Five Safest Countries to Travel to in Africa

Are you looking for a unique travel experience in Africa?

If so, you probably already know that when traveling to Africa, safety is the largest concern. With stories of many things that can go wrong, African vacations may seem out of the question. Don’t let your fear stop you. One of the most cultural places on Earth, Africa is home to some of the most unique countries in the world. Even better, you can find great African travel vacations that are safe for you and your whole family—no matter what you’ve heard in the news. Don’t know where to start when planning your vacation? Let us help. We’ve compiled a list of the five safest countries in Africa so that you can get a head start on your next vacation.

1. Morocco


One of the most famous African countries, Morocco is also a popular tourist destination. Steeped in history and culture, Morocco provides a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers from all across the globe. With that in mind, make sure that you stick to major Moroccan cities. By staying in popular transportation and tourist hubs, you can enjoy a safer trip while seeing more of what the country has to offer. From world-class mosques to captivating mountain trails, Morocco has something for everyone including amazing Moroccan food.

2. Botswana


When it comes to safety, many consider Botswana to be one of the safest in all of Africa. For this reason, Botswana has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Unlike some other African nations, Botswana has long enjoyed a stable government and currency. For this reason, it’s enjoyed a peace and stability that have made it one of the safest countries in Africa. If you’re looking to take a trip to Botswana, you can’t go wrong. With ancient historical sites and modern metropolises available, you’re sure to find fun for everyone especially if your kids. There is plenty to do when you travel to Botswana with kids.

3. Seychelles


Though perhaps not as famous as Morocco and Botswana, Seychelles also enjoys superior safety ratings and is well-known amongst honeymooners. Like Botswana, Seychelles has long enjoyed a stable government that has worked to make the country safer. Even more importantly, the Seychellean government does one of the best jobs in all of Africa of respecting human rights. Those traveling from Western nations may be surprised to see the trust and mutual respect found between the Seychellean government and its citizens. An island archipelago, this country boasts some of the best beach vacations in all of Africa with plenty of things to see and do in Seychelles.

4. Tanzania


Those looking to vacation in an East African nation have one option that stands above all in terms of safety: Tanzania. This East African nation boasts some of the best safety statistics in the region. Notice that it’s the only East African nation to make this list. So what is it that makes Tanzania different from its neighbors? It has a culture of sharing and helping others—meaning that crime is relatively low. Rich in history, Tanzania makes the perfect travel destination for families. So, go to Tanzania with your kids!

5. Ethiopia


Ethiopia’s rise to earning a spot as one of the safest countries in Africa wasn’t easy. The country experienced decades-long famines that left much of the population in trouble. Since then, however, the Ethiopian people have come together to improve the nation’s safety ratings. Now, not only do they enjoy stable access to food, they also live in one of the safest countries in all of Africa. One of the most famous countries in Africa, Ethiopia boasts a rich history and several fabulous tourist destinations great for every traveler. Consider it, along with the other options on this list, in order to enjoy the safest vacation possible.

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