Cheap Family Vacation Destinations

A lot of people avoid boarding the plane, skip taking the train, or worse ditch traveling altogether because of budget. Many people think that traveling is costly rather than enriching. Traveling is something even more impossible if you think of taking everyone in the family out of the country without spending a fortune.

While it is true that spending is inevitable when you travel, expense, cost, budget, and anything that relates to money when on the road is relative. There are travelers who opt to book that high-priced first class or business class airline tickets, either because they can afford to or they simply want to experience flying like a king.

But some are rather practical and skip all the airline add-ons. There is certainly nothing wrong about that. As a traveler, it is highly recommended and wise to plan your itinerary without hurting your pocket so much. If you can go for a low-budget but highly-rated hostel rather than a fancy and expensive five-star hotel, then do so.  You certainly do not need to rob a bank to enjoy the culturally enriching and amazing world of travel.

If you are one of those who are considering traveling soon with the family, but are overthinking about the cost, consider these destinations as your first travel stops. These countries are not only top-rated for their wonderful attractions and natural wonders, but are also a major hit with budget- and cost-conscious travelers. Here are the places for cheap family vacations:

1. Thailand

Thailand - Cheap Family Vacations

From Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, to its mountainous Chiang Mai, to the sunny Phuket, and the lively Pattaya, Thailand is on the top of the list of countries you can visit for the cheap family vacation. Although there are pretty expensive resorts in the area, the country is also home to budget-friendly beach-huts, rich culture, amazing sceneries, and affordable transportation options. In the capital, you can travel via a “Tuk tuk,” a three-wheeled motorcycle that is everyone’s favorite way of getting around the city before BRTs and MRTs. Thai food such as the world-renowned Pad Thai is not only cheap but also delicious.

2. Vietnam

Vietnam - Cheap Family Vacations

You don’t have to choose between Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi when traveling to Vietnam because you can visit both without breaking a bank. This country is a top travel destination for Western visitors, including traveling families for its remarkable affordable and cheap accommodation options, food selections, and variety of stunning attractions. Going around the major streets in the country is easy through motorcycles that you can rent for a cheap price.  A cruise of the Mekong River is best enjoyed by the family during sunet without spending a fortune.

3. Nepal

Nepal - Cheap Family Vacations

The fact that Nepal is a small country makes it easy for it to land on this list of cheap family vacation destinations. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in height. It is home to eight of the world’s highest peaks, including the world’s tallest – Mount Everest. This country that is located between India and Tibet in the Himalayan mountains offers great adventures such as mountain trekking, camping, and hiking that are all affordable and budget-friendly.  Among the major activities that the family can enjoy here are a trek to Annapurna base camp and a visit to Narayanhiti Royal Palace. For other amazing activities you can do with kids in Nepal, click here.

4. South Africa

South Africa - Cheap Family Vacation

One of the best places to experience the safari world without hurting your finances is by taking the family to the great South Africa. Its capital city of Cape Town boosts so much beauty and history that appeals to kids and kids-at-heart. The Table Mountain and its beaches are among the major attractions in the city that keep tourists coming in.  Adventure seekers also will love a trip to  Hluhluwe-Imfolozi without spending a lot. Read more about the things you can do with your family in South Africa through this link.

5. Guatemala

Guatemala- Cheap Family Vacation

A country in Central America and located south of Mexico, Guatemala offers travelers great but affordable accommodation, transportation, and food prices. The mix of natural beauty, Maya traditions highlighted by the monumental and mother of Mayan sites, Tikal, and colonial legacies is a good reason why this country is on our list. There is so much more about the Land of the Maya that you can read on through this link.

6. India 

India - Cheap Family Vacation

It is difficult not to have India on this list of cheap family vacation destinations. The range of affordable food is impressive. You can eat so much Biryani, Tikka, and Roti for so little money.  Plus, the list of amazing and stunning attractions in the country, some of which are free of entrance fees, is remarkable.  Visit Goa for the beaches, Uttar Pradesh for the Taj Mahal, Mumbai for its kebabs, and New Delhi to experience the  Indian capital. For the list of things to do in New Delhi, click here.

7. Czech Republic

Czech Republic - Cheap Family Vacation

Despite being a major tourist destination today, the Czech Republic, especially its capital city of Prague, has remained among the most affordable places to visit in Europe. This is where you can experience rich culture, stunning medieval architecture, and historic castles and fortresses. Touring the city by foot, by boat, or by bus is cheap. A hearty meal for the entire family will definitely not be challenging for your pocket as well. Tripelle has the places you can visit with kids in Prague covered. Visit this link to know more.

8. Laos

Laos - Cheap Family Vacation

This landlocked country in the Indochinese region of Southeast Asia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic or Laos, is a captivating country with rock-bottom prices for most of its amenities and accommodation facilities. There are caves, temples, and great outdoor activities in Luang Prabang you can choose from when visiting Laos. The kids will love seeing the elephants that roam around freely in their natural habitat. Get the full list of places you can visit with kids in Laos through this link.

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