Disney World Height Requirements

There are many rides at Disney World, but unfortunately, not everyone can ride each and every one.  The reason for this is that there are height requirements for Disney World rides, and you must either be above a certain height, or below a certain height, in order to go on them.  However, there are a few rides that there is no height requirement for, so anyone can climb on and have a little fun!

A few people get upset when their children cannot go on a ride, because they are not tall enough, but please know that the staff members are only doing their job.  Besides, the Walt Disney World height requirements are there to keep children safe, because it has been thought that anyone shorter than the height requirement can get injured if they go on the ride.  

If a child does not seem to be tall enough for a ride, a staff member will measure them to see if they can safely ride.  The measurements are done when the child is wearing shoes, although, if a girl is wearing high heels, the staff member may request that the shoes are removed.  

Children that are not tall enough to go on a ride are not allowed to stand by themselves while the rest of the group has fun.  However, Disney World does have a plan in place for those who do not meet the ride height requirements for Disney World.  

In those scenarios, a Rider Switch Pass will be given.  Your group will be split into two and while the first group is riding, the second group will stay back with the children who are too short.  Then everyone switches without needing to stand back at the end of the line and wait a long time again.  

Disney World Ride Height Requirements

You can easily visit each individual Disney World park’s website to see a list of rides that have height requirements.  This will allow you to see if it is worthwhile for you to visit each of the parks or if you should wait until your children are a little taller, so they are not bored and feel completely left out at certain parks.  

Magic Kingdom is the best Disney World park when it comes to children being able to go on the rides, because there are not as many Walt Disney World height requirements there.  However, that doesn’t mean that your child can still go on any ride that they want to. You should still be prepared to check the height requirements at each ride and possibly skip a few rides due to the height restrictions that are in place.  

If you have been waiting and waiting to take your children to Disney World, you should check out the Walt Disney World height requirements for the park that you want to go to.  You may be surprised to see that your children can go on more rides than you thought, which means that you can all have fun together as you tackle the rides over and over again.  

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