Travel Edition: Best Thrift Stores Near Me: In Every State of the US including Alaska and Hawaii 

One unique thing avid travelers search for when going to a new location is – best thrift stores near me! If you love collecting souvenirs when you travel, an antique store near you would be one of the best places to start. Ask the local for the best thrift stores near you and you’ll probably find hidden gems. And if you’re at home and searching for thrift stores near me, you’ll find plenty of good options. 

Thrift stores are treasure troves when it comes to finding exactly what you need without the high price tags. While there are some pretty amazing thrift stores around the USA, you will find some that are simply not worthy of your time. Therefore, it is best to scope out your local thrift stores and then only revisit the secondhand stores that fulfill all your needs. Of course, you can also venture into some amazing thrift stores when you are traveling, because it will allow you to find items that you may not have in the secondhand stores near your home! 

What is a Thrift Store?

A thrift store is a shop that resells items that are used, and sometimes even items that are brand new. Most of these stores receive all their items through donations, so it can be hit or miss on what you discover during each shopping visit. Many thrift shops near me are for non-profit organizations, but some are not. It is best to ask an employee if you would like to know more about where the money your thrift shop is making goes.

Top thrift stores

Before even deciding on which store to visit after you’ve searched for “thrift stores near me”, make sure your money is supporting a good cause.  Thrift stores include clothing thrift stores, furniture thrift stores, general merchandise thrift stores – all of which could be open near you so if you’re searching for “thrift stores near my location”, you’ll be surprised that what might come up. 

Tips for Shopping Thrift Stores

There are so many tips that I utilize when it comes to shopping at thrift stores near me, but a favorite is being friendly with the staff. This will allow you to learn little tidbits like when the newest merchandise is put out on the floor, so you know to arrive early that day for the best options. Another tip is to go on days when your local thrift store is having their discount day, because you can save even more money on the items you want or need. 

If you have multiple thrift stores in your area, you may want to visit them all on the same day or you can visit them all on the days when they have the best offerings. For example, one thrift store near me may have discount days on Tuesday and new merchandise on Thursdays, while another nearby thrift store offers discounts on Fridays and new merchandise on Saturdays. You could go to both on Tuesday and Friday, but then you might miss out on some good deals at one of them. The variety of America’s thrift stores is a pleasure to discover. 

What are the Best Chain Thrift Stores Near Me – You’re Wondering?

There are a couple different chain thrift stores in the USA, and they are Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. 

Almost everyone has heard about Goodwill, which isn’t surprising since it is one of the largest thrift stores in the USA and even has stores in twelve different countries. This thrift store was founded back in 1902 and the money they make allows them to help people acquire the necessary skills for advancing their careers. 

The Salvation Army uses the money they make at their stores to provide shelter, food, and emergency relief to those who need it the most. They call their thrift stores, family stores, and you will find them scattered across the country. 

Savers is also called Value Village and while this is a for-profit company, they do partner with many different non-profits. They do this by purchasing items from the non-profits and then selling those items in their stores. 

The last major chain thrift store is the Society of St. Vincent De Paul and they use their proceeds to provide housing, food, and clothing to those who need it. Almost all their stores are run by volunteers, which is different than most of the other chain thrift stores. 

There are a few best online thrift stores and if you find one you like, that will save you from having to search for thrift stores near you or nearby thrift stores as you can simply shop online. 

50 Best Local Thrift Stores Near Me – Depending on Where You Live!

1. Mission Possible Bargain Center Thrift Store in Alabama

This local thrift store in Birmingham, Alabama directs all its proceeds to the Downtown Jimmie Hale Mission, Inc., which is a shelter for homeless men. When you shop in this local thrift store, you will find items like clothing, furniture, antiques, home goods, and even a few novelty options. This is one of the best thrift stores in Alabama 

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2. Bad Mother Thrift Store in Alaska

One of the best thrift shops in Fairbanks, Alaska is Bad Mother. While you can find a lot of vintage clothing in this thrift store, you can also find so many items for your home. The works of art are amazing, so it is best to check often, or you will miss out on some fascinating discoveries. 

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3. The Bee’s Knees Thrift Store in Arizona

Amazing Thrift Store

The best thrift store in Phoenix, Arizona can be found in Phoenix. You can find everything from chic clothing to dishes for your kitchen and knick knacks for your home. Add in some works of art, furniture, jewelry, and novelty items and you have a one stop shop for all your purchasing needs. 

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4. Ozark Community Home Resale Shop Thrift Store in Arkansas

This local thrift shop in Mountain Home, Arkansas sends all its proceeds over to the Group Home for the Developmentally Disabled, so you know your donations and purchases are supporting a good cause. While you can purchase clothing of all sizes, you can also find shoes, home décor, kitchen items, children’s items, and so much more. If you’re in Arkansas and wondering about the best thrift store near me, this should do it! 

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5. Selah Vie Thrift Store in California

One of the best local thrift stores in California is in Long Beach. Furniture is everywhere in this thrift store in Long Beach, but don’t worry, you can find clothing, shoes, and hats too! Add in lamps, candle holders, and some home décor, and you can completely change the way your house, and you, look. 

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6. ARC Thrift Store in Colorado

ARC Thrift Stores, especially the one in Colorado Springs, have been helping the people in the state of Colorado  since 1968. They employ people with disabilities too. They have many stores scattered across the state, so there is always going to be a local thrift store near me for you to shop at. Every item in this thrift store has a colored tag on it and those tags will tell you if it is new, discounted fifty percent throughout the week, or if it is fifty percent off on a Tuesday or Saturday. If you’re in Colorado and wondering about the best thrift store near me, head to one of the ARC thrift stores in Colorado.

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7. Junior League Clothes Horse Thrift Store in Connecticut

The Junior League Clothes Horse is a thrift store in Hartford, CT that supports the Junior League of Hartford, Inc. They promote volunteerism, along with developing women’s potential and improving communities. This local thrift store sells all types of clothing and you never know what you will find every time you walk in the door. This is one of the best thrift store in Connecticut and if you’re in CT and needing a nearby thrift store, head over to this best local thrift store. 

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8. Beebe’s Treasure Chest Thrift Shop in Delaware

Best Thrift Stores Near Me

Beebe’s Treasure Chest Thrift Shop is a local thrift store in Rehoboth, Delaware. You will find this thrift shop at the Midway shops, nearby the Midway Water Park and La Tonalteca. This store opened in 2007 and supports Beebe Healthcare. There is a large gently used selection of clothes and shoes within this store, so you can have an entirely new wardrobe by the time you are finished shopping. This is one of the best thrift shops in Delaware. 

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9. Oddballs Nifty Thrift Store in Florida

The best thrift store in Florida happens to be in Fort Lauderdale and it is the best place to find treasures when spending time in paradise. This thrift shop has everything from vintage treasures to the thriftiest of finds, as well as a few oddball items you won’t find anywhere else. They even serve beer and wine to help with your shopping adventures in their seven thousand square foot store! So, if you’re on vacation in this part of Florida and looking for “thrift stores near me”, this local thrift shop is a great place to visit. 

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10. Lost-n-Found Thrift Store in Georgia

The Lost-n-Found Thrift Store in Atlanta, Georgia supports the LGBTQ youth of the community. Any donations you bring to them will be sold within their store. Of course, you can also do quite a bit of shopping if you are looking for gently used clothes, toys, art collectibles, kitchen items, and fitness equipment. So, looking for the best thrift store in Georgia? Head over to this place. 

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11. Rainbow Attic Thrift Store in Hawaii

The best thrift store in Hawaii is Rainbow Attic and you will find it in Kehei, Hawaii. This secondhand store near me offers so many different treasures that include clothes, sporting equipment, furniture, household goods, and woodwork. There is no rhyme or reason as to where things are located in this thrift store, so you may find yourself looking around for a while before you find exactly what you want or need. So, if you want an unique piece to bring home from your vacation in Hawaii, a search for best thrift shops near me, or best thrift stores near me, will bring up this amazing local thrift shop in Hawaii. 

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12. The Thrifty Owl Thrift Shore in Idaho

Thrift Store

The Thrifty Owl is a secondhand store in Nampa, Idaho that sells all types of gently used merchandise. Whether you are looking for clothes, furniture, household items, or something else, you will find it in this thrift store. This is the best thrift shop in Idaho and you’ll be sure to find a few things for your collection that you won’t find elsewhere. 

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13. Thrift & Thrive Thrift Store in Illinois

The best thrift store Chicago, Illinois is Thrift & Thrive. This secondhand shop opened back in 2011 and since then, they have focused on their community and green living. Their twenty-four hundred square feet of space is filled with gently used clothing for everyone, as well as shoes, accessories, jewelry, furniture, household items, books, records, toys, and so much more. If you can’t get to this vintage shop in person, you can always visit their Etsy and eBay sites to see what treasures they are offering. So, if you are looking for an online thrift store or online thrift shop, this is the one of the best thrift shops you can easily shop online. 

14. Audrey’s Place Thrift Store in Indiana

When it comes to thrift stores in Indianapolis, Indiana, no one does it better than Audrey’s Place. While this secondhand shop focuses mainly on furniture, you will discover a few oddities during your visit. This furniture thrift store near me offers items for bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, and offices, but your favorite finds will be the doorknobs, register grates, stained glass, and other items within their architectural salvage section. If you haven’t found exactly what you are looking for yet, this vintage shop is a must during your next vacation. Be sure to search for – thrifts stores near me – when you’re in Indiana and visit Audrey’s Place. 

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15. Artifacts Thrift Store in Iowa

The best vintage shop in Iowa City, Iowa is Artifacts and they have been serving the community there since 1995. They offer everything from clothes and household goods to jewelry, knick knacks, old books, and vintage cameras. You can spend hours wandering through this secondhand shop and will always exit with at least one purchase. This is one of the best thrift stores in Iowa, and one of local places you should visit if you’re in town and searching for: thrift stores near me. 

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16. Kulture on 39th Thrift Store in Kansas

Thrift Stores.

This thrift is part of the Red Racks Thrift Store group, which helps disabled American Veterans. Inside this secondhand store in Kansas City, you will find clothing, books, electronics, media items, shoes, and many other unique items. They regularly run sales that offer half priced items, so you will want to check back often.  This is a favorite nearby thrift store for locals who or travelers who to find hidden treasures. 

17. Tickled Pink Memorabilia Mall Thrift Store in Kentucky

When it comes to choosing the closest thrift stores, you will have a couple options in Louisville, Kentucky. Right now, our vote for best thrift stores Kentucky goes to Tickled Pink Memorabilia Mall. This is definitely a vintage type store, so you will want to keep that in mind as you plan your visit. Also, they are closed on Fridays and Saturdays, so you must adjust your schedule if you plan on being in the area around those days. This is one of America’s thrift stores that you should plan to visit on a trip to Kentucky. 

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18. Pelican Furniture & Thrift Store in Louisiana

The best thrift store New Orleans, Louisiana is Pelican Furniture & Thrift Store, and it is actually considered one incredible furniture thrift store nearby for the locals. It is never difficult to find this thrift store, because it is located in a massive yellow warehouse on the corner of a road just two blocks down from the Carrollton Avenue Streetcar stop. They have a huge selection of furniture, appliances, and other household items your home needs. This is one of the best places to find those one-of-a-kind items you have been searching for!

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19. Leeward Landing Thrift Store in Maine

The Leeward Landing Thrift Store is one of two Leeward thrift stores in the state of Maine. The first one was opened in York, Maine. They offer everything from clothing and furniture to household items and jewelry. This secondhand store takes its proceeds and uses them to support many local charities. They are currently supporting twenty-five local charities and that number has grown quite a bit from the time they opened their doors. So, in Maine and looking for – thrift stores near me – then head to this amazing shop!

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20. Second Chance Thrift Store in Maryland

thrift stores in the USA

Second Chance is a unique thrift store in Baltimore, Maryland, because they take different materials and components from homes and re-sell them to those who are renovating or building new homes. They have two hundred thousand square feet of space and it is full of salvaged items that are looking for a second chance. You will find everything from fixtures and furniture to appliances within this secondhand store space. This means you can completely re-do your home for a lot less than you would spend if you bought everything brand-new! They sometimes have discount days so if you’re in Maryland and searching – thrift stores near me – this will be a great place to visit. 

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21. Wicked Thrift Store in Massachusetts

Wicked Thrift is a vintage store that must be on your list for vacationing in West Dennis, Massachusetts this summer! This secondhand store offers many quirky items and many of them were brought in by the locals. The staff is quite friendly and somehow, they seem to know where everything is in the store. So, if you are looking for something specific, just ask, and they will take you right to it! This is a great nearby thrift store for locals. 

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22. Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Store in Michigan

This thrift store in Ann Arbor, Michigan takes its proceeds and gives it to the Ann Arbor Public Schools. You can find almost everything in this secondhand store, including linens, rugs, clothes, fabric, and yarn. They offer everyday discounts to students, seniors, and the military. They also have sale colors they update weekly. Depending on the color of the tag, you can save up to fifty percent on clothes, linens, rugs, fabric, and yarn, as well as twenty-five percent off furniture. Some days, you will even find clothes that are tagged with a price of fifty cents, while some linens, pillows, rugs, and fabrics will be marked down by seventy-five percent. If you search for – thrift stores around me – we recommend this store as the best thrift store in Michigan. 

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23. Ax-Man Surplus Stores Thrift Store in Minnesota

If you are looking for the best thrift stores St. Paul, Minnesota, Ax-Man Surplus Stores in Minnesota has it available! This thrift store near me basically buys the surplus of anything and everything, so they will have it in stock when you are looking for it. This is one of the secondhand shops that is in it to make money, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check them out when you are vacationing in the area. They will satisfy your need for the – the best thrift stores near me – if you’re looking for one in that area. 

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24. NUTS Thrift Store in Mississippi

best thrift stores

NUTS, or Neat Used Things for Sale, wins our “thrift store Mississippi” award that you simply must visit in Jackson Mississippi. All their proceeds go to the families they help. All the donations of clothes, furniture, household goods, and collectibles are handed out to the families and whatever is left over is sold in their two stores. If you are looking for basic items, then this is the secondhand store you must have on your list when visiting Mississippi or looking for – best online thrift stores near me, when in Mississippi. 

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25. Clothz Minded Thrift Store in Missouri

One of the best clothing thrift stores can be found in Kansas City, Missouri. The owner and employees of this amazing local thrift shop call themselves stylists, because they help every customer find the clothing that fits them the best. You will find everything you need for work, nights out on the town, workouts, and even time out on the sandy beaches and by the pool. You will never leave Clothz Minded empty handed, so be prepared to find something every time you walk in the door. This is one of the best thrift shops in Missouri. 

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26. Re-Couture Boutique Thrift Store in Montana

Re-Couture Boutique is a fabulous clothing and furniture thrift store in Bozeman, Montana. They have many must-need items in stock that include everything from designer clothes to home décor, home goods, and local treasures. You never know what you will find in this high-end thrift store, but you will always walk away with something when you take the time to stop in. If you’re searching for – thrift store near me – in Montana, then this is the place to head to. 

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27. Scout: Dry Goods & Trade Thrift Store in Nebraska

This clothing thrift store in Omaha, Nebraska has a huge stock of clothing and accessories. Some of the clothes can be considered vintage, while others meet the requirements of any other secondhand thrift store. It’s one of the best thrift stores in Nebraska and popular with locals. While you can easily find something in this store for yourself, it is also an excellent place to do some shopping for friends and family. 

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28. Assistance League Thrift Store in Nevada

Clothing rack in Thrift store

The Assistance League Thrift Store is the best thrift store on Las Vegas, Nevada. While you may not have secondhand stores on your list of things to do in this city that never sleeps, no vacation is really complete until you check a couple out. This shop sells everything from clothing, accessories, and shoes to antiques, collectibles, and household goods. All the proceeds from sales go to the many programs this thrift store supports. A few of those programs include Angel’s Assistance, Operation School Bell, Layettes, Hope High, and Perfect Fit. So, when in Vegas and wondering what to do, search for “thrift stores near me” and head to this thrift shop. 

29. Lucky Dog Thrift Shop in New Hampshire

The best thrift store in Nashua, New Hampshire is Lucky Dog Thrift Shop and all their proceeds go to the non-profit, Tails to Freedom, Inc. As you are shopping at Lucky Dog, you will find all types of clothing, as well as household goods, newer electronics, and some furniture. This is an excellent shop for finding unique things for your home, yourself, family, and friends. Since this is one of the more popular thrift stores in New Hampshire, it’ll probably be frequently recommended to you if you’re searching for the best thrift stores near me while in New Hampshire. 

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30. Nonu Vintage Thrift Store in New Jersey

The best thrift store in Dumont, New Jersey is Nonu Vintage. This vintage thrift shop specializes in mid-century modern costume jewelry, as well as many different types of vintage clothes and accessories. A stop at this secondhand store will also have you wandering around looking at furniture, chandeliers, clocks, works of art, and household goods. If you’re in NJ and looking for one of the best thrift stores nearby, or the best local thrift stores in New Jersey, this is the place to visit. 

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31. Thrift Town Thrift Store in New Mexico

Thrift Town is the best thrift store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but you must be aware that they have more than one location. In fact, you can visit Thrift Town thrift stores in the states of California and Texas as well. Therefore, you can turn a trip to this amazing secondhand store into a min road trip where you see what treasures you can find at each location. This is a wonderful clothing thrift store and you must sign up for their VIP program before going, so you can save some cash on your purchases. They also have different promotions each week, so you will want to plan your arrival accordingly. If you’re looking for the best thrift shop in New Mexico, this should make your list. 

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32. AuH2O Thrift Store in New York City

Used clothes in Thrift store

There are so many fabulous thrift stores within the state of New York and many of them can be found down in the city. However, if you are looking for the best thrift store in New York City, you must venture over to AuH2O. They specialize in secondhand designer clothes that are gently used and even new, as well as shoes, accessories, and vintage jewelry. They handpick all their stock, so you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need at an affordable price. This is one of the best thrift shops in New York. 

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33. Dorcas Thrift Shop in North Carolina

The best thrift shop in Cary, North Carolina is Dorcas Thrift Shop and you never know which one of the six hundred different volunteers you will see during your visit. This is one of the best secondhand stores to visit when you are on vacation, because you can purchase everything from clothes and jewelry to books, toys, household goods, and vintage items. It’s also one of the best antique stores to visit as well as a great place to find unique and priceless artifacts. 

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34. Seeds of Hope Thrift Store in North Dakota

Seeds of Hope is a wonderful thrift store in Bismarck, North Dakota that helps fund the Abused Adult Resource Center. One of the best times to visit this secondhand store is during the holiday season, because the store turns into a holiday store beginning at the end of October. You will find items for family and friends and maybe pick up one or two things for yourself. If you’re spending time in North Dakota and wondering about – best thrift shops near me – this is the place to shop. 

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35. The Designer Consignor Thrift Store in Ohio

The Designer Consignor is one of the best thrift stores in Lakewood, Ohio. This is more of a vintage thrift store, but you will find almost any type of clothing item you are looking for, as well as accessories. The specialize in designer items, but their prices are reasonable, and they offer markdowns throughout the year. So, this would be a great place to get quality stuff without breaking the bank. 

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36. Bargain Thrift Store in Oklahoma

Shopping in thrift store

The best thrift store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is Bargain Thrift. This clothing thrift store offers gently used items and they put out new merchandise every four weeks. As you are planning your trip to this secondhand shop, you will want to learn the markdown dates. While they mark many items down regularly, their main markdowns are completed every other Sunday. The proceeds of this shop support Vizavance and the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled. Shopping here means that you are supporting a local business which supports meaningful causes. 

37. Village Merchants Thrift Store in Oregon

The best thrift store in Portland, Oregon is Village Merchants. This secondhand store was founded back in 1998 and they sell all types of items. Their goal has always been to reduce the number of items that go to the landfill each year and they do a wonderful job selling everything that the locals, and even travelers, bring in. So, if you’re near here and want a nearby thrift store, head out here for some fun shopping. 

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38. Philly Aids Thrift Store in Pennsylvania

Philly Aids Thrift is an amazing thrift store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This secondhand store receives a lot of donations, so they offer numerous sales throughout the year to make sure items move out the door quickly. The color-coded discounts rotate throughout the month, so you will see a system when it comes to their discounts. As you are going through the racks and bins, you will find many clothing items, houseware items, and even knick knacks. If you’re in the area and looking for thrift stores near me, this would be a great place to start. During your visit, you will even spot dollar bins and racks and those are where you will find incredible deals on items you have always been searching for. While this is mainly a clothing thrift store, you will also find furniture, artwork, stereos, televisions, and antiques scattered amongst everything else. 

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39. Togs on Brook Thrift Store in Rhode Island

The best clothing thrift store in Providence, Rhode Island is Togs on Brook. They have new merchandise arriving daily, so you will always find something new every time you walk through the doors. If you’re in the area and looking to add a few new items to your collection of stuff, or you just want to window shop for new and exciting things, head over to this store for some retail therapy and to answer your question of thrifts shops near me! 

40. Brown Roof Thrift Store in South Carolina


The best thrift store in Spartanburg, South Carolina is Brown Roof Thrift. The entire fifteen thousand square feet of space is filled with furniture, clothing, and household items. All the proceeds from their sales go to different non-profit Christian organizations. This is another store that helps other and shopping here means supporting the organizations they support as well. This is a great nearby thrift shop for those in the Spartanburg area looking for – thrift shops near me. 

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41. Nu 2U Upscale Thrift Store in South Dakota

Nu 2U Upscale Thrift is the best thrift store in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When you are traveling through South Dakota, you must stop to see their huge selection of clothes, accessories, jewelry, furniture, baskets, and other household items. This secondhand shop has a mantra and it is, “Don’t look at what it IS…Think about what it could be in your own home.”.  So, when you enter the store, clear your mind, and simply think of all the possibilities. 

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42. Our Thrift Store in Tennessee

This thrift store in Franklin, Tennessee helps fund the GEAR Foundation, while also giving people with special needs a job. You will love all the employees, and volunteers, at Our Thrift Store. They will help you find the exact item you are looking for, as long as they have it, whether it is in their clothing section or in their huge selection of books or appliances. 

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43. Austin Pets Alive Thrift Store in Texas

There are two locations for this best thrift store in Austin Texas and when you shop at each one, your purchases help Austin Pets Alive. These two stores are filled with gently used items that you will love to buy. However, you may purchase a few extra items than you originally planned on during your visit, because the selection is wonderful, and your money is going towards a wonderful cause. 

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44. Urban Renewal Thrift Store in Utah

Clothing hanger in Thrift store

The best thrift store in Saint George, Utah is Urban Renewal. This secondhand store sells clothing and household goods, but you never know what you will discover as you are browsing simply because it’s a unique thrift store. You’ll find one or more exciting things to take home for yourself, family, and even friends. We think a stop at this shop is worth it if you’re in the area and looking for nearby thrift stores. 

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45. Dirt Chic Thrift Store in Vermont

One of the best thrift stores in Vermont is Dirt Chic. It is an upscale consignment store that sells clothing and accessories for all ages and genders. If you are planning a trip to Vermont, especially the Burlington area, any time soon, you must stop at this secondhand clothing store to see what treasures you can find. Ask locals to show you – thrift stores near me – and chances are that you will be pointed to this thrift store. 

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46. Second Chance Thrift Store in Virginia

The best thrift store in Virginia Beach, Virginia is Second Chance Thrift. They sell furniture, clothing, and household goods, plus a few additional treasures you won’t even know you are looking for! All the proceeds from their sales go directly to help animals in need. So, visiting Virginia Beach for some sun and want to find – clothing thrifts store near me – head out to Second Chance for a full day of shopping. 

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47. Hope Furnishings Thrift Store in Washington

There are not too many furniture thrift stores in Tacoma, Washington, but Hope Furnishings is the best. You will find all sorts of vintage furniture in this store, as well as brand flooring samples, and so much more. This store also donates, and buys new furniture, for those in need. If you are in the area and wondering about – furniture thrift store near me – this is the place to visit. 

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48. YWCA Past n’ Present Clothing Thrift Store in West Virginia

Charity shop

One of the clothing thrift stores in Charleston, West Virginia is YWCA Past n’ Present Clothing Store. They sell all types of clothing, as well as shoes and accessories. All the proceeds from this thrift store go to the YWCA Shanklin Center. This is really one of the best clothing thrift stores in Charleston and even in the US! If you’re already in the area, search for “thrift stores near me” and you will most likely come up with the YWCA!

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49. UW Swap Shop Thrift Store in Wisconsin

The best thrift store in Verona, Wisconsin is UW Swap Shop. They have amazing deals on gently used merchandise. You can check out some of their items online, so you can get an idea of why you should visit this shop in person. So, if you’re looking for an shop online thrift store, or just want to see what a thrift store online page looks like, try this shop for inspiration. 

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50. Beautiful Thrifty Rich Consignment Thrift Store in Wyoming

One of the most unique thrift stores in the country is Beautiful Thrifty Rich Consignment. This thrift store is in Jackson, Wyoming and they sell high-end household goods and clothing. However, they also have a huge selection of cowboy boots for those who can’t seem to get enough of the Wild West. This would be a great nearby store if you’re in Jackson and looking for something fun to do, or just want to do some shopping for the day. 

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Best Items to Buy at Thrift Stores

There are so many things that you can purchase at thrift stores nearby but ironically, there is a list of the items that are considered the best. Those best items include:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Vintage items

Items to Avoid Buying at a Thrift Store

Despite all the amazing things you can buy at a local thrift store, there are always a few things you should avoid purchasing. Those items include:

  • Stuffed animals – it might be not be hygienic or could have been re-stuffed with things that are not stuff. 
  • Safety equipment – it might be compromised and might not offer the right protection when needed. 
  • Mattresses – this is not advisable due to hygiene reasons. 

How You Can Support Your Local Thrift Store

Supporting your local thrift store is as easy as donating your gently used items to them and making purchases of things you need every time you visit. For example, most local thrift stores near me have specific days for drop offs and donations, but many are also willing to set up an appointment if the regular hours do not meet your needs. As for shopping, many of these stores have similar hours to many other stores, so you can always find a time to walk in their doors to buy that one item you have been searching for.  

These are the best thrift stores near me and in each state. While you can easily shop at any of these thrift stores near you, you can also plan an amazing vacation that takes you to many of them during your time away from home. You will be thrilled with all the stuff you can find at each of these thrift stores and it may change how you shop long into the future. 

How to Find Thrift Stores Near Me

Finding a – thrift store near me – when you’re searching for thrift stores, is as easy as doing a Google search or searching through the map app on your smartphone. Using the map app will allow you to pull up the directions immediately, while a Google search will have you taking additional steps to find out exactly where the thrift shop near me is located. However, we love the Google search, because that is where you can find the thrift stores that do not have a strong online presence. Whether you discover these through other bloggers or simply moms sharing the great deals they are purchasing from their favorite thrift stores doesn’t matter. The only thing that does matter is you know they exist. 

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