Can I Travel with My Child Without Father’s Consent?  

Packing a suitcase and jetting off to different destinations around the world, or just driving somewhere a few hours away, can be a lot of fun when you include your children, but there may be a time that you ask the question, “Can I travel with my child without father’s consent?”.  That question actually gets asked quite often and while you would think the answer would be fairly easy, it can get a little complicated depending on your situation.  

If you are a mom and you want to start traveling around the world with your child, you are going to want to see exactly what you need to do to make it happen when the father cannot be with you.  

What documents are needed when traveling with a child?

When you are traveling with a child, the requirements will be slightly different depending on whether you are staying fairly local or if you are traveling abroad.  For those times when you are traveling domestically, you can normally use a copy of your child’s birth certificate for their identification.  However, if you are planning on flying to another country or driving across the border, you will need a few other items. Those items include a passport for your child, proof of your relationship to them, and a child travel consent form.  

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What is a child travel consent form?

A child travel consent form can also be called a letter of permission to travel and it basically states that the child has permission to travel with that adult.  When this form is being filled out, it will require information that includes the child’s contact information, the contact information of both parents, the travel arrangements, and the destination.  If you are traveling without your child’s father, then this form should be signed by him and even notarized, so you do not have any issues when traveling.  

What documents are needed when flying with a child?

As mentioned above, the documents that are required when traveling with a child differ depending on where you are going.  The required documents will also be different if you are planning on flying to your destination instead of driving.  

When you choose to fly with your child, you will at least need identification for them, whether a passport or birth certificate depending on your destination, and identification for yourself.  A child travel consent form is also a good idea to ensure that you are allowed to board the plane or enter another country.  

Can one parent travel with child?

Yes, one parent can travel with their child, as long as they have permission from the other parent.  While a verbal approval may seem like it should be enough, it may not be.

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Therefore, it is always an excellent idea to have the other parent fill out the child travel consent form and have it notarized, so you have no problems during your travels.  

Do I need the father’s permission to travel with my child?

Yes, you will need the father’s permission to travel with your child, but there are specific circumstances where you may be able to get around that requirement.  If the father is not in the picture, you can fill out the special circumstances section on the form. It is also possible to go before a judge to obtain the okay for traveling without the permission of the other parent.  You should also have no problem at all traveling without permission if you have sole custody and bring the papers with you to prove it. You must be aware that it can be very difficult to obtain permission in some of these scenarios, so you should do everything that you can to secure permission from the father before exploring these avenues.  

Can I fly with my child without father’s permission?

You may find that it is fairly easy to travel domestically without permission from your child’s father, but it will not be as easy if you want to travel out of the country.  The new guidelines were put into place to ensure that major custody disputes are not started from parents taking their children out of the country without the other parent knowing.  Therefore, it is always best to be prepared and have a child travel consent form filled out prior to making all your travel arrangements.  

Can I take my child out of the country without father’s consent?

The only way you can take your child out of the country without their father’s consent is if you have sole custody, and you can prove that by providing papers, or you can prove that you have no idea where the father is and the court states that you can travel with them.  Any other scenarios will have you needing permission from the father and having him filling out a child travel consent form.  


Do you need a notarized letter to travel with child?

A child travel consent form does not necessarily need to be notarized, but certain countries and airlines will not accept them unless they are.  For that reason, I always recommend that you get them notarized, so you never need to worry that someone will question the authenticity of the form.  

What documents does a child need to travel without parents?

If there is a time when your child will be traveling without you or their father, they will still be required to have the necessary documentation.  Their birth certificate is usually sufficient for domestic travel, but a passport is always the best option and that is the only thing that will be accepted if they are traveling internationally.  They should also have a notarized copy of the child travel consent form, as it will have all the necessary contact and travel information listed on it. These documents can be used for when they are traveling alone or with an adult that is not their parents or even when they are traveling with an adult that has a different surname as theirs

Traveling with your child can be a lot of fun, even if their father cannot join in on the excitement.  While some parents may travel alone with their children because the other parent is busy with work or other obligations, many others will simply have no choice due to divorce or other situations.  No matter which situation applies to you, it is still going to be best to know the answer to the question, “Can I travel with my child without father’s consent?”, because then you will know exactly what you need during the planning process.  

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