16 Best Georgia Beaches in 2020

The state of Georgia has so much for you to do and see, but one of the best activities you will find is going to be relaxing and having fun in one of the top and best beaches in Georgia. There are so many beaches in Georgia USA, but you will find most of them near the Georgia coastline. If you are looking to plan a Georgia beach vacation, you must consider all the GA beaches, even the man-made beaches in Georgia. There is even a hidden beach in Georgia that should be at the top of your list, if you can manage to find it during your visit!

16 Best Georgia Beaches

1. Tybee Island Beach

Tybee Island Beach is one of the most popular Georgia coastline beaches, as well as Savannah, GA beaches. This beach is perfect for a Georgia beach vacation, because you can easily wander through the streets of downtown Savannah in between visits to the sand and water.

Tybee Island Beach - Best Beaches in Georgia
Credits: Ron Cogswell, Flickr CC BY 2.0

The northern end of this beach features Fort Screven, as well as the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum.

2. Massengale Park Beach

Wondering about the top beaches to visit in Georgia and not sure where to start? Massengale Park Beach can be found over on St. Simon’s Island, which is off the coast of southern Georgia. This is one of the family-friendly beaches in Georgia and you will love all the different water sports that can be done there. The Coastal Encounters Nature Center is not too far away, and it is run by the Coast Guard. Over at the nature center, you can go out on kayak adventures or simply walk along the nature trails.

3. Cumberland Island National Seashore Beach

This beach in Georgia is only a few miles to the north of the Florida border and there is a total of seventeen miles of sand along the seashore. The beach along this seashore is actually designated as two beaches and they are Sea Camp Beach and Stafford Beach.

Cumberland Island National Seashore Beach
Credits: National Park Service

You will need to take a ferry over to these beaches, but it is easy to spend an entire day at either of them. Swimming is best done at Sea Camp Beach, but the best seashells and shark teeth can be found at the other beach, thanks to the higher surf.

4. John Tanner State Park Beach

This is one of the beaches in Georgia that is located over in the western section of the state and it is on the shoreline of the lake within the John Tanner State Park. The lake is quite large, which is perfect for when you want to swim. You can also go out on the lake to do a little boating, fishing, and pedal boating. Hiking is popular at the John Tanner State Park, so take the time to hit the trails in between swims. There is also a miniature golf course there, so you can easily see who in your family can come in at, or under, par. There are camping facilities at this state park too and you can take advantage of them to add a little camping adventure to your Georgia beach vacation.

5. Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach is one of the many beaches that are on Jekyll Island, but it is the one that the most people visit if they want to see a unique beach. This beach in Georgia is one of the best when it comes to photographs, because of the driftwood, stumps, and other areas that have eroded over the years.

Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach
Credits: Jeff Gunn, Flickr CC BY 2.0

If you prefer doing a lot of swimming during your Georgia beach vacation, you may want to consider Central Dunes Beach on the island instead but be aware that it is often crowded. This is one of the top beaches in Georgia to put on your list of Georgia top attractions.

6. Glory Beach

Glory Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Georgia since the movie, Glory, was filmed there. This is one of the quiet beaches in Georgia and you can easily reach it by passing through the parking lot from the Soccer Complex. The filmmakers created a boardwalk at Glory Beach, and it is still in place for you to walk along. I recommend visiting this beach in Georgia in the evening, because that is when all the deer, birds, and racoons wander out of the nearby grasses. The best place to watch these creatures is over on the boardwalk.

7. Robin Lake Beach

Robin Lake Beach is one of the man-made beaches in Georgia and it is actually the largest man-made beach in the entire world. You will find this beach in Pine Mountain, GA. When you are not enjoying the sand and water, you can wander over to Callaway Gardens to walk the trails or see the butterfly habitat.

Robin Lake Beach - Best Beaches in Georgia
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Discovery Bike Trail is the best way to see everything in this area though, so take a bike with you for the best experience. I recommend planning your vacation at this Georgia beach for when the Masters Water Ski and Skateboarding Tournament takes place on Memorial Day weekend.

8. US Coast Guard Station Beach

The US Coast Guard Station Beach is over on St. Simon’s Island and you will also hear it referenced as First Street Beach Access. Most people visit this area after they have spent time at Massengale Park Beach. However, you can also choose to visit this famous Georgia beach without seeing any of the other beaches on the island. This happens to be the largest beach on this island, and it has all the amenities you are always looking for when you spend time at a beach. Those amenities include restrooms, showers, a playground, and picnic areas.

9. St. Andrews Beach

St. Andrews Beach is one of the Georgia beaches near me that is also close to Jekyll Island. You can easily walk to Jekyll Point from the park area that surrounds this beach.


While you can spend an entire day swimming, you may prefer to keep an eye out for the dolphins that are always swimming nearby. There is also a walking trail that you can wander along before enjoying lunch or a snack at one of the picnic areas.

10. Nanny Goat Beach

One of the Georgia coastline beaches is Nanny Goat Beach, and it is one of the Georgia beaches you will want to have at the top of your list. There is plenty of sand to relax in and everyone that visits is always friendly and welcoming. There is even history to learn about during your visit here. This is not a touristy beach which can be a welcoming sight to many people taking a Georgia beach vacation. While your day may be spent relaxing on the sand, you will have an option of going on a birdwatching tour or fishing expedition.

11. St. Catherine’s Island Beach

This South Georgia beach is often called one of the best beaches in Georgia. This isn’t surprising since there is ten miles of super soft sugary sand that is surrounded by wildlife and flowers.

Amazing beaches in georgia

There are also many historically significant sites on and near this beach, so you will want to check them all out during your visit. After a day of swimming, you will want to take the time to do a little beachcombing as the sun is setting in the sky.

12. Cabretta Beach

You will find this beach in Georgia over on Sapelo Island and it is not too far north from Nanny Goat Beach. As you walk along Cabretta Beach, you will discover many tidal pools and they will all be filled with conch shells and sand dollars. We recommend walking along the trails past the campgrounds, because they all lead to even more tidal inlets and thick patches of sand dunes. If camping is part of your Georgia beach vacation, reserve a spot at the adjacent campground. This will allow you to be out in the open to see the stars from the Georgia coastline. This is one of the nice beaches in Georgia you want to head to.

13. Lake Lanier Beach

Lake Lanier Beach is a beach near Atlanta, Georgia. This beach is a result of the lake that was created back in 1956 when the Buford Dam was constructed on the Chattanooga River.

Lake Lanier Beach - Best Beaches in Georgia

While there are beaches at twenty-four of the one hundred parks around this lake, Lake Lanier Beach is the most popular of them all. The kid’s lagoon is a hit with the younger generations, while everyone will love the boat docks, volleyball nets, and hiking trails. We rank this as one of the best beaches in Georgia to visit with family.

14. South Dunes Beach

This beach in Georgia is another one that can be found over on Jekyll Island. You must walk over an elevated boardwalk to reach this beach, because the sand dunes block it from the South Dunes Picnic Area. Those same sand dunes protect this beach from the stronger winds, which makes this beach perfect for those with smaller children. This is not one of the pet friendly beaches in Georgia, but there are restrooms and showers, as well as screened pavilions. South Dunes Beach is also home to migratory birds and serves as their nesting ground at certain times of the year. This is also a great family beach to put on your list of beaches to visit in Georgia.

15. Acworth Beach

You will find Acworth Beach on the shores of Lake Acworth in Cauble Park. There is a roped off area for swimming, but you can only swim from Memorial Day through Labor Day and there are never any lifeguards on duty.

Acworth Beach - Best Beaches in Georgia
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

However, there are picnic areas, a playground, and restrooms, which are all perfect for family vacations if you are looking for a top family friendly beach to visit in Georgia.

16. Lake Rabun Beach Recreation Area

This Georgia beach is located on Lake Rabun and there is so much to do there. When you are finished swimming for a while, you can easily grab your fishing pole and catch a few trout or bass. The picnic tables are perfect for when you want to eat away from the water and the Beach Trail is wonderful for getting rid of extra energy or for simply seeing the natural surroundings.

This list of beaches in Georgia contains the best beaches in Georgia. You will find many hidden beaches, quiet beaches, pet friendly beaches, and even a man-made beach or two on this list of beaches in Georgia. As you are deciding which of the Georgia beaches you are going to visit, you will want to check out the best things that each beach in Georgia has to offer. That will ensure you visit the best GA beaches that meet your expectations and give you the Georgia beach vacation you have always dreamed of.

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