Best 24 Waterparks in the World

Most children love waterparks just like we love do! Many people choose to visit a theme park during a long-awaited vacation but imagine how much better your trip away from home could be if you chose to visit one of the best 24 waterparks in the world.  You would have the excitement of a theme park combined with lots of water to keep you cool on even the hottest days of the year!

Here’s our list of the top 24 best waterparks in the world! Have fun, make a splash, and don’t be afraid to get wet!

1. Wild Wadi Waterpark, United Arab Emirates

One of the best waterparks in the world is Wild Wadi Waterpark and you will love the views of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah nearby.  Wild Wadi, UAE has a main theme for the park, so be prepared to learn about Juha,  a character from Arabian folklore.

Wild Wadi Waterpark - Best Waterparks in the World

There are thirty different rides and attractions at this massive waterpark.  While you can ride them all, the ones that are considered the best include Jumeirah Sceirah, Tantrum Alley, and Juha’s Journey. Breaker’s Bay is a lot of fun too! 

2. Siam Park, Canaray Islands, Spain

For six years now, Siam Park in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain has been voted as the best waterpark in the world.  The rides at this waterpark are all designated as either relaxing, family-friendly, and adrenalin-ridden.  So, the amount of action you are looking for will determine which water attractions you go on when.

Siam Park - Best Waterparks in the World

Those thrill-seeking times will require a ride on the Mekong Rapids or the Tower of Power, while Jungle Snake and The Lost City are considered more family friendly.  If you simply must chill out and relax for a while, you can float along the Mai Thai River or simply hang out on Siam Beach.  

3. Beach Park in Aquiraz, State of Ceara, Brazil

Beach Park is one of the best waterparks in South America and it has earned this designation by offering numerous water attractions of all thrill levels.  Imagine spending most of your day inside at least a portion of the more than seven million liters of water that flows through Beach Park every single day.

Beach Park, Brazil - Best Waterparks in the World

There are eight different family attractions at Beach Park, but it is the Aqua Circus and Enchanted River that will capture your attention the most.  A little more excitement can be felt when you go on either Atlantis or Hupa and Hopa. However, the most thrilling rides, the ones that will really get your heart racing, include Insane, Chills, and Arrepius.  

4. Kalahari Resort, Poconos, Pennsylvania

One of the best waterparks in the USA is at the Kalahari Resorts.  In fact, this is one of the best indoor waterparks in Pennsylvania and you haven’t been on the best water rides in the world if you haven’t visited this fascinating water destination.  Plan on being here for more than a couple hours since you have twenty-two thousand square feet of space to explore!

Kalahari Resort - Best Waterparks in the World

You can become a mermaid for an hour or two, speed down Anaconda, win the Cheetah Race, relax on the Lazy River, or play some basketball at the Lost Lagoon.  The best way to experience this waterpark is as a guest of the Kalahari Resort, but if you have to stay off-site, you can purchase all-day or evening passes.  

5. Wet ‘n’ Wild, Hawaii

Wet n’ Wild is one of the best waterparks in America, even though it is located on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.  The twenty-nine acres of this waterpark are filled with lush tropical plants and flowers, as well as natural cliffs.  There are also more than twenty-five enticing attractions to consider if you can tear yourself away from all the beauty of the surrounding nature. 

Wet ‘n’ Wild - Best Waterparks in the World

Little ones will love hanging out in the Water World Kids Playground and no one can resist the relaxing sights and sounds of Kapolei Kooler, the Lazy River.  If you want a little more excitement in your day, the Waimea Whirl or the O-Hana Highway are excellent options. Tornado and Volcano Express are for the thrill-seekers who want a rush, but nothing is as extreme as Shaka.  

6. Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando, Florida

Millions of people vacation in Orlando, Florida every single year, and while they spend many of their days at a Disney theme park or Universal, almost every single one of them will spend a little time in one of the best waterparks in the US too. 

Typhoon Lagoon - Best Waterparks in the World

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is an amazing waterpark that offers fun for people of all ages. You can surf in the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool, drop down Gangplank Falls, and conquer the Humunga Kowabunga.  

7. Aquaventure Waterpark, Atlantis, The Bahamas

There is nothing better than having fun at one of the best outdoor waterparks in the world, especially if that waterpark is located in the Bahamas.  Aquaventure Waterpark can be found at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in Nassau.

Aquaventure Waterpark, Atlantis - Best Waterparks in the World

All the attractions are spread out over one hundred and forty-one acres and you can do everything from riding the high-speed water slides, conquering the rapids on the mile-long river, or simply swimming in one of the twenty swimming pools.  If you are not staying at the Atlantis Resort, you must obtain a day pass to join in on all this fun!

8. Water Cube Water Park, China

Water Cube Waterpark is one of the best waterparks in Asia and it is also considered the largest and most advanced indoor waterparks in the country of China.  Many of the materials used to create this park are translucent, so you can see different areas of the waterpark as you are having fun.

Water Cube Water Park, China - Best Waterparks in the World

While the attractions are stunning, you may spend more time looking at the coral reefs, seaweed, shoals, and jellyfish.  The Kids Pool is the perfect spot for younger guests, while older children and adults will prefer the Ridehouse or Bullet Bowl. The most appealing attractions at this indoor waterpark though is the Magic Water Stage. You will see ballet dancers performing and water drums being played, all in the waterpark!

9. Aquatica in Orlando, Florida

Aquatica is one of the best waterparks in Florida and it is often the one chosen by travelers who do not want to deal with the crowds of Disney.  In addition to spending time at this SeaWorld waterpark, you can explore SeaWorld’s theme park and Discovery Cove. There are numerous water slides and pools for you to enjoy, including the new Karekare Curl. 

Aquatica, Orlando - Best Waterparks in the World

The newest slide, Riptide Race opens in 2020. Add in the sandy beaches and water play areas for younger guests and the option to float down the lazy river when you are in need of some downtime, and you will have the time of your life at this amazing outdoor waterpark!  

10. World Waterpark in Edmonton, Canada

World Waterpark is one of the best indoor waterparks near me and it is also considered one of the best waterparks in North America.  You will find this waterpark inside West Edmonton Mall, and the water is always warm there.

World Waterpark, Canada - Best Waterparks in the World

This waterpark offers birthday parties and many different clubs meet there every single week.  However, there will always be room for you to ride the Caribbean Cruiser, the Corkscrew, Twister, Blue Bullet, and the Tropical Typhoon. Don’t forget to take a dip in one of the hot tubs as well.  

11. Tropical Islands in Krausnick, Germany

Tropical Islands in Krausnick is such a unique outdoor waterpark, but that might be exactly what has turned it into one of the best waterparks in Europe!  You can spend your time on the waterslide, which is the tallest one in the country, or you can sit back and relax on ground level at the Tropical Sea.

Tropical Island, Germany

You can wander along the two-hundred-meter sandy beach or simply sink your toes in the sand.  The all-time favorite spot at this outdoor waterpark though is the Lagoon, with its gorgeous waterfall and grotto.  

12. Aquapark Istralandia in Novigrad, Croatia

Many times, you just want to spend a little time swimming in the water when you are traveling.  While multiple waterparks around the world offer thrilling slides and other attractions, a few, like Aquapark Istralandia offer numerous pools for swimming too.  Each pool is unique, so you can choose between shallow and deep water.

Aquapark Istralandia, Croatia

While your kids will love the wave pools, you will probably enjoy the hydromassage areas the most.  Of course, you should still conquer the slides at this outdoor waterpark, because there are more than one and a half kilometers of thrills to experience. Past guests have loved the Flying Boats and Family Rafting, but you may also want to attempt the Black Kamikaze and the Space Rocket.  

13. Waterbom in Bali, Indonesia

Waterbom is another one of the best waterparks in Asia and what vacation could be more perfect than time at this waterpark and on the sandy beaches of Bali!  This outdoor waterpark offers a couple easy water rides, but most of them are moderate to extreme when it comes to thrills offered.

Waterbom, Bali

Younger guests, and those who don’t want their hearts racing, will prefer the Lazy River.  However, everyone else will want to spread their time out so they can experience everything from the Python and Constrictor to the Smashdown 2.0 and the Fast n Fierce.  

14. Imagica Water Park in Maharashtra, India

Imagica Water Park is one of the best waterparks in India and it is not difficult to see why when you arrive.  You can zoom down the slides all on your own or you can enjoy one of the many thrilling group slide rides.

Imagica Water Park, India

We recommended that you begin over in Pirate Bay before tackling the Wacky Waves, Yell-O, and Loopy Woopy.  Your entire family will also love the steep drops and turns of Raftaastic! 

15. Area 47 in Innsbruck, Austria

Area 47 is the largest outdoor waterpark in the country of Austria, and it incorporates multiple adrenalin filled adventures into the attractions.  Instead of basic slides, you will fill the hours exploring deep caves, conquering white-water rapids, and going deep into dangerous gorges.

Area 47 in Innsbruck, Austria

The slides are steep, the Cannonball chute is extraordinary, and the high ropes course is the highest in the country.  

16. Wet n’ Wild Ushaka Marine World in Durban, South Africa

Wet n’ Wild Ushaka Marine World is one of the best waterparks in Africa and it caters to those people who love adventures, as well as the calmer things in life.  The Family Rafter, or Jika Jika, is one of the favorite rides amongst past guests, because it allows everyone to have fun together.

Wet n’ Wild Ushaka Marine World in Durban, South Africa

However, make sure everyone in your group ventures out to do their own thing, whether it is on the Mamba Tunnel Slide, the Cuda Supertube, the Dizzy Duzi Adventure Ride, or the Fast River Ride.  If you are at this amazing outdoor waterpark without the younger generation, you can hang out at the Adult Pool and even enjoy a party in the pool with a DJ.  

17. Caribbean Bay in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Caribbean Bay is a popular outdoor waterpark in South Korea that is basically an extension of the ever-so-popular Everland theme park.  You can definitely do both parks, but it is recommended that you only wander through one park per day. Once you have done several of the water rides, whether the steep bobsleighs, the surf simulator, or the wave pool, you can relax in the hot springs or even take a nap in the Sleeping Room. 

Caribbean Bay in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

This waterpark is open for a long time each day, so you may think that you can arrive late and still have a fabulous time. While that can be true, you will find that the shortened day is simply not enough time to truly appreciate everything this waterpark has to offer.  

18. WaterWorld Waterpark in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

WaterWorld Waterpark is considered one of the best waterparks in Europe.  There are eighteen different rides and attractions within this amazing outdoor waterpark and you basically get a mythology lesson as you are riding them all.  Apollos Plunge will have you thinking about Gods, while it is all about the Goddesses at Aphrodite’s Baths.

WaterWorld Waterpark in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Add in some time at the Marathons Challenge, Chariot Chase, Phaethon’s Flume, and Drop to Atlantic and you will have more thrills than you know what to do with.  The best way to experience this outdoor waterpark is from one of the VIP Cabanas, but you may want to go all out with the VIP Suite.  

19. Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi, UAE

This is one of the best waterparks in the world and some people say that it is even the greatest water playground ever!  There are more than forty different rides and attractions at this waterpark and they also offer special events like Cinesplash on occasion. 

Yas Waterworld

The latter is a show that is done in 5D and it is an experience that no one will ever forget. A few of the rides that you will love include Slithers Slides, the Amwaj Wave Pool, Dawwama, and the Al Raha River.  

20. Happy Island Waterpark in Johannesburg, Africa

Africa has so many fantastic outdoor waterparks, but Happy Island Waterpark could be considered the best of the best.  This waterpark has the largest wave pool in the country, and they are happy to say that they now have a Lazy River for their guests to enjoy. 

Happy Island Waterpark in Johannesburg, Africa

However, the Gravity Loop, Behemoth Bowl, and the Rainbow Slide are where you will see the longest lines. Little ones will prefer the Pirate Boat Slide, while adults like you, may never want to leave the Massage Pools.  

21. Makadi Water World in Hurghada, Egypt

Water activities are only a few of the things that you can do at Makadi Water World, but they will be the ones that keep you the busiest. 

Makadi Water World in Hurghada, Egypt
Credits: Musement

This is one of Egypt’s largest outdoor waterparks and you will find everything from swimming pools to recreational areas. The longest lines will be at the water slides, but you will be more than happy to have waited in those lines when you are quickly racing to the bottom of each one.  

22. WetSide Water Park in Hervey Bay, Australia

You will find one of the best waterparks in Australia over where Main Street and the Esplanade meet.  This is right near the famous Hervey Bay, which only adds to the ambiance of this fascinating outdoor waterpark. One of the best things about this waterpark is that entry is free, but you do need to pay to ride some of the attractions. 

WetSide Water Park in Hervey Bay, Australia

The Water Play Area is always a hit for people of all ages, but everyone will want to go on a water slide or two during their visit. If you can, plan your visit for a Saturday evening, because they hold a special fountain light show at seven.  

23. Black Mountain Water Park in Hua Hin, Thailand

Black Mountain Water Park has more than forty thousand square meters of space, which means that there is plenty of room for you to have a little fun at this extraordinary outdoor waterpark.  There are currently six different pools at this waterpark, but the most popular ones are the Lazy River and the Children’s Adventure Pool.

Black Mountain Water Park in Hua Hin, Thailand

When it comes to the nine different water slides, you will have a hard time determining which color to try first.  The Blue Snake offers some twists and turns, but is it as daring as the Grey Screw or the Black Wave?? You’ll know once you have traveled down them all!

24. Maya, Lost Mayan Kingdom in Mahahual, Quintana Roo, Mexico

This themed waterpark will have you looking for more adventures, but in a good way, because you will just want to experience more of the fun that you have been having since arriving at this park! 


Start to get wet at Monkey’s Island and then make your way over to the massive water slides. Jaguar River should be next on your list and you must tackle Jurakan before you leave at the end of the day.  

These are the 24 best waterparks in the world, and you will want to spend at least a day at all of them.  While it would be impossible to visit them all during a single vacation, you can easily check them off your list as you travel around the world!  If you are unsure of where to begin, simply choose the best waterpark near you or simply start at the top and work your way down until all twenty-four are completed.  Once you’re done, you can  now determine which one is the best waterpark in your book!

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