Best Things to Do in Salzburg, Austria with Kids

One of the best places to take your kids on their free time is a museum because of the objects and artifacts they get to check out in addition to the history lessons they receive. Some cities allow for multiple sources of historic exploration, and it may be time to take your kids to one of these cities instead of a theme park, beach or outdoor park.

Salzburg, Austria is a prime example of a city full of places to tour through for a lesson on people and locations that have had an impact on history. There is just so much to do when you visit Salzburg with your kids. The locations here provide great scenery along the way that will make for great additions to your photo collection. Salzburg ranks as one of the safest cities to visit in the world this year. Here are the best things to do in Salzburg with your kids.

1. Salzburg Fortress

Do you want your kids to feel like they’ve entered the world of one of their favorite fantasy movies or shows? That will be a piece of cake with a visit to Salzburg Fortress. This fortress, also known as Hohensalzburg Castle, sits at the top of Festungsberg Hill to give visitors an amazing view of the area from the towers.

Salzburg Fortress - Visit Salzburg Austria with kids

You can take the kids aboard the Funicular Cable Car to get to the fortress quick and check out different angles of the castle along the way. The courtyards make for great places to take breaks from tours of paintings and statues when you need some fresh air. The beauty of the fortress is best experienced at night when the area lights up.

2. Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Another historic building that you should take your kids to is Mirabell Palace and Gardens, which combines city architecture and greenery to showcase beautiful scenery. The Marble Hall is among the more popular parts of the area, and you may be lucky enough to be visiting when it is scheduled to host a concert.

Mirabell Gardens - Visit Salzburg Austria with kids

The garden provides plenty of areas where your kids can lay in the grass and guess the shape of clouds while you take photos of the different towers of the palace. The artifacts and monuments come with details on who used to live in the palace since it was built in 1606. The fountains, hedges, and other parts of the area are designed to emphasize the mythology of Austrian culture.

3. Salzburg Cathedral

If any of your kids aspire to be great artists when they get older, then you should take them to Salzburg Cathedral for an afternoon so that they can get inspired by the works of art and architecture that gave this church life. Both the inside and outside of the cathedral consist of formations that you can only find in Europe’s greatest cities.

Salzburg Cathedral - Visit Salzburg Austria with kids

Views of the outside and rest of the city are available from different floors inside the cathedral, which will ensure that you have a full photo collection at the end of your vacation. The columns, knaves, organ and frescos make for great demonstration of architecture from past centuries, and they will be must-visit attractions for kids who are into design.

4. Sound of Music/Silent Night Tour

It’s rare to have grown up without seeing at least one musical, whether it’s a film or TV show. Salzburg allows you to tour through areas that were used for the film “The Sound of Music,” one of the most popular musicals in history. After you and your kids see the movie, you can show them different spots and quiz them on what scenes they were in.

Silent Night Chapel - Visit Salzburg Austria with kids

Another spot that emphasizes music and makes for a great tourist spot is the Silent Night Chapel. This spot should be on your to-do list if you’re visiting Salzburg on Christmas Eve, as it is the setting for the city’s famous Christmas carol. If it happens to snow during your visit, it will add to the scenery.

5. Mozart’s Residence Tour

Those familiar with the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have the opportunity to learn more about his personal life when they visit Salzburg. Tours are available of the home that the composer grew up in, and you can take your kids on walking or audio tours to see what inspired him to create music.

Mozart’s Residence - Visit Salzburg Austria with kids

Tours are also available for the residence that Mozart lived in before he passed away. You can check out photos and biographies of family members and friends, and you can find out what he was doing when he wasn’t composing. Your kids can also look at what instruments he worked with, which should be fun for those who wish to create music when they get older.

6. Museum of Natural History and Technology

Your kids may be bigger fans of science and technology than history and art. In that case, they will get a kick out of the Museum of Natural History and Technology. Interactive science programs are available so that your kids can learn about the advancements made in different fields and how technology used to accomplish them has evolved.

Museum of Natural History and Technology - Visit Salzburg Austria with kids

This is also an opportunity for them to learn about animals that have existed throughout history, whether it’s from fossils from dinosaurs or visits to the aquarium and reptile zoo. Video tours and films are available in case you want to learn about different subjects that affect Earth, which range from space to geology.

7. Lake Region

Salzburg provides views and chances for adventure farther from civilization, as well. One way is through a visit to any of the gigantic bodies of water in the Lake Region. With options such as Lake Fuschl, Lake Wolfgang, Mondsee and Obertrunner See, you and the kids can enjoy fresh air and views of the mountains and water in one.

Lake Fuschl - Visit Salzburg Austria with kids

There are spots available in the Lake Region for fishing in case you want to give your kids a chance to compete while they experience peace and quiet not available in the city. Boats are also available to take you out for an afternoon so that you and your family can have a lunch and go swimming before you get back to the city attractions.

Make plans for these attractions so that you and your kids can experience the best that Salzburg has to offer. And remember that you can visit Salzburg anytime of the year, and we think this is one of the best cities to visit in Europe during winter!

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