7 Best Places to Go in the Solomon Islands

The Indonesian archipelago is home to numerous islands that stretch out from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. With thousands of wonderful tropical islands, each with their own unique treasures and cultures, this is one part of the world you will love to travel and explore. Of the many places that exist in this part of the world, one of the least explored yet so beautiful is Solomon Islands. 

So where are the Solomon Islands located?

Located along the eastern fringe of the Indonesian archipelago, Solomon Islands is made up of hundreds of islands just a short distance away from Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. The capital of Solomon island is Honaira. Solomon Islands was named after Solomon Islands Archipelago and has a current population of about half a million people.

If you’re in Solomon Islands or plan to visit, here are seven of the best places you want to see and things to do: 

1) Explore the Capital City of Honiara

Honiara, the capital city of the Solomon Islands is one of its largest urban centers. In addition to being a base for exploring other parts of the island, the city itself is rich in indigenous and colonial historical and cultural treasures.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This will keep you busy for some time.  And if you are a food lover, Honiara is a great city for authentic Solomon cuisine. 

2) Check out Bonegi

Bonegi is one of the most famous diving sites in all of the Solomon Islands, and located near the capital city of Honiara.


Bonegi is a well-known beach with excellent shores and diving spots. It is also a great place to see colorful fishes, coral reefs, and World War II ship wreckages. 

3) Visit the Tenaru Falls

Solomon Islands has several waterfalls.  One of the most important ones is the Tenaru Falls. Tenaru Falls is tall and located close to the capital city of Honiara. A trip to this waterfall offers a refreshing dose of nature – greenery, trees and fresh air. 

4) Explore Honiara Botanical Gardens

Honiara Botanical Gardens is one of the most interesting attractions the capital city offers. As the name would suggest, it is a botanical garden, but it’s unlike any other botanical garden you might have visited in other part of the world due to its history. 

Honiara Botanical Gardens
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This garden was a former Japanese and American military base, as well as the grounds for a British hanging site – certainly of historical significance. 

Honaira Botanical Gardens also offers guests some of the most wonderful collections of plants in the region, especially orchids. It also has some of the most peaceful and wonderful stretches of wooded trails for walking, and these are open to the public. 

5) Rennell Island & Lake Tegano

There are several amazing islands all across the region including Rennell Island. Rennell island has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, and is famous for being one of the largest raised coral reefs in the world since it spans about 215000 acres of land.

Lake Tegano Rennell Islands
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This area comprises of over 200 islets which has made it famous among snorkelers and divers. 

6) The World Discoverer

The waters around the Solomon Islands have seen a great deal of shipwrecks in years past. Of the many ships that have wrecked, the World Discoverer which sunk in a place called Roderick bay is very notable. 

World Discoverer
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Years ago, after getting struck by an uncharted reef, the ship was damaged but passengers and crew were rescued in time. The ship was left in the ocean and efforts to salvage it was unsuccessful. Eventually, the wreckage became a major tourist attraction in the area. 

7) Dive in the Waters of Munda

There are several amazing diving sites in the Solomon Islands and one of the most important areas are around the village of Munda.  It is not so much the waters that make this a great diving spot, but rather the amenities that are available to divers.

Munda, Solomon Islands
Credits: Kris H, Flickr

The place boasts of expert trained dive guides who are available to help divers discover some of the most pristine coral reefs, aquatic life, and underwater jewels in the area. 

Solomon Islands are an excellent destination in the Pacific, with a whole host of adventures and more to offer. If you are planning on visiting this part of the world anytime soon, Solomon Islands should be on your bucket list! 

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Feature Image credits to Wikimedia Commons

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