Comprehensive Guide to Visiting Luxembourg with Family

Truthfully, it is difficult to find a country which has European culture so deeply embedded than Luxembourg. Tucked neatly between the borders of Germany, France and Belgium, Luxembourg is truly a magnificent blend of all three countries, which is evident in the art, music and the cuisine of this gorgeous little country. And you might wonder, is Luxembourg a country, like many others do. Yes, it is! Even though it’s quite small, it is a fully independent and rich country too! 

Recently, tourism in Luxembourg has skyrocketed, thanks to the increase availability of flights from other European destinations, which has opened up doors to connecting flights from North America, as well as the Middle East and Asia. 

Where is Luxembourg and Map of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is nestled between the borders of France, Germany and Belgium, right at the heart of Western Europe. Habitants who grow up in this city will see a tremendous mix of the three cultures, as well as having grown up speaking a little of all three languages. This is actually one of the most interesting Luxembourg facts! Its culture, architecture, history, and cuisine reflect just this, and is visibly evident to all tourists and visitors. Luxembourg map clearly shows its relationship to other neighboring countries as well as how it’s landlocked between Germany, France, and Belgium. Luxembourg is one of the 17 totally landlocked countries in the world. Other landlocked countries include Slovakia, Hungary, Andorra amongst others. 

Map of Luxembourg
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Flag of Luxembourg

Luxembourg flag comprises  three horizontal stripes – red, white and blue. It was adopted for official use in 1993. Incidentally, the flag of The Netherlands is almost similar to the flag of Luxembourg as both share the same colors, but the flag of Netherlands has darker red and darker blue stripes.

Flag of Luxembourg

How Big is Luxembourg

Luxembourg is currently ranked 167th out of 194 countries in terms of size. The county measures only 82km long and 57km wide. It is therefore one of the smallest countries in the entire European Union if you’re wondering about Luxembourg’s size. Luxembourg’s population currently stands at 600,000. It has one of the highest population growth rate in the entire European Union and remarkably, the country ranks as the world’s second richest country and possesses a considerably strong workforce. 

What is the Capital Of Luxembourg

The capital of Luxembourg Country is Luxembourg City. It is one of the capital cities in the world that is a UNESCO Heritage Site because of its historic buildings and fortifications. Since Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world, Luxembourg City one of the richest capital cities in the World. If you want a historically fascinating place to visit in Europe, then Luxembourg’s capital should be on your list. We think it’s one of the most famous cities in Luxembourg.

How to get to Luxembourg

The convenient destination of Luxembourg means that it is easily accessible for tourists to reach from a myriad of transport methods. The most common is by air through Luxembourg airport. The national airline, Luxair connects Luxembourg with most other European cities such as Paris, London, Milan and Berlin. While there are currently no transatlantic flights available to Luxembourg from the US or further, you could always catch a connecting flight at one of the aforementioned cities.

Another common method now is by train. Thanks to Europe’s advanced high-speed train system, and Luxembourg’s convenient location, almost all major cities could be reached via the train in only a matter of hours. For example, trains from London and Brussels won’t take any longer than one hour, and journeys from Paris to Luxembourg and Madrid  to Luxembourg rarely exceed 2 hours. Other cities like Strasbourg and Cologne are within driving distance.

How to Get Around Luxembourg

Luxembourg airport is situated only a few miles east of Luxembourg City, which makes public transport the easiest option to make your way around. The public transport system in Luxembourg is cheap, reliable and of an outstanding quality. Since Luxembourg is rather expensive compared to some of its neighbors, it is recommended to the public transport if you are looking to save some costs in your journey. You can buy a Day-Long bus ticket for just €4, or single tickets, for unlimited journeys for two hours. 

The 10 North Line train is recommended if you’re making your way from the airport to the city center, as the countryside in Luxembourg can be extremely picturesque, leading past many sights too. 

Is Luxembourg Safe?

Luxembourg City is said to be one of the safest in the world, like many other European tourism destinations however, you always should be careful of petty crime. Violent crimes on the street almost never happen in this country. Having said that, however, you should continue to keep an eye on your belongings and apply common sense in order to stay safe. 


One thing you may notice in an extended trip to Luxembourg, is that there are frequently a number of demonstrations which take place. Luxembourg is home to many of the EU committees; hence, it can become somewhat of a hotspot for demonstration gatherings. However, most protests do remain peaceful, and will rarely break out into violence. 

What Language is Spoken in Luxembourg

It is estimated that approximately 60% of Luxembourg’s population speak English. If you’re visiting Luxembourg and English happens to be the only language that you speak, you should be able to get by without any major problems. Most of these English speakers are concentrated within the city of Luxembourg. Most of the road traffic signs are written in French, while German is very common in the press. 

People from Luxembourg are very proud of their culture, so any attempt to speak their language would be widely appreciated and well received by the locals. So, try learning a few phrases of some common Luxembourg languages if you plan to visit. 

What Currency is Used in Luxembourg

Since Luxembourg is part of the Eurozone, the main currency that is used is the Euro. There are plenty of ATMs in and around the city of Luxembourg which allow you to withdraw Euros. Card payments are the norm in the city, but make sure to check with your bank first, of course!

When is the Best Time to Visit Luxembourg

The best time of the year to visit Luxembourg is often Spring (April, May and June) and Fall (September and October). This is thanks to the milder temperatures that can be found in these months. However, having said that, during the winter seasons, despite the cool temperatures, Luxembourg has a fantastic Christmas market, one of the most reputable in Europe. If you are in the country during the Christmas period, this should not be missed.

Also, there are numerous festivals which take place here during the summer, all of which can be enjoyed in the hot weather that comes along too!

Best Places to See and Things to do in Luxembourg

1) Grand Ducal Palace of Luxembourg

Perhaps the most astonishing landmark of the entire city, the Grand Ducal Palace of Luxembourg, is the only Grand Duchy that remains in the entire world, with their monarch holding the title of the Grand Duchy.

Grand Ducal Palace of Luxembourg
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

So of course there is a residence for the royals in the city. When it was first built, the building initially acted as the city hall, but has been used by the royal family ever since the late nineteenth century. For visitors, it is located right at the very heart of the old town. Visting this palace is one of the best things to do in Luxembourg City.

2) Ville Haute and Ville Basse

Want something fun to do in Luxembourg and don’t know where to start? Start here! Both of these terms translate directly as “High Town” and “Low Town”. They are widely regarded by both locals and visitors to be the prettiest parts of the entire city. There is beautiful architecture and pretty little twisting streets to lose yourself in. There are plenty of beautiful vantage points across the Alzette River, and the Pétrusse River. Also, you can have fantastic views overlooking the Nemünster Abbey, or even admire the pastel-coloured houses along the banks of both rivers. 

3) Casemate’s Bock

If you enjoy being underground, you can explore the underground fortifications of Casemate’s Bock since it’s one of the top things to do in Luxembourg. It was these mighty city defendants which led to the nickname of the city, “Gibraltar of the North”.

Casemate’s Bock
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

These passageways and tunnels were built into the Bock Cliff during the 1700s, and had several uses including acting as a shelter during both world wars. Admission costs no more than a few euros and is well worth having a look around! 

4) Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral is the only Cathedral in the Grand Duchy, and its structure dates back to around the 17th century. The beautiful and underrated nave is perhaps the most astonishing feature of this cathedral. Organ concerts take place from 11am every Saturday. What’s more is, it’s a fantastic place to wind down and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The crypt itself outside the chapel is also used as the resting ground for the Ducal Family. We rate this one of the top 10 things do in Luxembourg. 

5) National Museum Of History and Art

Despite its relatively compact size, Luxembourg still has plenty of museums for you to enjoy. The most popular of which is the National Museum Of History and Art, which can be found in the Fish Market in the Old Town Center.

national museum of history and art luxembourg
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Here, there is a comprehensive range of items which can be found, such as coins, tools, weapons, photographs and historical documents. Much of the artwork that can be found here is focused on the Gallo Roman era, and tells the story of religious life in Luxembourg. It also tells the story of the history of Luxembourg and is one of the top places to see in Luxembourg. 

6) Visit Park Merveilleux

In the small town of Bettembourg rests a fabulous park with an amusements Park, games, arcades, playgrounds and even trains that frequently do tours of the park itself. The town is only six miles from Luxembourg City, and rather conveniently only 3 miles from the French border, should you decide to hop across. Mini golf courses are available, as well as outdoor concerts, eateries, and the ability to ride ponies. Hanging out in Park Merveilleux is simply one of the best things to do in Luxembourg. 

7) Visit Berdorf

Berdorf has grown a reputation of being one of the tourist hotspots of Luxembourg. It sits on the windblown table near the valley of Black Ernz and the Sûre.

Berdorf, Luxembourg
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

These valleys allow you to take in all the majestic nature of the landscape, as this area is also home to 3,000 forest acres. Not to mention, that this Valley is easily accessible on foot thanks to the long footpaths available. The hills here provide the perfect opportunity for rock climbing making this one of the top places to visit in Luxembourg. 

8) Discover Echternach

Echternach sits very close to the neighboring German border and sits along the bank of the river Sûre. The town is well known and reputable for its musical festivals, most of which occur in a May and June, as well as a dancing progression that is held on Whit Tuesday (Pentecost Tuesday) every year. Old-fashioned homes and twisting streets can be found in the town centre as well as medieval architecture dating back hundreds of years. This is one of the best cities to visit in Luxembourg as well as one of the most unique places to visit.

9) Discover Place Guillaume

Place Guillaume is most visited for its open areas, which used to be the location of a Franciscan convent. It’s ranks on our list of fun places to see in Luxembourg. 

Place Guillaume, Luxembourg
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The area is fully closed to all vehicles and walkers can enjoy the impressive statue of William II on horseback, the King of Holland and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The Spanish Turney can also be found here, as well as the Town Hall, and former cavalry barracks. 

10) Climb the Corniche Walls

In Luxembourg City, the Walls of the Corniche overlook the city down into the valley. The gate of the Grund is also located here, which was built in the seventeenth century, as well as a range of houses and other things within the region. St Michaels Church and the Neumünster Abbey, which is home to a famous pipe organ as well as the “black virgin”, can be found here too. So if you’re wandering about one of the best things to do in Luxermbourg, or maybe something fun to do in Luxembourg, this should do it! 

11) Luxembourg City History Museum 

The Luxembourg city museum was created after four 17th century houses were put together. The museum itself not only demonstrates the rich history of Luxembourg City, but also, the architectural diversity and the infrastructural development of the nation ever since the Middle Ages.

Luxembourg City History Museum 
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The museum consists of not only ceramics, postcards, photographs and topographical models to the urban development, but a whole host of interactive and engaging activities, programs and events for you to enjoy. A trip here is usally one of the unique things to do while visiting Luxembourg. 

12) Château de Vianden

In the city of Vianden, perhaps the most breathtaking and astonishing castle in Luxembourg can be found – the Château de Vianden. It was built between the 11th and 14th century, and is one of the biggest feudal residences of the Gothic period in Europe. Astonishingly, the main parts of the castle were constructed between the end of the 12th century and the beginning of the 13th. It was then restored in the 1970s and nowadays is considered one of the most significant monuments in European History. Viaden is one of the top cities to visit in Luxembourg for this and so many other reasons. 

13) Philharmonic Luxembourg 

The Philharmonic concert hall of Luxembourg is the concert hall of the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg. Nicely representing the multi cultural personality of the city.

Philharmonic Luxembourg 

This outstanding piece of architecture holds soloists, conductors and orchestras from all across the world. The remarkable quality of its acoustics and close collaboration with well-known musicians had made this hall one of the most famous in Europe. Even just visiting this outside of this building has to make one of the top things to do in Luxembourg. 

14) Passerelle Viaduc 

This historic bridge offers all visitors breathtaking, panoramic views across Luxembourg City, built in 1860 by Waring Brothers, this bridge connects the city centre with the new railway station. Also referred to as the old bridge, this bridge is well worth a fantastic visit, even just for the photo opportunities! It’s totally worth adding to your list of things to do in Luxembourg. 

What is the Nightlife Like in Luxembourg?

 Regardless of whether you are a weary tourist who has just spend the day exploring the city, or just a local who is tired from a day’s work, there will always be something for you in this fantastic city. There are clubs with huge dance floors and some old pubs are bliss for adult travelers. Restaurants stay open late for families that want a late dinner or snack with their kids. There is a wide spectrum of activities available when the sun goes down here. So, get ready to enjoy the night life in Luxembourg when you visit. 

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