25 Best Day Trips from Barcelona

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If you are planning a longer trip to Barcelona and you are looking to experience more of the vibrant and colorful Spanish culture and traditions, you might want to take a few day trips from Barcelona.

From medieval towns to small, charming villages, from towns offering beautiful beaches to narrow romantic alleys, we have prepared the full list of places worth exploring outside of Barcelona. Are you wondering what are the best day trips from Barcelona? Keep reading and find the 25 Best Barcelona Day trips.

1. Girona

One of the best day trips from Barcelona will take you to the medieval city of Girona. The narrow, picturesque cobblestone streets lined with charming old houses will allow you to experience Spain in a more relaxing and slower pace.


You can easily reach Girona by train in just under 40 minutes and have a fantastic day trip around the historic center. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, make sure to stop by the Gothic cathedral, which was one of the filming locations for the series.

2. Montserrat

Visiting the sacred Montserrat Mountain Range should certainly be on your travel itinerary when exploring Barcelona. Located just 24 miles away (38 km) away and connected via special train service, Montserrat is a very convenient day trip from Barcelona. The interesting rock formations of the mountain and their pink and yellow color offers visitors some of the most magical and surreal views in Spain. Nestling beneath the majestic peak of Saint Jeroni, Montserrat Monastery is considered to be a very spiritual and religious location for Catalonians. With just under an hour of a train ride from Barcelona, you will be able to experience the surreal mountainous vistas.

3. Sitges

One of the train trips from Barcelona that you should take is to the ancient town of Sitges. If you are dreaming of spending the day on a beautiful Mediterranean beach, this is the place for you.

Sitges, espanya

Besides being known for its resort vibe with wide beaches and long seafront promenades, Sitges also offers its visitors a stunning old town with dozens of interesting museums. What seems to be a small, quiet town with white-washed streets and charming little stores by day, is known as the Saint-Tropez of Spain by night. If you enjoy parties, you will certainly want to be part of the hustle and bustle in the evenings when all the cafés and restaurants light up to welcome the town’s tourists.

4. Portaventura Adventure Park

If you are visiting Barcelona with small children, you would certainly want to consider a day tour to Portaventura Adventure Park. As the most visited theme park in Spain, the resort consists of numerous themes parks, convention centers, RV parks and hotels. In just an hour’s ride from Barcelona, you can be riding on the different rollercoasters. The entertaining Portaventura Adventure Park can guarantee you an amazing, fun family day, filled with laughter and good humor.

5. Figueres

Learn more about one of the most famous Spanish artists, Salvador Dali, by taking a Barcelona day trip to Figueres. This small town is home to the Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dali opened back in 1974 by the artist himself. Within the museum, visitors will be able to admire what is known to be the world’s biggest collection of surrealist art.

Salvador Dalí's theater museum in Figueres

Besides the museum, which is by far the most popular tourist attraction, you can also stroll down the streets and enjoy the outstanding 18th-century architecture. Make sure to stop by the Castel de Sant Ferran and the Gothic Parish Church of St Peter.

6. La Roca Shopping Village

Take one of the most relaxing day trips from Barcelona and visit trusted australian casino with pay payid La Roca Shopping Village. Located on the outskirts of the city, you can easily reach the designer outlet shopping district in approximately 40 minutes. Treat yourself to a relaxing shopping spree across the most exclusive and luxurious boutiques and a world-class lunch at some of the most deluxe restaurants in Spain. Enjoy discounted prices on top fashion brands from around the world at La Roca Shopping Village.

7. Tarragona

As the capital of Catalonia, Tarragona is one of the most popular Barcelona day trips. From ancient Roman ruins offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea to delicious fresh seafood dishes in a small restaurant between the narrow streets of the old town, Tarragona has it all!


Take a step back in time by visiting the stunning Amphitheatre, followed by a stroll down the quiet streets of the old town and its historical monuments. Before you leave, make sure to dip your toes into the warm Mediterranean Sea waters.

8. Baga

Located on the border with France, the medieval village of Baga is one of the best Barcelona day tours to take. Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere and admire the ancient Catalonian architecture by taking a stroll down the narrow cobblestone streets. The town’s village square, Plaça Porxada, which dates back to the 13th century and the stunning St. Esteve Church built during the 14th century are the major tourist sights. The outstanding architecture combined with the magnificent views of the Cadi-Moixero National Park will certainly impress every visitor!

9. Blanes

Known as the “Gateway to Costa Brava” region, the village of Blanes is the easiest place to visit by train in the area. Thanks to the small, beautiful peninsula, the town’s coastline is unique and stunning and will grab your attention immediately.


Besides spending the day on the beach, though, you can also visit the Botanical Gardens or Castel de Sant Joan situated on top of the village, offering breathtaking views of the colorful village and the contrasting blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Blanes is by far one of the best day trips from Barcelona by train.

10. Peratallada

Take a step back in time and visit the Medieval Peratallada Village, located 81 miles (130 km) away from Barcelona. Considered one of the most beautiful places in Catalunya, Peratallada’s buildings are literally carved into the stone. It is not just the fortified walls decorated with colorful flowers that will impress you, though. The iconic 10th-century castle, the 13th-century Sant Esteve Church, as well as the other small, ancient stone buildings create a unique and quaint vibe that can only be experienced while getting lost in between the narrow passageways of Peratallada.

11. Tossa De Mar

Located approximately 47 miles ( 75 km) away from Barcelona, the fortified city of Tossa De Mar is one not to be missed. With its beautiful medieval castle and walls overlooking the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Tossa De Mar is easily the most beautiful city in the Costa Brava region.

Costa Brava at Sunset in Tossa de Mar

Along with being able to immerse yourself in Spanish history, the town offers numerous small, secluded beaches and coves that will allow you to experience the region’s charm in a more peaceful and slow-paced manner. If you have a few more days to spare, we suggest Tossa De mar as one of the best overnight trips from Barcelona!

12. Vic

Situated 44 miles (70 km) away from Barcelona, Vic is an interesting fusion of modern and ancient. As the capital city of the Osona region, the town has significant importance to Catalonia. The place to be is Plaza Mayor de Vic, where you will be able to admire the stunning architecture while grabbing some delicious tapas from the market. For the history buffs, the Roman temple and Vic Cathedral are totally worth the visit, while art lovers should pay a visit to the Episcopal Museum. The short 40-minute train journey to Vic is one of the best day trips out of Barcelona.

13. Montblanc

As the capital of the Conca de Barbera region, the fortified town of Montblanc is certainly worth the visit. The town’s rich history dating back to the 4th century BC can be followed through the small cobblestone streets. The main highlights of the small town are the Gothic church of Santa Maria

Gothic church of Santa Maria

and the 13th-century building, which once served as Catalonia’s parliament. To enter within the medieval walls, you will walk through the St Jordi gate, which is part of many Spanish legends and stories. Outside you will also find a beautiful, ancient stone bridge offering picturesque views of the town.

14. Priorat Region

You cannot visit Spain without trying the famous delicious Spanish wine. In order to fully experience the entire production of the drink, though, you need to visit the Priorat Region. Driving along the winding roads and admiring the picturesque scenery of green vineyards is one of the most romantic day trips from Barcelona. Priorat Region is home to hundreds of wineries producing exquisite wines, which you will certainly want to sample. Make sure to book your wine tasting and enjoy a relaxing trip across the most popular Spanish wine region.

15. Madrid

Thanks to the direct high-speed train service from Barcelona, you can even reach the capital city of Spain, Madrid in just 2 hours and 30 minutes. Some of the best must-sees in Madrid are El Retiro Park, the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and The Prado Museum.


Take a stroll down the vibrant and colorful streets of the capital and indulge in some delicious Spanish tapas for lunch. Even if slightly further away, Madrid is one of the best day trips from Barcelona. If you have a few days to spare, it is certainly a good idea to plan an entire weekend exploring the capital.

16. Cadaques

Another amazing day trip from Barcelona is to the small fishing Mediterranean village of Cadaques. With its narrow winding alleys lined with white-washed houses, the town has served as an inspiration to various Spanish artists, including the world-famous Salvador Dali. Besides exploring what was once the surrealist artist’s home, now transformed into another museum showing his stunning pieces of art, you should also enjoy the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea by going for a stroll down the bay. Located in the Costa Brava region, Cadaques is not as easily accessible as other towns closer to Barcelona. The bus ride takes around 3 hours; however, once you experience the town for yourself you will know that it was all worth it!

17. Calella

Fancy spending a day at the beach? Head to one of the most beautiful coastal towns – Calella. The clear turquoise waters contrast with the white-washed fishing houses, offering stunning panoramic views. Also known as one of the Best Family Holiday Destinations in Spain, Calella attracts thousands of visitors every year.


Spend the day sunbathing on the sandy beach, enjoying the clean warm water, and experience the town’s bustling nightlife in the evening. As one of the best Barcelona trips, Calella can be reached by car or bus in less than an hour.

18. La Colonia Guell

Getting to admire and experience the stunning art pieces by Antonio Gaudi is an essential part of any Barcelona trip. While Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Battlo, and Park Guell are the most popular attractions showing Gaudi’s work, approximately 12 miles away from Barcelona, you can also find La Colonia Guell. Slightly off-the-beaten-path, what looks like an entire small village does not receive the attention it deserves. Do not make this mistake and instead head to experience the construction project by Gaudi, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The artist created a small community for the industrial workers during the 19th century. Nowadays, the complex’s charm and atmosphere is what deserves your attention!

19. Besalu

History buffs will absolutely love visiting the stunning medieval town of Besalu, located 81 miles ( 130 km) away from Barcelona. The marvelous Romanesque bridge and the Jewish bathhouse are the major tourist sites in the town.


Getting lost in between the narrow alleys, however, is the best way to experience Besalu. Make sure to also grab a bite and try the traditional spice and herb liquor of the region, ratafía, before heading back. Besalu is one of the best day tours from Barcelona if you are looking for a small town with a laid-back atmosphere and historic charm.

20. Mataro

Looking for more cities near Barcelona by train? We have another suggestion for you. In just 30 minutes you can reach the capital city of the Maresme region – Mataro. The city’s rich heritage, vibrant culture, and stunning Mediterranean beaches are well worth the visit regardless of what time of the year you plan your trip for. Get some delicious paella for lunch and enjoy the scenic views of the sea from the bay. Make sure to stop by the Basilica de Santa Maria de Mataro and Roman Villa of Can Llauder before you head back to Barcelona.

21. The 7 Waterfalls at Campdevanol

While admiring Spanish cities with charming cobblestone streets and learning about the country’s rich history is a great way to spend your holiday, sometimes a walk in nature is also needed to escape the hectic tourist areas.

Waterfalls at Campdevanol

That is why we suggest the 7 Waterfalls at Campdevanol as one of the side trips from Barcelona that you need to take! Rent a car and in an hour and 30 minutes, you will be able to experience the hiking trail to the waterfalls. Falling from the top of the mountain, the cascades also create a few small lakes, where you can take a dip. This area is particularly nice during hot summer days.

22. Serra de Collserola Natural Park

As the biggest green space around Barcelona, taking a day trip to Serra de Collserola Natural Park is a must-do! The park has become a preferred location among the locals, who are looking to escape from the busy streets of Barcelona and recharge their batteries, surrounded by beautiful green nature. Home to diverse flora and fauna, visitors can find millions of trees and 1,000 different plant species as well as various Mediterranean animal species within the park. There are numerous cycling and walking trails to choose from and pleasant quiet areas where you can have a picnic.

23. Andorra

Somewhere along the border between Spain and France, nestled underneath the high peaks of the Pyrenees Mountain Range, lays the tiny country of Andorra. Encompassing only 200 square miles, this is a place not to be missed.


Exceptional skiing conditions during the winter and numerous hiking trails during the summer will greet you in Andorra. To top it off, visitors can treat themselves to a fabulous spa and shopping weekend! While Andorra can be explored as a day tour from Barcelona, we strongly suggest planning an entire weekend in order to be able to make the most of your trip!

24. Siurana

The small village of Siurana lays in the middle of the Priorat region. Located on top of a limestone cliff, Siurana is not that easily accessible, and getting there by public transport is challenging and time-consuming. Do not get discouraged, though, you can rent a car and reach Siurana in approximately 2 hours. Even though the village is mostly known amongst rock climbers, you can also get to experience the wine and olive production via tours of the region. Taking a trip to the area is certainly worth it not only because of the stunning views of the Siurana Reservoir and the surroundings from the top of the cliff, but it can be extremely interesting and educational!

25. Zaragoza

Located halfway between Barcelona and Madrid, Zaragoza is one of the best overnight trips you can take. As the capital of the Aragon region, Zaragoza is the fifth largest city in Spain. With its vibrant vibe, colorful streets and Gothic architecture, the city is the perfect place to just wander around and immerse in the Spanish culture.

Atardecer en la Basílica del Pilar, Zaragoza

Stop by the 18th-century basilica by the riverside, grab a coffee at the colorful and historic Plaza of Our Lady of the Pillar and take a step back in time by visiting the Roman ruins.

The list of fantastic day trips from Barcelona, Spain is almost endless. From small fishing villages to medieval fortified towns, visitors have a variety of options to choose from depending on their interests and available time. Which of the above listed best Barcelona day trips spoke to you? Which spots did you make a note of for the next time you will be going to Spain? What are your favorite things to do outside of Barcelona?

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