabacoa 

Located close to the base of Pico Duarte, Jarabacoa maintains the best water for a rafting trip in the island. If you and your family are ready for a challenging trip, you can hike up Jarabacoa’s mountain until you reach the Yaque del Northe which has an altitude of more than 8000, letting you course down through small canyon walls until you land on a calmer area beside the ocean water. Don’t worry about not having any equipment as all the gears you might require will be provided to your family once you get on top of the mountain. 

Admire the Santo Domingo Aquarium

The Santo Domingo Aquarium lets you walk under a tunnel that encloses an aquarium filled with sharks, exotic fishes and a few sea turtles. You will be completely immersed into the aquatic world which will surround you while your kids can get a full look at the fishes that reside under the waters of the Caribbean Sea. This is an activity that you must take your kids to if they cannot go snorkeling under the Caribbean waters, so as to not let them miss out on the beauty which lies underwater. 

Go on a Safari

Dominican Republic is not only beloved for its beautiful beaches but also for its vibrant forest landscape. You can find different companies offering full safari tours of the jungles that lie deep inside the country, where you and your family will have the opportunity to interact and witness all the wildlife which lurk behind the mix of trees and plants. 

Dominican Republic - Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




With colonial architecture outlining the city-ports of the island, Barbados presents an amazing allotment of beaches, botanical gardens, caves and historical plantation fields. Therefore, whether you require a trip that’s educative or one that is aesthetically appealing, Barbados is there for it. Here are the must-do activities you should take up while in Barbados: 

Swimming with Turtles

Barbados is home to a variety of nesting turtles, while also maintaining the reputation of the second-largest hawksbill turtle breeding concentration in the Caribbean. With clear blue waters, you can easily spot these friendly creatures swimming around and playing and you can even join them if you know your limits. There will always be tour companies who also take you to areas where there is a high density of turtle nests as well as to offshore areas for you to interact and swim along with these adorable animals. 

Visit Harrison’s Cave

Being the most popular tourist attraction in Barbados, Harrison’s Cave has been present since 1795, and has been named after a respected landowner in the 18th century. Now, the place has been a favourite for its tram rides through the trails of cave and its subterranean environment that is covered with stalactites and stalagmites. This, in itself, is a complete rollercoaster ride through nature. 

Do Windsurfing

Along the southern coast of Barbados in the Silver Sands Beach, you’ll find people taking out their surfing boards and heading into the open water with a kite in hand. This is a sport known as windsurfing, which is a rather popular activity done by tourists and locals alike. It is done mostly during the months of November and April due to strong winds and higher waves. 

Visit the Andromeda Botanic Gardens

The Royal Horticultural Society describes this place as one of the most ‘unique and outstanding gardens in the world and it definitely lives up to its name. Brimming with exotic and tropical trees and plants, the Andromeda Botanic Garden presents a diverse and authentic experience of a tropical environment. You can book guided tours for a more detailed description of the varieties of flora and fauna that populates this area. 

Tour in a Submarine

The underwater kingdom beneath Barbados is filled with vibrant coral reefs and exotic marine creatures but if you do not wish to go snorkelling or deep-diving to see it, you can always opt for a submarine tour. The Atlantis Submarine covers the entire land underneath the ocean along the coast of Barbados but only during nighttime as that is when the kingdom comes alive with corals illuminating the landscape. 

Barbados - Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations



Officially considered as a part of the US territory, the Virgin Islands represent a group of Caribbean islands which are located along the eastern side of Puerto Rico and the western side of the British Virgin Islands. These islands are regarded as child-friendly and contains many facilities for parents and their children. Here are the best things you can do with your kids in the US Virgin Islands: 

Visit the Cinnamon Bay Nature Trail 

This trail in the Virgin Islands National Park is rather soothing to hike up to. Because of its easy pathway and smooth track, your kids will not find much difficulty in accompanying you through the nature trail. You and your kids will discover ruins from the plantations which used to exist along the island and find trees laden with delicious fruits. At the end of the trail, you come up to a small beach where you can relax with your family. 

Become a Mermaid in the Mermaid Swim VI 

The owner of Mermaid Swim VI, Crystal, offers you and your kids to turn into mermaids and mermen for the day with her personal swimming lessons in mermaid costumes. While the price might be a bit high, it is an activity that your kids will absolutely love, especially given that they can swim around the shallow waters of the nearest beach where they can also interact with sea creatures while they flap their mermaid tails. 

Explore the St. George Botanical Garden 

With a large expanse of land taking up space for this garden, the St. George Botanical Garden displays a number of different plants and flowers which are both tropical and local to the island. You’ll be immersed into a world of orchids, heliconia, ginger and other blossoming plants and flowers while your kids can also learn from the guided tours that are offered which take you around the garden and teach you about the plants’ ecology. 

See the Marine Life in Coral World Ocean Park 

If your kids aren’t at the appropriate age for a snorkeling excursion, the Coral World Ocean Park will show them off to the different species of aquatic animals which reside beneath the waters of the Caribbean Sea. This observation chamber homes tropical fishes of different kinds while also offering adventures which include swimming with sea lions and turtles as well as meeting sharks. 

Try the Sea Trek Adventure in Coral World Ocean Park 

This ocean park is a haven for kids who wish to try out different water activities but aren’t at the appropriate age to do so. The ‘Sea Trek’ adventure is a specially curated expedition where your kid will be able to walk along an underwater trail while wearing a helmet so as to explore a coral reef. This is the best alternative to scuba diving as it’s the same underwater experience except in relatively safe borders and without the trouble of water. 


US Virgin Islands - Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




The island nation of Saint Lucia includes overhanging mountain tops along volcanic beaches, diving sites, fishing villages, tropical rainforests that secret away mesmerizing waterfalls and nature resorts and gardens. With its authentic Creole culture, the island also offers tourists delicious tropical cuisines and other cultural activities to participate in. Here are the 5 best things you can see and do in Saint Lucia: 

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

The Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens is one attraction that will make your entire trip worthwhile. Covered with local and tropical flora and fauna, with the likes of hibiscus, ixora and heliconia, Diamond Falls lets you rest amidst nature and immerse yourself in another world. Taking a dip in its waterfall is also extremely healthy for your skin due to the water being a mix of rainwater and volcanic minerals which help properly exfoliate and cleanse your body. 

The Pitons

Saint Lucia is famous for its two large mountains that overlook its island, where the larger one is called the Gros Piton and the smaller one, Petit Piton. These two sibling mountains are best for a challenging hiking trip where its steep slopes provide an opportunity for experienced hikers to tackle the rough and uneven rocks which stretch throughout the mountain. However, if you’re not someone who is experienced in hiking, you can also take a nature retreat at the bottom part of the mountains which is filled with green vegetation and different mountainous plants. 

Sulphur Springs Park

While it may seem alarming at first but this particular spot stands close to the proximity of an active volcano, which emits sulfuric steam instead of hot lava. Visitors can easily move past the volcano without having any harm inflicted upon them, as Sulphur Springs Park is promptly noted as one of Caribbean’s only ‘drive-in’ volcano. Here, you can have the activity of dipping into the sulfuric pools of water which has the health benefits of leaving your skin completely smooth and moisturized. 

Castries Market

Being the local favorite flea market, Castries Market includes a large variety of local artefacts, handicrafts, dresses and food. As a tourist, you can also get your hands on some locally produced spices and fresh coconuts while also picking out some handmade souvenirs to take home with. 

Anse Chastanet

Anse Chastanet is one of the best beaches available in St. Lucia for deep diving and snorkeling. Because it is not as populated by tourists and locals as other beaches in St. Lucia, the view from the beach is largely undisturbed while the clean water lets you clearly see the marine life underneath. The best thing is that you don’t even need to go that far to see the water creatures as they all swim quite close to the coastline. 

Saint Lucia - Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




Saint Barthelemy, or St. Barts for short, is an enchanting Caribbean island with its many pristine white beaches, luxury yacht cruises, designer boutique shops and fine dining restaurants. The island itself is rather children-friendly throughout the year, except for at times of peak travel. From snorkeling, watersailing, parasailing and more, your kids will love the array of beachside activities that the island offers, regardless of their age and size. Here are the unique places you can go in St. Barts with your family: 

Shell Beach

Shell Beach in St. Barts is one of the most novel places in almost all of the Caribbean islands. The beach itself is completely covered with shells where your kids can go about and collect a variety of seashells without having to scour through the sand in attempts of finding a good one to keep. While the waves are rather rough in this part of the island, it is still an experience you’ll love sharing with your family if you keep a close watch on your little ones. 

Grand Cul de Sac

With its calm and shallow waters, this beach is the perfect spot for your family to relax and unwind by the coast while your kids go about swimming. You can also take up a snorkeling activity to keep yourselves entertained where this beach offers the unique experience of snorkeling with giant sea turtles swimming right beside you. The beach also maintains nearby stores with snorkeling gear and even companies which offer guided trips so that you can have the full package of activities without being restricted in any way. 

Lorient Beach

This specific beach is one popularly known amongst families due to how peaceful and kid-friendly the environment is. With reef lines shores offering a natural wall of protection for toddlers to swim in and clear waters that let you snorkel, it’s a place for a relaxing day by the water. You can also spot a few exotic fishes swimming up along the shoreline with your kids in this beach. 

Blue Gecko Pottery

Participating in a pottery class with your kids is the best time for both bonding and having a fun moment together as a family. In this specific location in St. Jean, your kids can select from a number of different uncolored potteries before they paint them up according to their own wishes. This is both a creative and entertaining activity where the end result will give you a personally made souvenir to take home with. 

Colombier Beach Trail

St. Bart possesses several nature trails perfect for hiking and trekking. This specific beach trail will lead you through a path that take you directly to the beach which lies lazy under the sun while its blue waters reflect a cool atmosphere. While the trial itself might be hard to overcome, the result is worthwhile. 

Saint Barts - Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations



With 33 beaches, friendly locals and authentic Caribbean cuisines, Anguilla offers you the package experience of being at the heart of the Caribbean islands without facing sprawls of tourists at every corner. The island itself is quite small and homes merely 13,000 inhabitants, but this signifies that your trip will not be ruined with tourist locations and beaches being swarmed with people. Thus, Anguilla provides you with the perfect opportunity to uninterruptedly tour the Caribbean island and have the most amazing time engaging in its different activities. 

Go visit Sandy Island

With a cheap boat ride, you can visit Anguilla’s most treasured islet. Pristine white sand layering beside rows of palm trees and cerulean water – Sandy Island is the best place to take a beach retreat and participate in snorkelling. You can also get local seafood that is freshly cooked from the restaurants that are located on the island’s piers. 

Head over to Ken’s BBQ

Ken’s BBQ is a local favourite, with delectable meals of BBQ chicken, ribs, grilled pork chops and garlic bread being served out during their opening hours from Thursday to Saturday. This might be the only place in Anguilla that will horded with people, but it is all for the best reason. Ken also ensures to provide fresh food as all the produce are from his own farm. So, you’ll be sure to get the best taste out of incredibly cheap rates. 

Visit the Mermaid School

We’ve all probably dreamt of being a mermaid or been curious about their lives. With Anguilla Mermaid school, you can live an entire day learning how to be a mermaid as well as try on your own mermaid tails to live just how a mermaid does. This is, quite literally, a childhood dream come true!

Eat the Anguilla Crayfish

If you’re in Anguilla, you cannot leave without trying their crayfish. This local delicacy will ravish your palates like no other seafood and while they do tend to be sold at pricey rates, the sizes of these are humungous. Most restaurants will have these items on stock, but you might still need to check beforehand. 

Stay for the Sunset

Anguilla’s sunset is almost hypnotic in its beauty. Having so many beaches, you get the ability to stay at a relatively vacant beach area and watch as the sun sets beneath the Caribbean horizon. You can also pair this experience with a beer from nearby beach bars and restaurants, letting you to relax completely in the cool golden haze of the Caribbean sun. 

Anguilla - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations



Fringing between the lines of the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, Antigua and Barbuda is one independent country that is formed by two major islands with the respective names along with neighbouring islets. This island country boasts beautiful reefs which stretch along the hemispheres of its beaches, cool rainforests and expanses of nature resorts. Here are the top things you can do while in Antigua and Barbuda: 

Visit the historic Nelson’s Dockyard

Known as a Unesco World Heritage site, Nelson’s dockyard remains as a popular tourist sightseeing dock where yachts set their sails along the English Harbour. It’s beautiful Georgian architectural build presents an archaic quality of feeling while the Dockyard Museum offers the opportunity to see and admire Lord Nelson’s former home as well as know about Antigua’s historic and naval importance. 

Conquer the top of Mount. Obama

Praised as a symbol of the emancipation and achievement of black people, Mount Obama stands as the highest point overlooking the entirety of Antigua. Summiting the mountain requires no exception skill and therefore, is suitable to both amateurs and experienced hikers. 

 Snorkel or Scuba Dive

The clear waters of Antigua and the range of exotic and local sea-life creatures presents the perfect opportunity to take out your snorkelling or scuba diving equipment. You can also book snorkel cruises where you will be lead to areas popular among stingrays and tropical fishes or you can choose to scuba dive among waters inhabited with large tortoises and more. 

Visit the Princess Diana Beach

This particular beach was formerly known as Coco Point Beach but in homage to the late Princess who loved to come and vacation in the area, the beach was later renamed. With large stretches of sandy shores hanging beside translucent waters, this beach remains quite desolate and therefore, undisturbed by its locality. However, there is an offspring of urbanisation due to more tourists being attracted by its quiet atmosphere. Therefore, it will soon become a rather luxurious resort island.

Visit Stingray City

Stingray City is completely dedicated to this specific sea creature which lurks underneath the crystal-clear Antiguan waters. Here, you’ll find swarms of friendly Southern Rays who will come towards you by themselves to play and have you pet them. You can even feed the rays and get a small hug by them at the end to culminate the entire experience.






Bermuda offers the most unique beach experience among most of the Caribbean islands specifically due to its vibrant pink sand beaches. With a plethora of tourist attractions and historical landmarks accompanied with its beautiful beaches, here are the best things you can see and do while in Bermuda:

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay is one of the most notable tourist spots in Bermuda and it is all for reason. With pristine white sand layering its beach to the rugged slopes of the volcanic rocks which enclose the area, Horseshoe Bay is a reservoir of natural beauty. Regardless of which time you come to visit Horseshoe Bay, you will be witness to vibrant colours dancing on the seashore from both the hazy sunlight and the coral reefs. It’s a sight to please the eyes but it’s a site for complete relaxation and serenity – if you come in off-season. 

Hike Along Railway Trail

The Railway Trail roads which wind up from St. George to Somerset. You can either choose to hike up the old railway or take a bike ride tour of the tracks, but make sure to take brief stops and admire the scenic backdrop which accompanies your path. With amazing coastlines and rocky bays lingering on the trail up, you will get a comprehensive tour of the nature tracks and Bermuda’s greatest treasures while on your journey. 

Visit the Relics of the St. George Church

St.George’s Unfinished Church is one of the most notorious attractions in Bermuda, where there stands half constructed pillars and archways in lieu of the previously damaged St. Peter Church. You can wander through the gothic architecture that encompasses this landmark and see history composed in literal ruins. You can also learn about the history of the parishioners that lived in St.George from a guided tour. 

Visit the Royal Naval Dockyard

The Royal Naval Dockyard is a pivotal historical landmark for having been a major military base during both the times of World War II and the War of 1812. With urbanisation, you will find the place brimming with eateries and shops, but there still remains numerous artefacts from the olden times. You can also learn about the naval history and the significance of this landmark for the British military forces back then.

Visit the Dolphin Quest

The National Museum of Bermuda hosts the activity of swimming with dolphins in their ocean water sanctuary. Here, you will get the premium experience of interacting with these friendly creatures themselves as well as dive deep in the pools with them as your companions. Visit them during the months of December to March for the best price and experience. 

Bermuda - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations


A municipal of the Netherlands, Bonaire lies a few miles from the north of Venezuela among the southern course of the Caribbean Sea. With its low tourist density and calm and friendly atmosphere and locality, Bonaire serves to be the perfect holiday spot for you and your kids. Here are some of the best things to do as a family visiting Bonaire: 

Bonaire Boat Rental

Through a boat rental service, you can take an all-day trip around the coast of Bonaire island which is a great way to see the different aspects of the island itself. For kids, the activities are countless as you can choose to take up water skiing, water-gliding and even waiting for the dolphins to make show. Afterwards, if you’ve packed lunch, you can picnic amidst the ocean for a short break from all the fun with your family. 

Scuba Diving or Snorkelling

The Caribbean Sea is perfect for both snorkelling and scuba diving specifically because of how clean the water is. If your kids are above the age of 5, they can step into the world under the sea through a guided diving course. You do not have to worry about their safety as these instructors are professionally trained for any incident. Therefore, simply relax and have a great time spotting different specifies of exotic Caribbean fishes with your kids, providing both a learning opportunity as well as a fun experience. 

Bonaire National Park

With fleets of flamingo, parakeets and other native animals surrounding the land, Bonaire National Park exhibits all the points of natural and historic importance. Your kids can interact with the animals who are set free as well as learn about the history of the island all while exploring the nature trails and discovering hidden beaches. 


Bonaire is chiefly known as a windsurfing destination. Its enclosed and shallow bay accompanied with the strong and continuous winds make up the perfect climate for windsurfing. If your kids are of the appropriate age, you can take them on their own surfboards and let them flow free with the wind. However, if any assistance or instruction is needed, there will always be courses by windsurfing professionals near every beach. 


Because of its calm and steady water, taking your kayak out and boarding your kids on to a kayaking adventure is almost mandatory when in Bonaire. You can visit the tunnels that lie inside the mangroves of Bonaire’s Lac Bar where you can find numbers of local tropical fishes jumping about. 

Bonaire - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




With vibrant coral reefs fringing along the territory of its beaches, the British Virgin Islands is an overseas British island colony that is also a part of the Caribbean’s’ archipelago. These islands are incredibly friendly and maintain suitable facilities which cater to all the needs of children and their families to have an enjoyable time while holidaying. Here are some attractions in the British Virgin Islands that you can visit with your kids: 

Devil’s Bay

While the name might sound eerie and enigmatic, Devil’s Bay is an area brimming with adventure opportunities, most of which are suited to kids as well. It’s best for rock climbing and exploring through hidden caves as these are the most common activities in the area. You can also chill out on the beach with its oceanic view afterwards when you and your family gets tired. 

Rhone National Marine Park

This park is designed specifically for underwater activities. With two scuba diving locations where guided diving tours are also offered, you can take your family out to venture into the midst of the ocean waters. You can also choose to snorkel if your kids aren’t at the appropriate age for scuba diving where they can take part in spotting different local marine creatures. 

Dolphin Discovery Tortola

This dolphin sanctuary offers the chance for your kids to experience a first-hand interaction with these extremely gentle and friendly sea creatures. You can either choose from the ‘Dorsal Tow’ where your kids can ride the dolphin by hanging on to its fin or the ‘Foot Push’ program where two dolphins are trained to move you forward by pushing your feet in the water. These are simply two among many other programs available but all of them will provide the absolute best time for your kids. 

Biras Creek Trail

If you and your kids are up for the task of a long walk around the depths of the island, taking up road on the Biras Creek Trail will give you the opportunity to spot the most beautiful and interesting local creatures. From iguanas to tropical birds, your nature walk will be paired up with a scenic backdrop of forestry and the Caribbean Sea. 

Virgin Gorda Park

The Virgin Gorda Park demands a long hike up two trails which end in an observation tower overlooking the sea and the rest of the island. You can also rest in the many picnic tables and bathrooms available throughout the trails, but make sure you do reach the top so as to culminate your entire trip with the beautiful view of the British Virgin Islands. 

British Virgin Islands - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations



16) CUBA

Branded with Spanish architecture and brimming with picturesque landscapes, Cuba remains at the heart of the Caribbean islands. With its numerous locations for resting and having fun outdoor activities, Cuba is a rather kid-friendly and exciting country. Here are the things you can do with your children in Cuba for fun

Tour Around Havana in a Vintage Car

Havana in Cuba is very immersive in its activities and culture. However, the most exciting thing you can do in Havana is book a tour around the city in a classic vintage American car – the exact ones you see in movies. These are typically very colourful and maintained properly, making your kids travel both in safety and luxury as they admire the city in a sporty looking car. 

Dance and Enjoy the Music

Cuban culture is exuberant and enthralling, where the large part of what makes it so is the lively music they have. You’d be tempted to break your own moves along with the rhythms of the guitar and drums in the occasional impromptu street concerts that take place. Your kids are bound to love every second of the Cuban music. 

Ride a Horse

Vinales is equally as immersive as Havana, but instead of the cityscape, there lies enormous natural landscapes that stretch far into the horizon. Here, you can take a horse ride through to one of the villages in the Valley of Vinales – an experience your kids will remember for the rest of their lives as they turn into temporary cowboys. 

Visit a Paladar

The Paladars are small restaurants spread across Cuba which are maintained specifically for families to dine in. Because of their family-friendly environment and rather cheap prices, you’ll have the perfect time of bonding and eating with your kids in a traditional Cuban setting. 

Take a Water Excursion

Obviously, if you’re visiting the Caribbean islands, you need to take a nature retreat in its beaches. Therefore, make sure you have listed the beaches of Cuba in your itinerary and plan for your kids to participate in the many beach and water activities that are available. Varadero Beach in Varadero is perfect for a water excursion due to its clean white sands and numerous water sporting activities. From snorkelling to making sand castles, the possibilities are endless for your kids to enjoy their time at the beach while you lie down on the cool sand and relax. 


Cuba - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




There is no better place to get your snorkelling gear out than in the beaches of Curacao. Being a municipal under the Netherlands, Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island notable for its large beaches and beautiful coral reefs. Having Aruba and Bonaire as its neighbour, Curacao also maintains the same reputation for water sports. Here are the 5 things you can do while in Curacao: 

Scuba Diving

Curacao is not only famous for the amazing sights it has on land but also for the visual experience underneath. With an array of corals, stingrays, tropical fishes, dolphins and many more, Curacao holds a treasure of marine life. And the best way to experience it all is through scuba diving. While most scuba diving sites in Curacao will require boat trips, Porto Mai and Blauwbaai are two destinations where you can take yourself in the water on site. 

Christoffel National Park

This nature park in the northern part of Curcao homes indigenous and endangered animals along with many local trees and plants. Among these are included white-tailed deers, barn owns, wild orchids and more. You can choose to either hike or bike through the terrains of this nature park for the ultimate experience. 

Kura Hulanda Museum

The Kura Hulanda Museum is incredibly special because of its empowering history. Being an emblem of the struggle of black people in the age of African slave trade, Kura Hulanda Museum exhibits different artefacts directly derived from the slave trade practices. This is not a place to find joy in but it definitely leaves with a closer understanding of the suffering of black people in the olden times. 

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

The Queen Emma was built during the 19th century and is currently used as a pedestrian crossing between the streets of Punda and Otrobanda in Willemstad. The design of this bridge is incredibly unique as it is supported by 16 similar pontoon boats which swing open sideways to let passing ships cross. You can have a small snack or coffee while watching the boats in action or take a photo of this incredibly clever and amusing bridge. 

Visit the Floating Market

In Willemstad, you will also find a fleet of boats which come directly from Venezuela to sell local produce at very low and affordable prices. These boats look rather aesthetic in their colourfulness along with the exuberance of their owners who are very lively as well as friendly. You’d certainly have a great time talking with them and even taking home some fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Curacao Queen Emma Bridge - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations
Credits: Wikimedia Commons



Often confused with Dominican Republic, Dominica is actually a small Caribbean nation that is loved for its hot springs and tropical rainforests. Having a volcanic mountain situated at its centre, Dominica harbours many attractions of which most of them are naturally formed. You can either visit the hot water springs or the Boiling Lake to experience a natural Jacuzzi or take a walk down through its botanical gardens and smell the flowers. Here are some of the things you can do while in Dominica: 

Trafalgar Falls

The Trafalgar Falls is a famous tourist attraction, mainly due to how idyllic and conveniently located it is. While you need to take a small hike through the mountainous region, you will be rewarded with the hot water spring of the Trois Pitons River which fountains downwards to be mixed with volcanic sulphur. Regardless of the sulphur, it is very safe to swim in as you can sit back and relax from the hike you took upwards. 

Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake is exactly as it is named, where you will be engulfed in steam from the boiling hot water that floods through this trench. The reason that it’s so extremely hot is because it is a fumarole, which is an opening in the Earth’s crust that spurts out steam and gas through hot water. Similar to visiting Trafalgar Falls, you will need to take a trek that might seem tedious and even unappealing due to the muddy and greasy terrain, but the end result is definitely worth the pain. 

Emerald Pool Nature Trail

Located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, the Emerald Pool Nature Trail is perfect for a short hiking trip down rocky pathways which culminates in a waterfall that cascades to a clearing where you can take a chilly dip. This nature trail lasts for about 15 minutes and should be experienced early morning since it gets easily populated late on in the day. 

Tropical Gardens

Dominica hosts a number of rare flora and fauna that can be found in specific tropical gardens such as the Papillote Tropical Garden. This is situated close to the proximity of Trafalgar Falls, where you can easily stop and admire the tropical flowers and plants either to and from your trip to the waterfall. You can also choose to take a guided tour for a complete educative experience. 


Like its Caribbean counterparts, Dominica also brandishes a number of sandy beaches. However, most of the coastlines are encompassed with rocky ground and do not offer the smooth texture found in neighboring islands. 

Dominica - Caribbean Islands for Family VacationsCredits: Wikimedia Commons



As a small Caribbean island country and a sovereign state of West Indies, Grenada is known mainly for its large production of spices, specifically nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa. This country, which is also nicknamed the ‘Spice Isles’, is home to countless hilltops, historic buildings and a beautiful 18th century fort along with its Caribbean beaches. Thus, travelling with your kids to the island of Grenada will result in both an educative and adventurous experience, but there are a selective few activities that will take the cake for your children. Here are the best things you can do with your kids in Grenada: 

Gouyave Nutmeg Factory

Grenada contributes significantly to the nutmeg market worldwide, maintaining a share of one-third in its world production. When you come to country of Grenada, the air will be pervaded with the sweet smell of nutmeg and therefore, it almost becomes mandatory for you to see the plants for yourself. In Goyave Nutmeg Processing Station, you and your kids will be taken on a tour to see how workers choose and process the nutmeg flower to turn into powder which we can later use as a spice. You can even take home some of the produce afterwards. 

Grand Anse Beach

The waters in Grenada are incredibly child-friendly due to how calm and clean it is. With the expanse of fine white sand along the coast of Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach, you will find several spots to relax and play with your kids. There are also shops nearby which sell gear for different water sports and activities, such as scuba, waterskiing and parasailing – all of which your kids would love to take part in. 

The National Museum

While most kids might groan at the thought of visiting a museum while on holiday, the National Museum in Grenada will amuse even the most reluctant kind. With its colourful French architecture and parades of jazz music with occasional dancing events, your kids will witness a lively take on history and culture.


For when the calm waters of the Caribbean seem a bit less exciting, take your kids out to tropical gardens which lead to a beautiful cold water spring. Shielded by large green boulders and tropical rainforests, the waterfalls or springs in Grenada are incredibly invigorating as well as visually appealing. 

Gouyave Fish

Feast on the fresh catches by the local fisherman in the Gouyave Fish street parties which is located near to the proximity of the Gouyave Nutmeg Factory. With delicious seafood and thrilling music, you are bound to have a great time. 

Grenada - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




Guadeloupe is a group of islets and islands floating on the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. With volcanoes, sugarcane fields and long stretches of sandy beaches, Guadeloupe presents a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the Caribbean life. Here are the 5 amazing things you can do in Guadeloupe: 

 Taste the Local Rhum

Guadeloupe’s sugarcane fields allow the locals to brew their own sort of booze, where the rhum agricole is a special infusion of the typical rum mixed with sugar cane juice.  The Damoiseau Distillery lets you walk through the process of its making, as you see how the sugar cane is harvested and admire the ancient machinery that was used to crush and distil the harvest. Here, you can also end your guided tour with a tasting of the brewery’s own rum, or rhum as it should be called. 

 Summit the Soufriere Volcano

Located in Basse Terre, one of Guadeloupe’s islands, the Soufriere Volcano is a dormant volcano which last erupted in 1976 but is relatively safe to climb on. For thrill seekers and experienced trekkers, summiting this volcano will set you up for numerous challenges. The walk to the peak itself lasts for two hours where you will find different terrains, ranging from forest areas to rocky surfaces. Afterwards, you can rest in the thermal pool that resides beside the car park under the volcano. 

 Dive from the Pigeon Island

Guadeloupe is notable for its suitable diving waters, where the Pigeon Island is known to be one of the best diving spots in the world. With coral reefs fringing along its coastline, accompanied with a number of tropical and native sea creatures as well as an enormous underwater statue, diving in these waters will be an experience you won’t be forgetting soon. 

 Admire Point-A-Pitre

Being Guadeloupe’s largest city, Point-A-Pitre brims with beautiful French architecture and colonial buildings as well as a number of historical monuments. You can choose to visit either the cathedrals or the modern museums to immerse yourself in the history of this specific island. For shopping, the markets that stand on the streets exhibit locally made products at decent prices. 

 Relax in the Beaches

If you’re in any Caribbean island, your main purpose should be to relax in its sandy beaches and enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean sun. While in Guadeloupe, the Pointe des Chateaux provides the best spot for relaxation with its large rocks and colliding waves. You can also take your kids to discover the seashells which lie along the rocks or stay to watch the famous Caribbean sunsets. 

Guadeloupe - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




Martinique is a small overseas French nation that lies amidst the Caribbean Sea and hosts a number of beautiful sights and enjoyable activities. Being influenced largely by both the French and West Indian culture, Martinique brandishes a blend of elements from both these nations in its food and architecture. It also possesses a variety of historical monuments, nature sights and dainty shops and cafes. Furthermore, you can also partake in fun activities such as diving, snorkeling, hiking while taking breaks to devour the local delicacies. Here are all the things you can do and the places you can go while in Martinique. 

Balata Botanical Garden

With more than 3000 varieties of tropical plants and flowers, the Balata Botanical Garden is a place of complete greenery. Located near Fort-de-France, which is the capital city in Martinique, the Balata Botanical Garden resides close to a few hills, which work as the perfect backdrop to culminate the entire experience of visiting a true nature paradise. You can choose to climb upwards on its wooden rope bridges which present an aerial perspective of the garden, or unwind on their wooden benches while admiring the view. 

Summit Mountain Pelee

Mount Pelee has a notorious name in French geographical history, due to it being the only volcano that had erupted in French soil, leaving a number of calamities. However, it now remains as a semi-dormant volcano that soars high above the Caribbean land and stands covered in white clouds. For experienced hikers and adrenaline seekers, summiting the mountain is an activity that should be in your to-do list. The mountain’s rugged terrain and winding trails are perfect for adventure, but you should come mainly for the view over Dominica at the mountaintop.  It’s an experience you won’t be forgetting in a lifetime. 

Visit the Home of The Empress

Secreted in the southern edge of Martinique stands a stone and brick cottage which contains one of the greatest historical embodiments in all of the island. This specific cottage was the former home of Empress Josephine who is better known in history as Napoleon’s first wife. The scenic cottage now presents itself as a museum which follows the early life of the empress along with her personal artefacts and more. This place physically offers you a walk into the past of one of the most notable empresses in history. 

Take a Boat Tour from Pointe Du Bout

With Martinique’s clear blue waters, getting on a boat trip would give you the chance to personally interact with the Caribbean marine life. Fort-de-France Bay is one of the most popular starting points for different boat trips, including cruises, kayak tours and dolphin-watch cruise. You can pick whatever you’re in the mood for, be it something adventurous where you venture into mangrove forests or a calm trip among the ocean. 

Zoo Martinique

From the north of Le Carbet, you can find a family-friendly tourist attraction in the form of a small zoo. The zoo itself includes nature trails to find different animal enclosures, with most of them being local breeds and tropical creatures. Your kids and you will definitely enjoy having monkeys jumping around, jaguars lurking about and rainbow lorikeets skirting from different trees to meet you.  




Sailboat Martinique - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations

As a British overseas island, Montserrat floats among the Caribbean Sea and is best known for its coral reefs and deep caves.  While its economy and life had suffered through a number of devastating volcanic eruptions, Montserrat has now regained its position as a nation boasting beautiful nature sights. Some even call it to be consumed by nature with how completely green this island country is. Here are the things you can see and do in Montserrat: 

Visit Pont’s Beach View

Being a Caribbean island, Montserrat is filled with beautiful beaches. But, the most interesting and fulfilling of them all is Pont’s Beach, named after a local who is famous for his large servings of Caribbean food. Pont’s Beach offers you a view of the calm water of the Caribbean as you devour through different catches of the day. 

Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Due to its high risk of eruption, a mountain volcano observatory is necessary for scientists to predict when the next disaster might strike. However, it is open for visitors who can get a firsthand look at the soaring volcano through the observatory’s terrace. You can also get a guided tour of the exclusion zone, which takes you on a full educational experience on volcanoes. 

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

While this will require you to visit the island at a specific time, it is still an experience that cannot be missed. Due to Montserrat being first colonized by Irishmen, influences from the Irish culture and tradition have been imbued within Montserrat as well. This day will include extravagant parties around villages in celebration of Saint Patrick, with an abundance of local food and music. 

National Museum of Montserrat

Exhibiting years of the island’s cultural history, this small museum includes photos and artefacts which showcase the island before the infamous eruption and disaster. It also highlights cultural aspects, including the presentation of locals in native costumes. The museum also hosts a stage with dioramas that gives you a physical representation of history, making it an entirely interesting and captivating experience. 

Isles Bay Beach and Bar

Standing at the helm of Belham River, Isles Bay Beach and its bar hangout is famous locals and tourists alike. With fairy lights ornamenting the island bar and its open seat balcony, you can take a break from all your touring adventures to relish the locally made seafood and fast food meals. Afterwards, you can also go swimming into the cool waters of the Caribbean Sea. 

Montserrat - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations


Known as an American territory amidst the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is one of the most famous holiday destinations for both American and international tourists. Complete with mountains, waterfalls and tropical rainforests, this island nation is both entrancing in its beauty and exuberant in its culture. Your teens will love the plethora of activities and sights that are available to witness and experience in the island of Puerto Rico. Here are the things you can do in Puerto Rico with your kids: 

The Historic City of Old Dan Juan

Officially claimed as a National Historic site, Old San Juan blends in colonial and Spanish architecture styles to present a city filled with cobblestone streets and intricately designed buildings. The city also offers you and your teenage kids to eat local delicacies, admire its art and participate in its exciting nightlife. You can also join in for a kite-flying activity on El Morro beside its cool bays. 

Rio Camuy Cave

Teenagers typically favour those places which offer a satisfying adventuring experience, and this particular cave has earned national acclaim for being the best adventuring trip. Rio Camuy Cave provides the opportunity for your teens and you to go on a ziplining trip down through its track. You even get the suitable gear for protection from the tour companies there, ensuring that your trip with your kids is both safe and fun. 

Bat Cave

Journeying through the trails to reach the eventual bat cave is one that is both exhilarating and terrifying. You will need to hike through the forest tracks before reaching a few zip line posts which is to take you straight down into the cave’s mouth. While there are certain risks with the activity, it is definitely one that cannot be missed purely due to how satisfying the entire trip is. You will be made wet from avoiding the treacherous waterfalls which can carry you downstream and will get scratches and bruises from the walls of the cave as you find bats and scorpions hidden behind corners. However, seeing the large stalagmites and stalactites as well as physically going through the water systems used during world wars is rather rewarding in itself.

Water Parkour

Despite this water exercise requiring a lot of physical strength, Aqua Parkour is one family-friendly activity that brings out the entire family to challenge their bodies and get a strong core and body exercise. You will have to fight against water resistance to move around the different obstacles present underwater, as is typical in a normal parkour activity. If you’re drained out from the physical activity, you and your family can rest in steam room or Jacuzzi for a special family bonding time.


One of the greatest attractions in Puerto Rico is its bioluminescent bays. With millions of bioluminescent planktons fringing around the channels in between mangrove forests, there is no better way to see them all than to go kayaking. Your teens will absolutely love and cherish the moment when they hit the waters which remain naturally illuminated by the thousands of underwater plankton while a guided kayaking tour will give you all scientific insight into this natural phenomenon. 

Kayaking - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




Saint Kitts and Nevis is a two-island nation which is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. With its cloudy mountaintops, sandy shores, massive sugar plantations and historic ruins, Saint Kitts and Nevis has nearly everything for the perfect adventure trip. Here are the top places you should go to while in St. Kitts and Nevis: 

Pinney’s Beach

A tourist favourite, Pinnney’s Beach is one of the most travelled to beach locations among all of St. Kitts and Nevis. Its rustic environment serves to provide an immersive experience as you find pelicans fishing around the shore while coconut trees swing about behind. Since it is rather long, Pinney Beach can have multitudes of facilities stretched throughout, making sure you feel completely comfortable. With a few beach snack bars and crowds of people along some areas and relatively quieter spaces on the others, you can move to whichever spot you prefer for the best experience. 

Brimstone Hill Fortress

Known as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999, Brimstone Hill Fortress will take you on a trip down the history of the Caribbean islands. The fortress holds a testament to the colonial expansion of the Europeans leading to a growth in Caribbean societies during the 17th and 18th century. With its clean military architecture and idyllic surrounding, this fortress is perfect for both learning about Caribbean history and the significance of the African slave trading as well as taking amazing photos to memorialize your trip to the Caribbean islands. 

Mount Liamugia

Situated in the western side of St. Kitts island, Mountain Liamuiga boasts the highest peak in all of island. This mountain is known to be an extinct volcano, with its last eruption occurring nearly 1800 years ago. It is now considered to be a hiker’s ultimate challenge, as the mountain is littered with large rocks and maintains steep slopes with a rough terrain. However, reaching the peak-point is definitely rewarding as you witness the entirety of St. Kitts island from the best viewpoint there is. 

Oualie Beach

Oualie Beach resides along the edges of Nevis island and with its soft and smooth sand, you’ll be getting a completely relaxing experience. This beach also includes a number of facilities, including free beach chairs and hammocks as well as nearby beach bars. You also have a few kiosks which sell as well as rent out snorkeling and other watersport gear. 

Royal St. Kitts Golf Club

For anyone passionate about golfing, this expanse of a golfing course has enough opportunities to both challenge and excite you. But, the feature that makes it so special is how closely located it is by the sea, giving you the perfect backdrop as you hit a few shots. 

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, St Kitts - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations
Credits: Wikimedia Commons



These two islands are two nations in one small island! St Maarteen is Dutch while St Martin is French. The island on which both countries are located, is known as the smallest inhabited island shared between two countries.  Originating from both French and Dutch roots, the islands of St. Marteen and St Martin resides as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and France among the Caribbean Sea. St Maarten, which is often misspelled as St. Marteen, has a lot of graceful beaches, exuberant nightlife and famous guavaberry rums. St. Martin also known as Saint Martin is well-known for fancy shops, beaches, and amazing cuisine. So, if you are visiting this dual-island, here are the best things you can see in St. Maarten and St. Martin

Fort Luis, St Martin

Once known as a famous historical sight with remnants of French colonial towers loitering around, this landmark now boasts one of the largest forts on the island. During the peak of colonization power, this site was used as a major ground for battle, leading to particular artefacts from war still remaining on the land. You can find rusty cannons and certain war elements throughout Fort Luis, but its panoramic view of the Marigot Bay is what draws most people to visit the area. 

Pics Paradis, Saint Martin

With a name that suits its ambience, Pics Paradis is the perfect place for you to take out your camera and get a few breathtaking shots of the island. Combined with the creamy white colour of the buildings which fringe close to the glimmering coastline of Orient Bay, Pics Paradis harbours everything you need for the most aesthetic view of the entire island. You can also take a hike through the backcountry of St. Martin from this particular location. 

Maho Beach, Saint Martin

If you’re going to the Caribbean islands, you’re going there for the beaches. But, this specific beach in St. Maarten is not notable for its colossal sandy coastline, but rather is infamous for the freakishly close view of the air crafts which descend to the nearby airport. You will actually be a few arm lengths away from the plane’s tires while visiting this beach. 

St. Maarten Guavaberry Company, St. Maarten

The guavaberry rum is one of the delicious local specialties, where this specific type of liquor comes from a mix of sugarcane and guavaberry fruits. At St. Maarten Guavaberry Company, you can get an insider look into the manufacturing of the beverage as well as get free samplings of guavaberry coladas and more. 

Loterie Farm, Saint Martin

Situated close to the hill of Pic Paradis, Loterie Farm is the best place to relax and unwind amidst nature spaces. This farm maintains a number of pools, huts, gardens and eateries which all culminate into a calm and wonderful experience. However, if you’re in the mood for some thrill, the farm also includes a few ziplining courses and swinging rope bridges that will get your adrenaline pumping right after. 

St Maarten - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations




Lying close to the proximity of the Venezuelan capital, Trinidad and Tobago are two island countries in the Caribbean Sea. These dual-islands takes pride in its Spanish roots, featuring different cultural activities as well as exhibiting its exotic bird species. You can join in on their many carnival festivities or admire their lush green environment coupled with hundreds of birds singing in the background. Here are the top things you should do while visiting Trinidad and Tobago: 

Visit Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point Beach is beloved for its undisturbed and serene atmosphere, being noted as one of the most famous coastal spots in all of Trinidad and Tobago. While entering the place will cost an entry free, you cannot find a better surrounding in the entire island except here where the waves silently overlap and the coconut trees sway in the breeze. 

See the Historic Artefacts at Fort King George

During the 18th century, British artillery was brought on to the island to fight off the French who planned to attack them. Amidst this fort that was built by the British for protection, there lies innumerable machines and armaments scattered throughout. You can see cannons and more, either in complete ruins or still in the same shape as before, in this beautiful fort. 

Learn About the Past at the Tobago Museum

If you’re visiting Fort King George, you should definitely go to the Tobago Museum that resides in the vicinity. This seemingly small museum holds the artefacts and relics of a tragic and invigorating history of the island. From the wars that took place to the slave trade in the Caribbean, the Tobago Museum holds potteries, crafts and presentations covering the entirety of the island’s past. 

Dance and Drink at De Nu Pub

The De Nu Pub in the Port of Spain is a place which comes to life with its Latin music that’s played by bands and artists in stages, while delicious Creole dishes are served up for you to enjoy both the local music and the local food. You can also make friends with the local crowds which clutter up in this lively pub or get a calypso fix to play a game of pool with friends and family. 

Go Birdwatching

The island of Tobago is home to many species of birds, some local and some rare. With its amazing rainforests and sandy shores, you can easily go birdwatching and find an array of exotic fliers circulating around the island. 

Tobago - Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations


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