Five Things to Do in Sydney, Australia with Kids 

Sydney, Australia is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. This sprawling metropolis has fun for the traveler in everyone—and is even great for families. 

If you’re looking for family friendly fun in Sydney, there’s no shortage of options. We’ve put together five of the best things that you can do with your kids in Sydney, Australia to make the most out of your next vacation. 

Keep the following tips in mind as you plan your next vacation. With the proper planning, you’ll be able to plan a vacation that you and your family will never forget. 

1) Visit the Sydney Opera House

Want to introduce your children to high culture? The Sydney Opera House is the place to go. Though it may not be the best for small children, it’s a perfect option for older kids and teens. Here, you’ll hear some of the best voices in the world. 

Sydney Opera House - Australia with Kids

What’s more, the Sydney Opera House features some of the most famous productions in the history of the genre. These magnificent shows will have you and your family talking for days—and it may even inspire a love for arts and culture in your kids. 

2) Take a Trip to the Taronga Zoo

Need something that’s great for younger kids, too? Consider a trip to the Taronga Zoo

Let’s face it: no child hates the zoo. And the Taronga Zoo is one of the best in Australia. Here, you’ll see a number of exotic animals that will capture the imaginations of your entire family.

Taronga Zoo - Australia with Kids

Perfect for kids, teens, and adults alike, the Taronga Zoo has something for everyone. By adding this great destination to your itinerary, you can help make your Australia vacation one that you’ll never forget. 

3) Go to the Sydney Aquarium

Some of the most exciting animals to see, however, aren’t those that live on land. That’s why a trip to the Sydney Aquarium is in order. 

Sydney Aquarium - Australia with Kids

Here, you’ll find an assortment of the most exotic marine animals in the world. Get up close and personal with a variety of different tanks for an experience unlike any other. Great for kids of any age, the Sydney Aquarium is a must for your next vacation. 

4) Visit the Chinese Garden of Friends

Want to make your vacation as unique as possible? Consider heading over to the Chinese Garden of Friends. Here, you’ll see traditional Chinese-style gardens and get a first-hand peak into Chinese culture. 

Chinese Garden of Friends - Australia with Kids
Credits: Taryn, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

A great educational experience for kids and adults alike, this Chinese garden is perfect for the whole family. 

5) Relax on Shelly Beach

Finally, a trip to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without relaxing on Shelly Beach. One of the hottest beaches in

Shelly Beach - Australia with Kids
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Australia, Shelly Beach has the clear waters and beautiful sand that you need to enjoy your vacation in style. Relax on the beach with your family or catch some waves. 

Keep these tips in mind to make your Sydney vacation one you’ll never forget! 

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