Best International Trips With Kids

Let’s face it. There will come a time when you would want to explore the world and go beyond the comforts of your own country. When that time comes, the first thing you want to do is list down the places you would want to visit with the kids, but the world is so big that making that decision can be a tough one. So, to make things easier for you, I have collated the best places to take the kids for an international trip.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand - Best International Trips With Kids

If you are planning your first international trip with your kids and want them to experience the ultimate travel experience, then, embark on a journey they will never forget. From its volcanoes, deep glacier lakes, unique flora and fauna, dazzling fjords, and amazing scenery, New Zealand, the nation of the Kiwis, will definitely give you one of the best international trips with kids the family will ever have. The wide selection of activities for kids ranges from animal and wildlife experiences to nature-based activities and thrill-seeking adventures. To read more about New Zealand visit:

2. Australia

Australia - Best International Trips With Kids

Away from the cold of winter, summer in the iconic Australia offers the sunny beaches of Sydney where the kids can get sun-soaked, and at the same time learn how to surf. Aside from visiting the usual tourist attractions such as Bondi Beach, Sydney Opera House, Australia is a land of natural beauty where you can also venture into other activities to maximize the authentic Australian escapade. These activities include chasing the Tasmanian Devil, visiting spectacular mountains, and learning about the rich cultural heritage of the Aussies. To read more about Australia visit:

3. Austria

Austria - Best International Trips With Kids

Apart from the most beautiful palaces such as the Schönbrunn and Hofburg, Austria also offers other attractions and activities that will make you want to stay longer. The plethora of interesting things that will entertain the little ones includes visiting the world’s oldest amusement park (Wurstelprater) and seeing the world’s largest ice cave.  Click here to learn more about the amazing things to see and do in Austria

4. Iceland

Iceland - Best International Trips With Kids

Iceland is not only the safest place to take the young ones, but also one of the best places to enjoy nature and culture. An Icelandic excursion will not be complete without visiting the sites of the Golden Circle, a tour of the capital city of Reykjavik, a trip to watch the Northern Lights, and a dip on the world-renowned Blue Lagoon. What to know more about places to visit in Iceland?  Click here

5. Czech Republic

Czech Republic - Best International Trips With Kids

Ask your little boys and girls what the best international trip with kids for them is like, and their answers will surely include castles and palaces. Therefore, take them to a trip to the Czech Republic to see the largest castle complex in Europe, where they can relive their dreams and fantasies as princes and princesses. Prague, its capital city, will certainly not disappoint. There is so much to see and so much to enjoy. Do you want to know where to take the kids in Prague? Read on:

6. Indonesia

Indonesia - Best International Trips With Kids

Indonesia is one of Southeast Asia’s tourism powerhouses. With the number of tourists that flock to Bali for the beach, the sun, and the adventure, the island is certainly one of the top choices for the best international trips with kids. But Indonesia is not just about Bali, there are other exciting and exotic places you can visit in the country. To learn more, here’s the link to the Top 10 Things to Do in Indonesia  

7. France

France - Best International Trips With Kids

If you ever get tired of basking under the Californian sun and want to take the kids for the ultimate ski experience, but don’t want to do it in the U.S., then France is the place to be. It has some massive ski areas with many interconnecting lifts and ski runs, but the best ones are located in the northern and southern French Alp areas. Now, you know that there is more to France than just the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. For the details of your Alpine Ski experience, check this link:

8. United Kingdom

United Kingdom - Best International Trips With Kids

Ever wonder what it is like to be in the other side of the pond from New York? Well, take that flight and head on to London for that most-awaited UK getaway. The UK, especially London, undoubtedly offers tourists and visitors a wide array of must-dos and must-sees.  To name a few, it is where you will find the Memorial Playground of the late Prince Diana and the Peter Harrison Planetarium.  Of course, if you are lucky, the Queen may show up in the balcony of the Buckingham Palace to say hi. Learn more about the things you can do in London on this link:

9. Japan

Japan - Best International Trips With Kids

The Land of the Rising Sun, or Nippon to the locals, is a stunning island nation where your kids can experience modernity and history come together. With towering skyscrapers, lovely sakura parks, and notoriously polite locals, a Japan adventure is definitely one of the best international trips with kids you’ll ever do. Click here to explore Japan:

10. Morocco

Morocco - Best International Trips With Kids

What would make a trip so special that your kids will consider it the best one? Well, a night in the largest desert on earth should constitute one. So, do not think twice about taking them to Morocco, a country that still lives in the imagination of Europe but has the exotic and enchanting tales of the Arabian Night. A family trip to this country would mean exposure to the mosques with incredible details, camels, lively bazaar atmosphere, patterns of the carpet, Sahara desert, and savory scent of the spices. Click here to know more about how you can experience the Saharan Sunset:

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