Five Tricks to Navigating Cuba with Your Kids

Getting around the town you’re visiting on a vacation has a major impact on how much of a fun time you can have. When saving time and money on getting to your favorite attractions isn’t a concern, safety and comfortability can also be of importance, especially when you’re traveling with your kids.

If you’ve got a break planned for Cuba with the family coming up, then it’s important to know how to get around the area before you get there. The options on the list below focus on saving time for your to-do list and making the traveling experience enjoyable. Here are five tricks to navigating Cuba with your kids.

1. Car Rentals

Having the freedom to travel where you want and when you want is a major perk of any vacation. Car rentals come in handy if this is your priority with commuting. Make sure that the rentals you are considering have enough room for the whole family. If you only have one or two children, then you don’t have to look at cars past a certain size. However, families with at least three kids are better off looking at larger rentals so that no one feels packed inside. This can also help you avoid your kids getting into a nudging fight in the backseats.

Car Rentals

You won’t have to compare prices too much, as the rentals in Cuba being government-run puts them around the same price range. The rental should also have enough room for towels, surfboards, chairs, and other beach equipment in case you’re visiting Varadero or Guardalavaca.

2. Bike Rentals

If you and the gang are staying within a short driving range from the attractions in Cuba, then you may not need a car to get around every day. Bike rentals are also available throughout the country for getting to destinations and enjoying fresh air along the way. Some bikes are designed for kids in case they’re at the age when you can trust them to ride on their own. This is also a chance for you to encourage them to get some exercise in case they spend too much time on their computers.


Fans of exploring populated and remote areas can enjoy getting around on bikes as long as you’re expecting good weather. Those staying in Havana and Baracoa can ride along the sidewalks or by the water, and those staying near the Parque Nacional Vinales can enjoy breathtaking views of the hills and valleys on their journeys.

3. Hop-On/Hop-Off Buses

Some travelers prefer to avoid specific plans for their breaks, as thinking of things to do off the fly can be more exciting. Families with this mindset should consider using hop-on/hop-off buses during their travels. This is a popular way to get around if you’re staying in Havana, as Parque Central has this type of bus so that you can see as much of the city as possible during your visit. If you notice that the bus is too packed and you want your kids to be able to sit down, then you can always wait for the next one in a few minutes.

Tour Bus

These buses take you to several spots in cities in case you want to stop at several places, such as restaurants for lunch or gift shops for souvenirs. Some stops also take you outside of the city in case you want to spend an afternoon at the beach.

4. Classic Cars

If you’re a car buff and you want to get your kids into the auto world, then traveling through Cuba via some classic vehicles is a good way to start. Tours with classic cars are available throughout the country, and this is an opportunity for you to drive around town in a classic Convertible the way you saw people do so in old movies. These cars are designed to appear brand new so that tourists won’t know how old they are no matter how classic the design is.

Classic Car

You can spend the rides with your kids comparing older models to new ones, and they may bring up ideas for what kind of car they may want when they become old enough to drive. Make sure to take some photos of the towns before you get to your destination, as well as some photos of you and your family next to the car so that you can show it off to your friends back at home.

5. Bicycle Taxis

Bicycle taxis can come in handy in case you are traveling with younger kids, who those who aren’t old enough to keep up with you on their own bikes. This is another travel option that provides you control over where you go, how quick you get there, and what you see along the way. This can also come in handy if you’ve been to Cuba before with your spouse and want to give your kids a grand tour of the country. Your kids will also thank you if you’ve spent the previous day getting around on foot.

Bicycle Taxis

Cuba has bike taxis available for families of different sizes, and all of them are on the affordable side. The seats in the back are designed to keep everyone safe, whether your spouse is sitting with your kids or each person is sitting behind each other. These taxis are best used during the day if you want to get a breeze on a sunny day.

Make time for all of these methods of navigation so that you can enjoy traveling almost as you enjoy the sites. And if you need inspiration for your next Spring break or international destination, consider Cuba.

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