Five Best Things to Do in Salzburg, Austria 

Want to make your next vacation so unique that you’ll never forget it? Do you want to go off the beaten path for something truly unique? 

If so, consider taking your next trip to Salzburg, Austria. Famous for being the place where the Sound of Music was shot, this Austrian city has something to offer for your whole family. 

Don’t know where to start planning your itinerary? Consider the great options below! 

1) Take a Sound of Music Tour

Sound of Music is one of the most popular movies of all time. Now, you can get to know this time-honored classic like never before by taking a tour of the original shooting locations. This great tour will take you and your family around the different locations where the movie was shot.

Sound of Music Location
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Perfect for adults and kids alike, this great tour will take you experience the familiar sites from this famous masterpiece. You can take this tour in a number of different ways—from going on foot by bus or even on bicycle. Choose the option that works best for your family—just make sure that you watch the movie together first. 

2) Visit Fortress Hohensalzburg

Make sure that on your trip to Salzburg you don’t miss out on some of the city’s great history. You and your kids are sure to love Fortress Hohensalzburg, a medieval castle towing over the city. 

Fortress Hohensalzburg

The castle’s construction began in 1077, making it an incredibly historical building. By visiting this medieval fortress, you’ll be able experience the history of Salzburg first hand. Your kids will enjoy the incredible view, and you can take joy in educating them on the city’s rich history. 

3) See Schloss Hellbrunn

But that’s not the only historical building that you want to add to your list. Consider going to Schloss Hellbrunn, a Baroque palace build in the early 1600s.  Though not quite as old as the fortress, this great building has a charm and a beauty all of its own.

Schloss Hellbrunn

Equipped with beautiful gardens and beautiful fountains, Schloss Hellbrunn is one of the most storied and beautiful buildings in the city.  Ideal for families looking to experience the city’s rich culture, this great palace is a must-visit for those headed to Salzburg. 

4) Visit the Toy Museum

There’s nothing children love more than toys—that’s why the toy museum should be at the top of your bucket list. This great museum is great for children of all ages and is one that is sure to keep them fascinated for hours. 

Toy Museum Salzburg
Credits: Toy Museum Salzburg

Great for those times when you’re needing something to do with your kids, the Toy Museum is one of the best family-friendly vacation places in all of Salzburg. 

5) Visit the Mozart Monument

Finally, make sure that you don’t end your vacation to Salzburg without taking a trip to the Mozart Monument.

Mozart Monument

Pay tribute to one of the greatest composers in history and teach your kids about his history. 

Keep these great vacation places in mind as you plan your next trip to Salzburg, Austria! 

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