Best Things to Do in Chile on a Family Vacation

Some of the best places to explore for a vacation are those that have a variety of activities available to you. This comes in handy for families, as not everyone is going to do the same thing, or at least at the same time. Lucky for you, we happen to know a place that has enough things to do that will keep everyone happy.

That place is Chile, which allows city dwellers and nature lovers to engage in activities that provide the best of their preferred environments. Chile ranks high on our list of safest places to visit in South America. Whether you’re trying to have fun during the day or at night, your spouse and kids will have plenty of fun and will want to plan another visit as soon as possible. Here are the best things to do in Chile on a family vacation.

1. Torres del Paine

Do your kids love to explore the outdoors and want to somewhere new to travel and get close to nature? If so, then a trip to Torres del Paine in Patagonia should be at the top of your to-do list. There is no shortage of hiking trails that will take you to the biggest peaks at the national park, and the views of the area are the best reward.

Torres del Paine - Best Things to Do in Chile

The lakes in the area make for a great view, as well as a chance to spot different fish, birds and other small creatures. There are boat tours available that will take you to Grey Glacier, one of the most beautiful sites in the area. The mixture of ice and greenery makes for an amazing site, and guanacos and llamas are among the most unique forms of wildlife that call this place home.

2. Fantasilandia

One of the best settings for entertainment for people of all ages is the amusement park. Chile has you covered in this area with Fantasilandia, which has a variety of rides to choose from for adrenaline junkies. There’s Top Spin and Tagada if your family can handle getting dizzy, as well as Boomerang and Raptor for roller coaster fans.

Fantasilandia - Best Things to Do in Chile

Some parts of the park have rides and other sources of fun for those with younger kids, such as Twister and Wild House, which has enough room in each cart for the whole gang. The Pirate Revenge and Rapid River are among the great water rides available, and Tren Minero is a great rollercoaster to get them ready for bigger ones when they get older.

3. Mirador Interactive Museum

It doesn’t hurt for your kids to experience a little education during their free time. Museums know how to make this experience fun, and Mirador Interactive Museum is a prime example, especially if you and your family are fans of science. Exhibits are available throughout the museum to teach visitors about biology, geology, space science and other topics.

Mirador Interactive Museum - Best Things to Do in Chile

There are plenty of games that are available for your kids, such as Sala Mecanismos and Sala Cuidadela, which involve a great deal of footwork and dancing. Short films and audio sessions are available so that kids can watch programs about their favorite topics or listen to them while they take a break from walking around the museum.

4. Valparaiso

Visiting different places around the world allows you to check out different forms of art that may not be common back at home. When you go to Chile, you’ll have the opportunity to see the best that the country has to offer in Valparaiso. There are different museums available that show off paintings, sculptures and other projects.

Valparaiso - Best Things to Do in Chile

When you’re not visiting museums, there are several universities throughout the city that can serve as great replacements. This town is also located on a port, so you can check out views of the ocean in between walks to different places. There are also different spots that display street art in case you or your kids want to take something home.

5. Chiloe

Small towns can be just as fun as major cities, especially when they provide elements of nature. That’s why you should take your family to Chiloe for a day, as this will allow you to experience interactions with the locals without the noise of more populated areas. This is also the largest island of Chile, so you’ll have easy access to fishing, kayaking and other water-based activities.

Chiloe - Best Things to Do in Chile

The churches in Chiloe come in all sizes and colors so that you have beautiful additions to your photo collection. The forests have plenty of hiking trails, and the beaches allow you to get close to fish, sea turtles, lobsters and other forms of marine life. Horseback riding is also available in case your gang wants to explore the wilderness without walking too much.

6. Santiago Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Transportation plays a major role in how much fun you have on vacation because it determines how much time and money you have for other activities. If you’re visiting Santiago for part of your break, then you need to take your family on the city’s hop-on and hop-off tours so that you can see the most and best the city has to offer.

Santiago Hop-On Hop-Off Tour - Best Things to Do in Chile
Credits: Turistik

We recommend sitting on the seats at the top to get great views of the street, as well as the skyscrapers located throughout Santiago. These tours take you to Providencia, Plaza de Armas, Central Market, Bellas Artes and other attractions, and there are 12 stops located throughout the city so that you see as much as possible.

7. Atacama Desert

Certain locations have more to offer when it comes to becoming one with nature than others. One example is the Atacama Desert, which is full of hot springs and salt lakes so that you have something new to check out during your journey. There is no shortage of hiking trails at this desert, as well as mountains that are still covered in snow.

Atacama Desert - Best Things to Do in Chile

This desert is located at a high altitude, and there are hardly any clouds around, which allows you to enjoy sunny days on almost a regular basis. The rock formations come in different colors to make for great photos, and the best part is staying at night so that you can see numerous stars take over the night sky before you and the family go to sleep at your campsite.

Take your family to Chile so that they have a vacation full of memory-making experiences. And if you happen to be spending some time in this side of the world, a visit to other countries in the Southern hemisphere including Bolivia, Argentina, and Uruguay. And the Chilean tourism board is a great resource for planning your trip to Chile!

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