Best Things to Do in Santiago, Chile with Kids

With over six million people, Santiago is the exciting capital of Chile. Unsurprisingly, this sprawling metropolis boasts a number of attractions that help make it one of the most-visited cities in Latin America. 

Best of all, it’s great for travelers of all types—including those with families. If you’re looking to visit Santiago, Chile with your family, it’s important that you find kid-friendly attractions. 

The good news is that we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of the five best things to do in Santiago, Chile with kids. By following this guide below, you’ll be able to make sure that everyone in your family—no matter how young or how old—will have the vacation they’ve always dreamed about. 

1) Tour Moneda Palace

Santiago is a great historical city, so it’s only right that you jump straight into the heart of its culture during your vacation. 

You can do this by vising Moneda Palace. This historical building is now home to the government of Chile. What’s more, you’ll be able to get free access to the courtyards every weekday—unless there is a special government event currently ongoing. 

Moneda Palace - Best Things to Do in Santiago, Chile with Kids

If you want, you’ll also be able to buy tourist tickets to get a look inside this government building. Don’t miss out on this chance to see everything that Santiago has to offer by touring its most important building. What’s more, this will be a wonderful educational experience for your children, giving them a better insight into world cultures and governments. (And let’s face it—it’s also a pretty cool story for them to tell their friends later.) 

2) Visit Plaza de Armas

Once you leave Moneda Palace, it’s time to visit the Plaza de Armas. This great plaza is home to many of the city’s greatest downtown shopping areas and restaurants. 

Plaza de Armas - Best Things to Do in Santiago, Chile with Kids

You’ll also be able to find a number of historical buildings and monuments that celebrate the city’s and the nation’s culture. A popular destination for both tourists and locals alike, Plaza de Armas should be at the top of anyone’s bucket list if they’re looking to vacation in Santiago with kids. 

3) Go Shopping

Don’t just restrict your shopping to just Plaza de Armas, however. Throughout Santiago, you’ll find a number of popular shopping districts that include both international and local favorites.

Girl Shopping - Best Things to Do in Santiago, Chile with Kids

Find the souvenirs that your family needs while doing some luxury shopping of your own by taking advantage of all the malls the city has to offer. 

4) Go for a Hike

If you’re looking for a more natural experience, however, you may choose to get off the beaten trials and find one of the city’s parks or wildlife areas. Here, you’ll find a number of hiking trails that are great for outdoorsy families. 

Hiking Trail - Best Things to Do in Santiago, Chile with Kids

By taking these trails, you’ll be able to escape the business of the city and enjoy some of the finest Chilean landscape and nature. 

5) Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral

Finally, consider visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral. This beautiful building is located in Plaza de Armas—but it’s such an important tourist destination that we decided to give it its own mention. 

Metropolitan Cathedral, Santiago
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This incredible cathedral is beautifully-designed and is tied to the founding of the city back in the early 16th century. Just be sure to arrive early if you want to beat the crowds. 

Consider these tips as you plan your next vacation to Santiago, Chile with kids to make the most of your trip. 

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