Flying with Car seats

There is already a long list of errands to attend to when you are rushing through the airport, and dealing with small children along with it becomes extremely tough. And if you take your baby’s car seat, the baby will already be used to the seat and will not annoy you with any extra tantrums, which is why it is important to pack your baby’s car seat with you while travelling.

The Federal Aviation Administration suggests you use a quality car seat for your child to avoid any major or minor accidents that may result in any injuries. For this purpose, FDA approved car seats are also available for purchase.

Now, if you have finally decided to opt for flying with car seats you should always make sure it is FAA approved. Airport security usually looks for the label, so you might as well avoid the risk of running into a problem. It should be convenient enough to fit into the luggage section and should not cost you any extra money; thus, it should be lightweight. The question comes now, how do you fly with car seats? That is easy. You add it with your luggage, instead of carrying it with you to the flight, so you don’t have to carry this with a hundred other things.

How to fly with car seats:

Car seats are a huge advantage when it comes to carrying babies, especially during travel, as they become indifferent to adapting to new environments, and you can enjoy peace of mind instead of dealing with your infant. Now that you have finally decided to carry along a car seat, the question emerges, how to fly with a car seat? The answer comes in two ways:

1. In flight:

You can always carry your baby’s car seat with you during the flight. That helps you when you are not willing to buy a separate ticket for your baby, and you are only planning to hold him/her in your lap, which is extremely dangerous in case of turbulence or even a crash. The car seat can prove a brilliant alternative in terms of space and safety, but keep in mind, it is still always the best option to buy a complete set for your infant to avoid any accidents.Flying with Car seats

Most airlines offer free check in of car seat as a hand carry item, so it is free during the flight. You can always check the airline policy or even contact them to confirm this to avoid any inconvenience. Along with this, it is important to measure the size of the seat you’re carrying along. It should be small enough to fit into the typical coach seat and should be no wider than 16 inches. You can put the seat in a place that does not block the emergency escape path or the exit row or the passage beside the aisle seat. For this, we recommend you buy a window seat.

2. In luggage:

Since flying with car seat has  become the option for you, if you are trying to avoid carrying it all the way during your flight, you can check it in with your luggage. For this purpose, many handy car seats are now also available in different designs that accommodate your luggage, are light weight, and take up almost no extra space because of its folding option and cover. You can always add the car seat with luggage without providing any extra money. This will favor you in the sense that the car seat will reach you safely instead of losing it due to any carelessness.

Luggage - Flying with Car seats

A lot of new designs and car seat models have been introduced in the market to make it easier for you to carry. Some have the option of an attached trolley, so you can even use it as a stroller at your travel destination without buying another one. Another is of a bag attached to the car seat to load extra or infant stuff. Such designs are the most convenient to be checked in as luggage during flights.

Advantages of flying with your baby’s car seat

Flying with car seats is one of the most convenient things you should immediately add to your checklist. It not only provides you the option of giving the baby a safe and secure adventure at your travel destination, but it also saves you the trouble of tantrums as children are used to their own things that they are familiar with. This way, you also get to save money without the hurdle of buying a new car seat at your travel destination or paying for the seat with your luggage.

Things to consider while flying with a car seat:

Always try to opt for a lightweight and FDA approved car seat to avoid problems while taking it along with you in flights. The car seats should be protected with their covers while taking them along so that, once they are checked into luggage, any potential damage can be avoided by its external covering. The more protected the seat is, the more durable it is to avoid any damages or external scratches.

Some of the best car seats for flights

It is important to consider FA’s recommendations and buy only their approved car seats for safe travel. In this regard, many companies have introduced quality seats that are efficiently padded and provide a comfortable experience to the baby. These come in different varieties and options depending on your choice. Some recommendations are; Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory, J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag, Black, Britax Car Seat Travel Cart, Black and the Brica Roll ‘n Go Car Seat Transporter which are easily available on Amazon for delivery worldwide.

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