Flying with a Stroller – How to Protect Stroller While Flying

Flying, well actually, travel of all kinds, can be a little tricky with children.  However, if you take necessary items with you, you’ll find that it is much easier and a lot more fun than you could have ever imagined!  One of the must-have items everyone needs when flying with children is a stroller.  Whether you choose to take a single or double with you will depend on how many children you are traveling with.

The best stroller for flying will be compact and lightweight enough that you won’t be struggling with it when you are checking it in at the gate and opening it up after your arrival.  It should also have plenty of room underneath for storing must-need items, like food, drinks, toys, and loveys, for easy access.  After all, you don’t want to spend your time searching through your carry-on bag for these items when you are waiting to board the plane.

Of course, every parent’s worst nightmare is that something is going to happen to their stroller when they check it in at the gate.  Trust me. That is understandable, as lots of things get tossed around underneath an airplane.  Therefore, one of the questions we are asked the most is how to protect a stroller while traveling.  The answer to that is simple, because there are plenty of stroller bags available just for this purpose.  Those bags can keep your stroller in one piece, while keeping it clean at the same time.

With so many options available, it can be a little overwhelming choosing a stroller bag, so it is important that you read the reviews and consider your needs before purchasing.  After all, there is no point in buying an umbrella stroller bag when you are planning on flying with a stroller that fits your child’s car seat on top, because there is no way it would fit!  And that is something you do not want to discover when you are trying to cram your stroller into the bag as you are boarding the plane.

When you choose to utilize one of these stroller bags, you can leave it folded up in the bottom of the stroller as you go through security and walk to your gate.  Your child can sit in their stroller, safe and happy, and you will have less stress that they will wander away.  As the time comes for you to board your flight, you will want to get a tag for your stroller bag, so that airline personnel know who it belongs to and that it needs to be returned to the gate area when you land.  This will prevent it from being taken to the baggage claim area or having it lost amongst all the untagged items.

Flying with a Stroller

You can choose to place your stroller in the stroller bag before you go down the walkway to board, or you can do it at the end, right before you walk through the plane’s door.  Some people prefer one way over the other, and sometimes, the easiest way depends on how many people you are traveling with and how many extra hands you have.

If you are flying with a stroller and a car seat, this is also the time that you can place your car seat into a bag and check that at the gate too, unless, of course, your child will be sitting in the seat during the flight!

Depending on the age of your child, how well-versed you all are as travelers, and whether you have any layovers, you may decide that you do not need your stroller inside the airport.  In those instances, you can simply check your stroller along with the rest of your luggage.  A stroller bag is still going to be the best way to protect the stroller while flying, so make sure you purchase one in advance.

Flying with a stroller and a car seat can seem a little intimidating at first, especially since they are quite bulky.  However, they can be a lifesaver during the wait times, as well as longer layovers.  You will thank yourself a million times by the end of your flights if you choose to take yours into the airport with you, because your arms and your back will not be aching out of control.  Plus, your child will be much happier, because they can see the entire world from a new vantage point!

Choose the best travel stroller for flying for your next vacation and then purchase a stroller bag to use with it.  You’ll be amazed at how much better your entire experience will be afterwards!

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